Wolf Girl and Black Prince – Episode 1 [First Impression]

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Sorry this is a little late (I should’ve checked Crunchyroll earlier -_-).

The first episode introduces us to the main character, Erika. Starting her first day of high school, she consults her bestfriend about how to make new friends to “survive” the next four years. Initially starting out with these really fake smiles, her friend tells her that she should probably practice the way she speaks. Rather than being herself, the moment they see girls from their school Erika starts lying about everything.

Fast forward about three months into the school year, and Erika has created a fake boyfriend who’s a bit of a pervert, into bondage and hates to take pictures. Naturally her new “friends” are skeptical. She’s got her lie so advanced, that she pulls her bestfriend into it by making her call her once a day and pretend that she’s the boyfriend. Erika’s fake friends eventually start to catch up on her lie. Instead of just outing herself and being truthful, Erika snaps a pic of a random guy (while standing DIRECTLY IN HIS FACE >_< lol)… little did she know, he’s one of the most popular guys at school, Sata Kyouya, dubbed “The Prince of Class 8”.

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When she sees him at school (in the middle of her lying AGAIN) she pulls him aside and asks for his help. Sata tells her, if he’s gonna help her… she needs to be his dog – starting by spinning around 3 times and barking. Yes, his DOG lmao. This is pure comedic genius! The blackmail is real as hell. He’s cray. I love it! HIS WHOLE FACE CHANGED! WHERE IS THAT CHARMING LADIES MAN?!

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These girls aren’t really Erika’s friends… they’re only her friends by name. They only talk to her under the assumption that she has a boyfriend and they make fun of her behind her back, even deciding to prank her by talking about how her “boyfriend” is into bondage loud as all hell during lunch time, drawing attention to embarrass her. Sata’s rolls with it, he doesn’t deny the accusations and even apologizes to the entire lunchroom. Sata claims this means she’s more in debt to her, but I think he might actually be interested in her…
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This anime seems pretty promising! I mean, the way that Erika lies is cringe worthy and the split personality of Sata (Prince Charming/Sadistic Schemer) is so creepy but funny but unnerving but I like it??? She doesn’t even try defy him and I wanna see just how far he’s gonna push her. I feel so much secondhand embarrassment but also, like this is kinda sexy??!?!

I have to cover this show for the lulz. I HAVE TO.

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  1. I really enjoy this manga! (It used to be one of my favorites!! It’s not anymore, but it’s still pretty high up there.) I’m a little worried though, because I remember the first arc of this manga pissing me off to no end, especially with how mean Kyouya gets and how dumb Erika gets at times! Then again, I think the anime will help me not to take it so seriously. Episode 1 was perfect, and Kyouya’s split personality was sooo on point. xD

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