Zankyou no Terror episode 9 ~Highs &Lows


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4 Responses

  1. Moonlight says:

    Holy crap this episode was amazing. I really love the scene on the ferris wheel, especially. The emotions of the characters were perfectly conveyed and the stakes were really driven home.

  2. Anjo says:

    You’ve summed up my thoughts completely about this episode! The whole ferris wheel scene was engrossing. Definitely the most well done part of the episode.

    I feel you on the jacket of bombs thing. I don’t understand this crazy bitch so much free reign to basically kill innocent people to retrieve that bomb. She is ridiculous. I was thinking the savant thing may explain her lack of empathy for people, but that doesn’t explain why the US government allows her to act so fucking sloppily.

  3. This episode was absolutely amazing. I really thought Twelve was going to leave Lisa, and honestly I was back-and-forth on it. Thank goodness Nine got the bomb in time though! (Still rooting for them, although I’m a bit worried about what that bomb’s for.)

    However, it would have been a very ‘Five’ thing to do to blow Twelve and Lisa up anyway. She never plays far, so really she wouldn’t have played fair this time either. I guess we can justify it with those mysterious headaches she was getting. I really hope she dies soon….

  4. Lilgg says:

    I love the ship
    They are so cute
    So cute ;3;
    I want a happy ending ;-; hopefully an ending where five dies.

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