Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 5

This episode just keeps making me more and more interested in Mayu, and I just want to know what she wants!

Of course getting information out of her wouldn’t be easy. Fumio challenges one of the girls in a battle in exchange for her info. Chiyori volunteered herself if Ruko wouldn’t, but of course they wouldn’t let her because she already had two losses, and it definitely would have been three if she had fought. So Ruko instead battled, and like before, she and Iona are still screwing up. Fumio has never lost a battle before, so that just shows how she’s strong. So far Ruko’s losing, but Iona slaps some sense into her, saying that if she doesn’t give her all and show the same strength from before, she’ll never be able to save Tama and the others. Iona’s words were able to push Ruko, and somehow because Ruko and Iona are “different”, Ruko beat the last level where they can use Grow, and made it to level 5, something that’s never been done. And she wins. Huh. As Chiyori calls it, it’s cliche.

ssw5.32The reason why Fumio knows so much is because she used to be an LRIG. Fumio is the girl she is right now, she did the whole switcheroo thing. When she was an LRIG, she didn’t know her name. Fumio had given her the name, Futase. At first, Fumio just didn’t care about battling for her wish, because she thought getting her wish with her own hands was better. Futase didn’t even mind, because she loved being by Fumio’s side. Fumio’s wish was that she wanted to be a novelist, and she worked hard. She’s a loner, she’s used to being alone. She had finished a project and sent her novel out, hoping to get an approval for publishing. This girl wanted something to go her way. She lived in a home where her parents fought all the time, and she wanted something positive in her life, but when she got a rejection for her novel, it all changed. So she fought as a Selector, and she was powerful. It was then that she was finally able to have her wish, and she became an Eternal Girl. Of course, it was Futase who would follow through with her wish.

Before Futase would switch over, she came into the white room where Mayu was. Mayu was reading a story from a book, talking about The Girl of White and The Girl of Black. The Girl of Black was jealous of The Girl of White. Before Fumio, actually Futase, battled Ruko, she noticed that something was different with Iona. And after telling the girls about the story, Futase asked Iona if she were The Girl of Black.

ssw5.38In her white room, Mayu was watching this, and we got the creepiest grin from her we’ve seen, and saying Iona would gray. Now, what the hell does this all mean? Who knows. But The Girl of White/Black thing became interesting. We already know there’s some weird connection between Mayu and Iona. She could very well be The Girl of Black. In the story, The Girl of Black was jealous if The Girl of White, and that sounds like how Iona feels about Tama, so that could make Tama The Girl of White. Iona wanted to take Tama’s place and be with Ruko, so it makes sense. But what does that story Mayu was reading mean? What’s the significance? We got more questions than answers, I just want to know what’s going on!

Seeing the flashback always makes me feel bad for the Selectors and for LRIGs too. And plus, I really felt for Fumio because becoming a novelist is my dream too. But knowing how this game plays out, I would not participate in it. Also, Fumio Futase was actually a pen name Fumio had made, combining her and Futase’s name. Those two were really close, and Futase was probably Fumio’s only friend. I wonder where Fumio is.


Futase as an LRIG was so sweet.


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