Akame ga Kill! Episode 19: Kill the Fate


Justice has been served.

Akame 19 Img003Akame 19 Img042It was incredibly satisfying watching Justice-chan get wrecked by Mine, all the more so after learning that the dog was responsible for disposing the rest of Chelsea’s body after Esdeath was done with it. For the most part though, I found myself worrying a lot for Mine, especially as she doesn’t seem to have too many combat skills beyond anything she does with Pumpkin, unlike Leone, Tatsumi or Akame – a bit of close combat with Seryuu almost did her in. It wasn’t looking good at that point – all that individual lamenting was pretty foreboding, as was the flashback. All the late Night Raid members had flashbacks right before they died, so that really freaked me out. And there was one odd moment where Mine turned her back on Seryuu to set up Pumpkin, and I kept thinking that it was the perfect moment for Justice-chan to stab her in the back. But the fight overall definitely could have gone either way, given that Seryuu had gone through quite a few upgrades since their last fight – where Mine had Sheele to help her out, even if they were handicapped by not knowing what the dog could do.

Akame 19 Img047Seryuu was as scary as ever. Even if she hadn’t killed Sheele and desecrated Chelsea’s corpse, I think I’d still be thankful she’s gone. All the other antagonists are a bit sadistic and insane at times, but Seryuu seems to really take that up a notch – especially with her warped facial expressions. I’m not sure if we were meant to feel sorry for her right before the suicide bomb detonated, but there wasn’t much love lost from me at least. My bigger concern was whether Mine was going to survive or not. I have to admit, when Incursio saved her from the explosion I actually thought that was Bulat for a minute there, even though he’s long dead. It’s certainly not the combat experience, so maybe it’s the knight-like chivalry. At any rate, I think Tatsumi’s won Mine’s tsundere heart! It’s an oddly rapid development, but I’m going to suspend my disbelief based on the knowledge that people die quite quickly and unexpectedly in Akame ga Kill, and that it would be quite nice if they had a bit more happiness before then. If anything, Mine’s new role as a love interest makes her even more susceptible to death. As someone who rather likes Tatsumi x Esdeath, I’m not sure how I feel about Tatsumi x Mine… I suppose they’re cute together, and I can sort of see it happening. It won’t be fun if Esdeath finds out though.

Borick died oddly quickly, in contrast to his supposed significance. I’d have liked to see more of what happened, actually, especially since Wave and an injured Kurome versus Leone and Susanoo should have been fun. White Fox are apparently playing around with things though, so I’m not sure what’s supposed to be there that’s actually there – and conversely, what’s not supposed to be there that have been added in. Also, how are Night Raid going to get out of there?! Esdeath’s failed her mission, but I doubt she’s just going to let them leave…


I love cute things.

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17 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Bolic died quickly because they decided to make an anime original ending instead of following the manga. Bolic assassination was suppose to be the first huge fight against Esdeath in the manga but they skip all of it.
    I can understand why since there was next to no chance of a 2nd season, but I’m still very disappointed that they take this route.

    • Vantage says:

      Yeah I thought it was a bit weird that Esdeath sort of just stood there in that penultimate scene without doing anything… they’ve decided to go anime-original at this point, huh. Was there no decent stopping point?

      I think I might have preferred an abrupt ending even if there isn’t a chance of a second season, purely because there are hardly any adaptations who have turned out for the better with an anime-original ending.

      • Mark says:

        Many thought that Bolic’s assassination/fight against Esdeath would have been the perfect stopping point. But now that Bolic is already death, and *spoiler* who was suppose to die during the fight is still alive.

        I have no idea what they are planning for the ending at this point. Just hope the anime ending won’t have any effect on the manga.

        • Vantage says:

          Yeah, I decided to blast through the manga, and that did seem like a good stopping point – although there’s no way it could have filled four whole episodes, which might have been White Fox’s concern. If they had to include an anime-original conclusion right at the very end, maybe it’d be better if they started making changes early on… even if that means skipping the entire fight. It’s actually a real pity, because this is where the full force of Esdeath’s power is properly shown.

          I’m very glad they’re still alive, though. That final farewell scene had so many feels…

  2. I.D. nameless says:

    Oh, for fuck’s …
    That was my reaction after finishing this episode. I coud not even finish and say “sake”.
    I’m dissapointed, but I’ll keep watching to see where they go with this.
    I never hated Seryuu as much as other people do, but this fight was fun and killing her was the right decision.

    • Vantage says:

      Seryuu was the series’ first non-fodder villain, as well as one that Night Raid failed to initially kill and actually sustained losses from. She was the perfect outlet for fan hate – and conversely, fan love for some weird reason.

