Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 3

Uh oh



Why must everyone in this show suffer? Anyway, I KNEW IT. The whole time, Tama was in the white room wssw3.18ith Mayu, and finally we can get a look at her character. She was crying, Mayu asking her if she wanted to see Ruko. Interestingly, she called Ruko “Ru”, as if she were close enough to Ruko to call her by a nickname. She calls Ruko a liar, saying she lied to Tama and gave up on everyone. Tama tells Mayu it isn’t true. She wants to see Ruko no matter what, and Mayu doesn’t like it. She calls the outside world scary, it’s full of lies, Mayu wouldn’t be able to handle it out there. She hugs Tama, and Tama gets a vision of three figures, Mayu happy that Tama might have remembered her, but she didn’t. I mentioned before that Mayu, Tama, Ruko, and Iona have some sort of connection together. Iona wasn’t mentioned, and I forgot to mention Ulith before too because she definitely has a connection too, and I think those three figures in Tama’s vision must have been her, Tama, and Mayu. It really looks like Mayu in the middle, because of her huge hair. Tama’s silhouette is on the left, and on the right it looks like Ulith when she was an LRIG. Which isn’t too surprising to me, since the reason why I started the suspicion that they were connected is because Mayu wears those two red earrings, Tama wears one on one side, and Ulith the other. Hm hm so many questions. Whatever it is, Mayu is absolutely scared of the outside world, and this whole WIXOSS game and Selectors has got to be her doing. However she came to make this game and get herself in this “world”, she probably thinks she’s doing these girls a favor by trapping them in the game as LRIGs, escaping the lies, sorrow, and pressures from the outside world. Even though she wants Tama to stay with her forever, she agrees to have Tama meet Ruko again.

Tama on left, Mayu in middle, Ulith on right.

Tama on left, Mayu in middle, Ulith on right.

As I thought, it was Ulith who sent Akira to Ruko. Aki-lovely has hid her scar and Ulith doesn’t like it, she’s talking really creepy and she wants to see Akira’s raw side. And this turns Aki-lovely to Aki-yandere, as she says to herself that she’ll do whatever it takes to have all of Ulith’s love, even killing Ruko. Whatever Ulith’s intentions may be, it’ll be easy to achieve them when manipulating an emotional girl like Akira.

As for our heroine, basically everyone keeps egging Ruko on to keep battling. Back at school, the rumors about the twins is all everyone talks about. Hanayo and Ruko come across each other, Hanayo asking how Yuzuki is doing. She then tells Ruko to keep on battling. Iona has a talk with Ruko, basically telling her that Ruko is nothing more than a battoru machine, that she was born to battle, her life depends on battling, she’s the best Selector and Iona is the best LRIG, so them not using their skills is a huge waste, that she’s still holding Iona because she wants to battle and using her to find Tama is a lie. But we all know she wants to find Tama, she asks Iona if she has any idea, and under her breath she says she could be with Mayu (which she is), but she brushes it off and doesn’t tell Ruko.

The rest with Ruko is with Hitoe and Yuzuki, the two girls showing the ad that Akira had made in the magazine about Selectors. She’s even sending rumors (which are true) about cards talking and granting wishes. Ruko then tells the girls that she had encountered Akira and battled her, and here the girls agree that they should all work together, Ruko shouldn’t shoulder all the burden by herself, tell each other when they battle, and find anyway to stop this terrible game from hurting other girls. It’s a sad, but sweet moment, and Iona dislikes it all.


The girls leave, until Yuzuki senses an LRIG. The girls follow where Yuzuki tells them and there they find Ulith and Chiyori about to battle. Again, Chiyori is super happy and excited and she makes a Sailor Moon reference god this girl is crazy. Ulith takes out her card, shows it to everyone, and when I saw Ruko’s expression I KNEW what was going to happen. Once their in the game, we see on Ulith’s side a trembling and tearful Tama, ready to battle. Well, slap my ass and call me thicc, both theories people had came true. An accidental reunion indeed. Commence the despair. I absolutely can’t wait for next week.

Battoru time?

Battoru time?


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3 Responses

  1. Moonlight says:

    I swear the writers are doing this to flood the world with the fandom’s tears. Tamaaaaaaaaa! This show just hurts me.
    I liked that we got to see Hanayo again, even if she is egging on Ruko to battle. I kinda miss Kazuki. He never was really important in the show but he was a nice guy and all, even if he’s now basically Hanayo/Yuzuki’s boyfriend/brother/er you get what I mean. Wonder if he’ll ever get any more lines.
    Chiyori’s legit scaring me now. How is she so over the top happy? Is that even possible? Or are the rest of the cast too mopey or something? Am I missing something!? Why is she so happy!?

  2. I didn’t even see that ending coming. I can’t believe this! Ulith is by far the most manipulative person in the entire show (as shown by her behavior last season in battle and now with Akira), and Tama is the exact opposite of her, the purest person. I’m really scared to see how this will play out.

    I find it so sad that even though Ruko, Yuzuki and Hitoe are together again, it’s not in the way they planned, and every time they get together, it’s to talk about WIXOSS. WIXOSS has ruined their lives, and now it’s all they can discuss because they want things to go back to the way they were. :/

    • Berry says:

      It can go one of two ways: Tama won’t enjoy being Ulith’s LRIG and she won’t fight as well, or whether she likes it or not, Ulith is going to take control and do well with her new LRIG, the opposite of Ruko with Iona. I think it might be the latter, seeing how manipulative Ulith is, and getting what she wants. I’m sure Tama’s gonna hate it though.

      It really is sad, but one thing I’m glad with is Yuzuki. She could be all depressed about being an LRIG and keep crying, but she’s really stayed strong!

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