Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 3

You know, I think it’s a fair assumption of mine to state that I believed this would be the show I was going to be most disappointed with this season. And…as of right now, I’m glad I was wrong. I am actually enjoying this show far more than I thought I would. Sure there are some flaws, but you know what? Definitely One of my favorites this season.

So what happens this episode you ask? Well sit down, grab a Bailey’s hot chocolate, and I’ll tell youse!

The episode opens up with Seiya showing off his badass new manager outfit.

I'm...too sexy for six flags, too sexy for six flags

I’m…too sexy for six flags, too sexy for six flags

Moffle (that fucking bear suit thing) is still pissed off at Seiya for closing the park for the day so they can fix their attractions, but basically Seiya tells him tough shit as he calls a meeting for all the heads of the park.

amagi 3

At the meeting he lays down 3 rules. 1. Extending the hours. This place used to be closed till 5, now it’s 7. after they install proper lighting, it will be 9.

Second rule, No more weekly days off. (They took ever Friday off). Basically he wants them to be open every day until July 31st at the deadline.

And finally, third rule, they are only charging every customer 30 yen for entry. (aka around 30 cents) Because as Seiya put it, they need more people to show up and if they can reach their number of guests that the bosses require, the money doesn’t matter right now.

Since they’re closed for the day, Seiya sends some of the mascots out front to entertain the people even though they’re closed. A kid gets fresh and starts hitting moffle so he gets pissed. The kid’s dad shows up who’s a punk, but Moffle fucking wrecks him.

I find your behavior un-BEAR-able. aha. aha. ah. ah....There's a special place in hell isn't there?

I find your behavior un-BEAR-able. aha. aha. ah. ah….There’s a special place in hell isn’t there?

Luckily the gun wielding chick has some magic memory bullets that makes those three forget what happened.

Following this, Seiya thinks it’s time to make a promotional video. So he decides to put all the hot girls in bikinis and have them bounce around.

Honestly, I see NOTHING wrong with this plan.

Honestly, I see NOTHING wrong with this plan.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t get too many hits, until the next day when Moffle pops in looking all proud when someone uploaded the video of him beating up the guy

How the FUCK is he even holding that?

How the FUCK is he even holding that?

However, it turns out that the video was edited and uploaded by Seiya, which deflates Moffle’s ego a bit.

At the end of the day, they end up seeing a slight increase of the guests (from about 140 to 240) and things seems to at least BEGIN going in the right direction. And that’s basically where the episode ends.

As I said in the opening, I am really starting to get into this show. I love the idea of a “save the x by x date” countdown show and I am very interested to see all the ways that Seiya can turn this place around.

As far as I can tell it’s already quite obvious that gun girl wants to bang Seiya but can’t quite understand these feelings. With Latifah i’m not sure. They need to make her more prevalent in the coming episodes as we don’t see her really THAT much this episode. I did see Seiya get  a few jolts of memory as if almost remembering something when she’s around, but we have to see what that will materialize into later in the series.

Overall really the only character that’s overstating his welcome for me is Moffle. I don’t like him, he’s still annoying, and to me, he gets in the way of the plot and stuff I want to see happen.

amagi 2

He questions nearly every decision Seiya makes and fights him on it, and is overall, just annoying. If Latifah can trust your park in his hands then get over yourself and let him do his job! Jesus! If he were to leave the series right now, I would be all the happier. But I know that won’t happen because they feel like he’s important. I do not.

Overall though, this was a good episode, but it left me wanting more. I guess that’s a good thing though. You weren’t bored off your ass and wished you could have seen more. That means they’re doing something right.

And at least, unlike shows like Cross Ange or Vanadis, I actually find the hot scenes to be hot. They sparse out the fanservice in this show quite a bit and tantalize you just enough so that you have no idea when the next one is coming. It’s kind of cruel, but also enticing.

What this all boils down to is, this is turning out to be a surprisingly good show that I am looking forward to every week. You managed to turn my very first impression around. Touche amagi, touche.

Episode 8/10

Lucha security cop... That almost seems like a sitcom

Lucha security cop… That almost seems like a sitcom


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