      Maybe White Fox can save this… somehow? I’m thinking I should just start reading the manga now.

      • I.D. nameless says:

        Well, I guess WF can make a decent anime original ending, though it will take a few episodes for me to get used to the idea. However, this lowers hopes for the future (unless they pull a FMA, but AGK is nowhere near as popular as FMA).
        As for the manga, you could start with chapter 34 where the current mission begins or any chapters between 34 & 38.
        Or the very beginning if you have the time and want to see all the stuff they skipped (though you can do without).

        • Vantage says:

          …This manga is pretty brutal, isn’t it. Why is there so much suffering…

          [spoiler] Lubbock ;____________________; What a man. Syura is seriously the shit.

          I can’t believe Night Raid only really has Akame, Leone and Mine left now. And no matter how strong Pumpkin is, it’s looking quite bleak for Mine if she’s up against both Budou and Esdeath simultaneously. I’m actually thinking they might go for a full tragedy and just kill everyone off. My hopes have been crushed… I don’t have the balls to keep reading any more. *ducks* Also, my biggest hope right now is to see that scene when Tatsumi tells Esdeath he’s going out with Mine. She looked like she’d just been slapped with a dead fish. [/spoiler]

          Now that I’ve read through it, it feels like they’re going to skip ahead (from what the preview implies) instead of changing the story itself, although they may very well do that too.

          • I.D. nameless says:

            That was fast.
            There is the posibility they are skipping wild hunt because they can’t really show pedo clowns on jap tv, but what about Run then? They will need to do something with him, no? And they will be a few teigu short of the total number (and I know there are people that keep count so they’ll notice) and blah blah blah…too much stuff I don’t want to think about. I have no proof, but I get the feeling they’ll do more than just skip ahead.
            The manga is monthly and the translation is up to date, no untranslated material to work with.

            • Vantage says:

              [spoiler] If they’ve decided to make Lubbock kill Borick instead of Akame, then maybe what they care about most is the end result. They could just put Run in a random fight, and I’m sure they can just end it with him getting Yatsufusa’d. Or maybe introduce his side plot without mentioning the pedo clowns are actually Wild Hunt, if they want to keep the character development in.

              Yeah I get what you mean. Putting aside all the Teigu discrepancies, the mere fact that Susanoo is still alive changes things quite a lot given his sheer strength. It’s good that they’re moving to wrap up the Tatsumi x Esdeath love tragedy though, even if there isn’t actually a canon conclusion yet. I hope the mangaka is collaborating with White Fox… [/spoiler]

          • *spoilers for non-manga readers ahead*

            [spoiler] He was my favorite character, and based on that preview, the anime may skip right to his death. I honestly don’t think I can bear to watch him die again. :/

            And while I absolutely hate the Wild Hunt, it helped show just how awful Syura is. So even if Rabac kills him like in the manga, I’m worried that anime watchers won’t understand why that’s such a huge success. >.< [/spoiler]

            • Vantage says:

              Spoiler tagged it for you! It’s ‘spoiler’ and ‘/spoiler’ in square brackets for future reference.

              [spoiler] Yeah it looks like it’ll be the scene where Syura tricks them into the palace grounds. I’m not looking forward to the screaming or the ‘mental breakdown’ at all. The plus side (if it can even be called that) is that at least one of the most tragic scenes in the manga to date will be animated. Lubbock was decent in my books up until that point, but he won me over so fast when he refused to break. He didn’t deserve all that suffering… [/spoiler]

  3. I was SO happy with this episode!! And then Borick died in a way I was not expecting. Because that’s not what happened in the manga. And like Mark said, someone else was going to die. I’m glad he/she is still alive, of course, but….. it looks like they’re going to skip some of the WORST villains in AgK and skip to the next big arc. >.>

    • Vantage says:

      Does the next big arc exist yet? I’m asking because they might just be adapting untranslated manga material, since the stuff from the preview looks like it’s skipping ahead to Tatsumi and Lubbock’s teleportation.

      I’m happy they’ve gotten rid of that other villain group, they weren’t likeable at all in comparison with the Jaegers.

      • sam1198777 says:

        Untranslated manga material? There is nothing untranslated left, the english translations are up to date with the japanese volumes :3
        Everything is throwing such a huuuge fit over the change of borick’s death (which did seem rushed) but everyone at MAL should just relax and not start dropping it. They havent even seen whats coming next, maybe we’ll get better fights and better development.

        • sam1198777 says:

          I meant everyone*

        • Vantage says:

          This is White Fox’s chance to show they can impress us despite the odds. It’s just that those odds are stacked so high against them that it’s hard not to have any doubt – I can’t think of any anime-original endings that have done their respective shows justice.

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