Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9 + 10

First and foremost, I’m super sorry I’m sooooo behind. I’m doing this poor, independent, college student thing wrong. I ended up having to sacrifice internet for  some “more important” financial responsibilities – BUT, I’M BACK!

For the most part, Episode 9 was a bit of a filler – It was boring.
It’s been 49 days since Mado was killed and now Amon is having an in depth recollection of their history together. Amon’s first day on the job, he thought Mado was a madman. Later he realized that  Mado actually cared for his colleagues; he even trained Amon. I find it interesting that even back then, Mado still wore gloves & had extreme malice towards ghouls.
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Things are starting to return back to normal at Anteiku, despite Ryouko’s death.Hinami moved in with Toka. Now, Kaneki is curious to find out more about Rize. In the last episode, he felt Rize come over his body and control him, leading to Yomo being stabbed in the chest. She’s become a part of him, yet he doesn’t know anything about her, so he asks Ittori who knows NOTHING. But she does tell him that Rize originated from the 11th Ward. Hide is a around for the first time in a while playing the clueless character, but he makes Kaneki very aware that he is knowledgeable about ghouls, their categories and how they operate in units.
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When Toka thinks about killing Mado and the possibility of him having a family, she seems pretty emotional. In a flashback, we get to see her father and younger brother (Ayato). He life seemed pretty normal minus the absent mother. There’s clearly some unresolved issues with her family evidenced by her tsudere behavior and her feelings toward Hinami.

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While Anteiku is quite peaceful, other organizations from the 11th Ward are preparing for action – War. The Aogiri Tree (Ghoul Organization) has begun to move and CCG is planning their next strike against the ghouls, putting more investigators in the 11th and 20th Wards. Yamori (the Jason) is also trying to close in on Rize. My initial thoughts of him killing her around Episode One and Two are null now. If everyone thinks Rize is still alive – then who the hell killed her?

Episode 10

Immediately at the start of the episode, the war is beginning. Members of the Aogiri Tree attack CCG members of the 11th Ward branch… leaving NO SURVIVORS. Of course, this causes an outrage in the CCG Headquarters and they flat out say, “This is Ghouls VS. Humans now”. Looking for Rize, a thug named Banjo comes to Anteiku in hopes of seeing her again. When he catches the scent on Kaneki, he assumes that he’s her lover lol but Kaneki reassures him that it’s not like that… and interestingly enough, her doesn’t tell him that Rize is dead. Why? I mean, at this point, what does lying about Rize’s death do for anyone in the middle of a war where mostly EVERYONE is after her?
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It wasn’t long before the Jason, Ayato (Toka’s brother) and a new ghoul enter the cafe. They waste no time – Yamori catches the scent of Rize on Kaneki and beats him to a bloody pulp. They didn’t do too much animation on that (where as alot of the show looked like they did, then put a black shadow over the gore) instead they just showed the blood splattering across the walls with really gross “sloshing” sounds. It was probably the most gruesome this show has ever gotten, imo, because this guy fights… for fun. In an effort to stop Yamori, Toka tries to jump in and is stopped by her brother who beats her pretty badly as well, even insulting her kagune.
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In the mist of a heated CCG meeting, we meet the strange Suzuya Juzo. Originally, he pickpocketed Kaneki in the last episode & I kinda thought that he may be related to Mado the way they kept showing him but he’s one of the silliest looking investigators in the CCG. His character intrigues me. He looks strange… stitches covering most of his body, he did say that he’s 19 (a bit young for the CCG), and toward his last scene he says something like, “Wouldn’t wanna upset Mama again”. It gave me the creepies!
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Kaneki is kidnapped and Yoshimura tells everyone that they’re going to save him – but he can’t guarantee that everyone will come out alive. Of course everyone is hype… until he announces that Tsukiyama will be joining them lol.
Screenshot (577)

Two episodes left, I can’t wait to see how this ends.
— CarmenTheNinja


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6 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I don’t think it’s right to call Episode 9 a filler -especially taking into account the supersonic pacing and how much of the arc they still have left to animate- but it’s debatable as to whether it’s boring depending on how much you care about the CCG. In building up the CCG and giving characters like Amon some development, the show is giving its viewers a chance to pick between the two sides and form their own judgement on something that isn’t necessarily black and white. Characters like Kaneki bridge this divide.

    Kaneki never told Banjou that Rize was dead because it’d hurt him – he loves her, which is why he got so riled up at the thought of Kaneki x Rize. A lot of people are after her as you say, but not for the same reasons. Banjou wanted to tell her to run away, while Yamori (i.e. Aogiri) wants to capture either her or the person that smells like her, which I don’t think the anime mentioned outright. Meanwhile, the CCG’s hunt for her is being put to one side as they focus resources like Shinohara (who was in charge of the Binge Eater investigation) towards the 11th Ward uprising.

    The war might have an indirect link to Rize, but it’s not completely centered around her – the CCG are going after Aogiri Tree because they’re ghouls, while Aogiri’s desire for Rize is a separate matter that just happened to clash with this war. Unfortunately, it’s that desire which brings Anteiku in to the fray, as they want Kaneki back.

    • CarmenTheNinja says:

      I guess I thought of it as a filler because, in my opinion – Amon constantly reappears each episode but he really adds nothing to the show. He almost seemed like a background character to me until one of his coworkers died, then again after Mado’s death. They never really dig into his background with the flashbacks. For example, in Episode 10 they show what appears to be Amon as a child witnessing his first ghoul feeding – They never say who that man was to him or why it was significant. It was just thrown in there.

      I understand the sentimental effect (Banjou x Rize) but I think that at this point in the anime, lying about the whereabouts of Rize to anybody is pointless. It kinda doesn’t help or hurt the situation… well actually, for the people actually looking for her, that might cause a shitstorm when they reach a dead end. When I said “everyone” is looking for her, I meant in regards to Aogiri Tree,Yamori, etc.

      • Vantage says:

        I suppose this is where cramming and pacing issues really start to hurt beyond the problems it poses to the overarching plot. Seems like they made these flashbacks “exist”, but never developed them to the extent that it aids character development, which is what was done in the manga. Thus it sadly fails to fulfil the reason why it’s there in the first place. I doubt they’ll ever give you an answer on the one in Episode 10, so I’ll mention it here if you don’t mind – Amon was an orphan, and he lived in a church or something when he was little. The ghoul he walked in on was actually his foster father, whom he thought was a human all along – for some reason, Amon was spared, but many (if not all) of his fellow orphans had been eaten. So he grew up with an intense hatred of ghouls and a strong desire to hunt them all down, apart from Kaneki, whom he’s more intrigued and confused by than anything else.

        • CarmenTheNinja says:

          I’m really late on this but boy is my mind completely blown by Amon’s background. That makes soooo much sense & it helps me better understand his idolization/bond with Mado. Good grief. I need to just read the manga.

  2. Lem says:

    I felt sorry for Kaneki for being trashed by Jason. But then, I wonder how Ayato got astray – going against his sister and stuff.

    • CarmenTheNinja says:

      I feel exactly the same. I don’t think Kaneki deserved THAT much of a beating. I think Jason took it waaay too far. I’m really confused by Toka and Ayato’s relationship. I hope they elaborate on why he has so much hate toward her & what happened to their parents.

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