Inou Battle wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka de episode 1 [First impressions]

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka de, WOW this is a mouthful of a show. As for the show itself, it’s about a literature club that one day develops special superpowers but there is no threat to the world or anything going on but there does seem to be some kind of deeper plot laying under the silly premise.

First let’s take a look at the club members before we talk more about the ‘plot’ or their powers. First is the only male member of the club, Andou Jurai. He stood out the most in the first episode because of his wild and crazy personality. He’s the type of guy who is always rambling on about demons in his right arm and superpowers even before they had super powers. He lives off in his own world and everyone is kind of sick of his shit.


Then we have the loli named Himeki Chifuyu who I’m pretty sure doesn’t even go to this school considering her school uniform is different, so why is she in the club? Is she related to one of the other members like in Haganai? Is she just a friend that comes to visit from time to time? Is she even offically a member of the club? DANG LOLI’S IN MY CLUBS, SHE EVEN KIND OF LOOKS LIKE THE LITTLE SISTER FROM HAGANAI. IT’S WEIRD!


The red headed one who flat out is constantly telling Jurai she’s sick of his shit. Her name is Kanzaki Tomoyo and I’m sure she’s either going to be one of my favorite characters or one of my least favorite depending on how her personality grows throughout the series. She has the potential of a good character but she also had the potential to be a really boring red-headed trope…..we’ll see.


Then there is the frail looking one who is super caring, but apparently also super competitive. Hatoko Kushikawa. I’m not really sure what to say about her…


Last but not least is the Sayumi Takanashi, I believe she said she’s the club president. On top of that she’s a rather skilled martial artist, she’s kind of your a-typical big boobed stoic long black haired type but you know what? That’s fine by me for this early in the series.


We see in the first part of the episode their club meeting and Andou going on and on about super powers. Which is the sudden perfect lead in to a magic ball appearing in his hand to freak everyone the hell out. Not gonna lie, i’d freak out too if this weirdo from my club who was ranting about super powers starting deplaying super powers.


We go through the opening to six months later where they are doing a monthly check up to see how their powers have grown. What powers does each member have you ask!?

Well, let’s start with the Loli! The Loli has the power of creation, she can literally create ANYTHING, closed spaces included. Spears, portals, whatever as long as she thinks of it.

The quiet girl can manipulate the elements, all of the elements. Even mix them, I saw her lava bending. Her name will now be Avatar Hatoko. I’m kidding about the nickname but that is her power.


The Red head can stop time, fast forward time, or slow it…however she can not rewind it. Bummer.
and the Club president, she can return things to their original state. Ripped clothes? No problem, suddenly wet from being trapped in a water bubble? Dry.

And Andou well he…

OH WAIT, look a surprise visit from the student council due to complaints about too much screaming coming from the Literature club. Of course, in this land of magic nothing is as it seems…this surprise visit is in fact….A CHALLANGE from someone else who had obtained powers! Dun dun dun!


She wants to fight and clearly Andou is the man for the job…

His power must be so frightening…

So evil…

That this entire episode we couldn’t bare to tell you what it was. His power…which makes him the lord of Chaos! This awful power that…

Okay, I can only build this up so much…


He activates his power of Dark flames and the girl from the student council uses her power to steal his. Only to discover that, his power is totally and completely useless.

The fire isn’t even hot, it’s lukewarm at best. It has no combat abilities.

Poor guy.

So now knowing that her only power is to steal other people’s powers and she’s stuck with a useless power, the club president takes her down with martial arts with ease. They interrogate her and find out that about a week ago, she’d received a text telling her about the clubs secret powers. Who sent her the text? Who else has powers? Who else knows that they have powers?

The episode ends with…OH well hello there handsome, I can see about half of your face and your hair color and I already know I’m probably gonna wanna sleep with you. Er, um, foreshadowing. Yes, the episode ends with foreshadowing….attractive foreshadowing.


Overall, this anime is cute. I can’t really think of much more to say about it rather then count me in, if the characters evolve the right way this is on the track of a really good show, if they don’t. it’ll be bland, but well…i’ll hope…and stare at that foreshadowing….mmmm…Foreshadowing.


Possibility of watching: High
Possibility of blogging: Also High


Savage’s First Impression

So, Midnight gave an excellent coverage of the episode, so I’ll just discuss what I thought here. I also really liked this episode. It was fun, very very fun. I found the setup for it simple but effective, with Andou being the standout crazy guy who believed they could get superpowers, which gives him some degree of 4th wall awareness to the whole thing. I also love how, even though his power sucks, he still shows incredible enthusiasm in having them and wanting to use them, and genuine distress when they’re stolen. I found the animation for all the powers really really cool, especially the red head, though I shouted “ZA WARUDO” every time she used her powers. It’s neat to have people who have powers, but seem to mostly just be exploring and testing them, and having fun.

Let’s see other things…I like how the loli had a chipmunk plush she carries around, it’s a pretty rare animal to have for that. I like how the “epic battle” near the end of the episode ended, with common sense prevailing over the classic “we must battle using our powers.” Also, fun that they were savvy as to how their opponent’s powers worked rather than being caught in the trap. As for mysterious probably bishonen upside-down man….the main point of this show was that there were no villains, so I’m curious as to what he is. But anyway, this show is fun. If you wanna see cool powers being used, and some pretty neat interactions, with the possibility for more, this looks like it’ll be good.

Possibility of watching: High

Possibility of blogging: Possibly, most likely co-oping with Midnight, if she likes.


Carmen’s First Impression

I identify with both Midnight’s & Savage’s thoughts.
I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would! The fact that Andou spent countless days “practicing” for if there was ever a day when he’d randomly get superpowers… then IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, baffled me. I’m not sure why I expected this show to be more on the serious side but I really appreciate the comedy. Some of the jokes and whatnot start off a bit corny but they really do become quite hilarious imo. The animation was great and I like that whenever I thought they were going to fall into a classic anime routine, they took a different route and made it more enjoyable; silly. The whole idea of these students having super powers and it being excessively intense makes me want to watch more. I really love Sayumi more than I anticipated; The chronic bitch face, the martial arts training, and her ability to instill fear into those around her is so awesome. I’m curious as to whether or not they’re going to elaborate on her power or make it more interesting because, even though they said her power was to restore things to their original state – I kinda… didn’t get it. I wanna know more about this man in the trees. HOW THE HELL IS HIS JACKET NOT FOLDING DOWNWARD WHEN HE’S HANGING UPSIDE DOWN!? ~Sorcery~

Possibility of Watching: High

Possibility of Blogging: If anyone needs the assistance.


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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    This was fun. I like how the girls who couldn’t have cared less about superpowers beforehand got world-breaking abilities, while the boy who was chuuni about them got something totally worthless.

    I doubt the silver-haired individual will be anything like what he seems, given the stated premise.

  2. Moonlight says:

    This was a really fun episode. I’m curious about the Mysterious Stranger(!) who appeared at the end, though I kinda agree with Wanderer, that he might not be like how he seems, what with the tone of the show and all. However, I already like the cast, a LOT. Jurai especially, poor guy. XD

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