Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 37


It is a bit unfortunate that Dark!Cure Tender only debuted at the end of the episode, even more so with that pitiful animation quality that took place the minute she makes her debut. Oh man, come on Toei Animation, I know you can do better than that, I hope you have touched up her quality for next week’s episode! They must have been rushing during the last scene because you can tell the animation quality dropped when throughout the majority of the episode, it was solid. Anyways, I sure hope that the girls (despite their power upgrade) won’t be able to take Dark!Cure Tender down within one episode. We still have twelve more, which I admit will fly past us in no time, but I still don’t want Dark!Cure Tender to be defeated too easily.

Once again, it was hard for me to watch Megumi x Blue scenes, I think it’s even more so when neither seem to realize how the other party feels. Megumi is growing more and more flustered whenever she is close or has any contact with Blue while he, appears to be completely oblivious (ironic really for someone who experienced falling in love in the past) unless he is being oblivious on purpose. Of course, most of Megumi x Blue scenes unfolded in front of Seiji, who admits to Hime that he is not okay, and it’s not like he can ask Megumi to change her feelings. I am proud of how mature Seiji is and has been handling this situation. Although he has his moments of bitterness towards Blue, but he always tries to cover it up as quickly as he can and brush off his feelings. Now it is just a matter of whether or not the enemy will choose to take advantage of the fact Seiji has bitterness and jealously locked deep within his heart and make use of that.

Overall it was a good episode. I will say that the Halloween themed terribad is without a doubt the best terribad we have seen to date. It appears that Oresky will be retreating from the scene again though the girls were VERY close to purifying him for good. He is the first general to outright confess the reasons behind his motive of being number one. It is a bit sad because it is very much true under the present circumstances he is in: he will be cared about and knowledge if he is number one aka getting the job done. If not, well as we have seen over and over again, no one will acknowledge or care about him- hence why he is always touched but conflicted when the Precures show concern and care about him.

Oh and one last thing, it was interesting to hear Iona’s input on the fact that Megumi might not be romantically in love with Blue, but sees him more like an older brother. It certainly opens up to a debate on what kind of love Megumi is experiencing but I sure as hell believe that she has crush on him, romantically.


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