Inou Battle wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka de ~ ep 3

On episode three of Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, we get to see more of the sexy guy from episode one! Hooray! However, we also get a lot and I mean a LOT of word pun based humor that doesn’t translate all that well into English and ends up falling flat as jokes to an American audience.
Thus this episode was kind of hard for me to understand/enjoy to it’s fullest. [Not to say it’s a bad episode]


I also finally looked up what Chuuinbyou is, now that I have a frame of reference for why they are always using that term that’s checked off one thing from my list of things that I don’t understand about this show due to the language barrier.
Now what’s the joke about her teaching him how to spell bible as Vivre? I mean it’s funny that he misspelled it and truly felt that it was the right spelling but I feel like I’m missing a huge joke here since they went out of their way to drive this one home.

The best thing about this episode is this guy! Oh god, he’s hot. Look at that hair, those glasses that….totally detached from reality personality. Oh god it’s Andou all over again, cept everything about him is some kind of defiance against God! From the upside down cross on his book, to his nickname!
He’s also the red haired tsundere’s brother, but seriously. Look at him, Kiryuu Hajime. Not a bad sounding name either, I feel like he’ll be important to Andou’s progress as a character. I wonder what his powers are, I’m fairly sure he has them because well first off we saw him hanging upside down from a tree only two episodes ago. He also called Andou ‘Dark and Dark’ meaning he knows something about their powers.


Is her brother the one that told the girl on the student council about their powers? Why did he leave home a year ago? WHY IS HE SO SEXY!? Honestly, this episode was slow, kind of boring and filled with way too many word puns. The two parts that stick out to me are Kiryuu and the part where Chifuyu and Sayumi talk about how Andou gave them some good advice on how to use their powers. Since there is a real possibility Sayumi’s power could bring people back to life, he advised her to not even think about it no matter how tempting it was. He told Chifuyu not to create life with her powers. He is literally telling them not to play God and for good reasons.


Then there is the end of the episode, where Andou approaches the school and see’s Chifuyu there. He asks her if she has time to be there and not be late for her own school which she promptly says she quit….




So now we have the plot of the next episode looking us in the face, hopefully it will involve less word puns.





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  1. nanon says:

    /going to be that person who explains the joke, sorry

    B and V sounds aren’t distinguishable in japanese (just like L and R sound the same), so by swapping out those letters, “bible” becomes “vivre”. Vivre also means “to live” in French, so Sayumi probably thought it was funny to write that to what’s practically a death note.

    I think Vivre’s also the name of that store Andou got that book from in the first place? The store’s part of a popular store chain there, so I guess it also pokes fun at how oblivious Andou is with ordinary things right in front of his face.

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