Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 12 [Final Impression]


Shit just got real.

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As the episode opens, Yamori continues to brutally torture Kaneki but this time Rize appears to him.
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At first, I thought the wrench-like tool wasn’t being used but I was proven wrong when Kaneki revealed that Yamori was using it to cut off his fingers and toes… and once they regenerated, Yamori would cut them again to fill a keg with his blood (Like, eww – WHY?). Yamori forced him to count backwards from 1000 by 7’s to keep the Kaneki sane in the mist of his torture.
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Kaneki explores his childhood and the relationship he had with his mother each time he meets Rize. His mother was a kind, honest woman who worked multiple jobs in order to support herself, Kaneki, and her sister; she even worked at home. Kaneki’s father died before he can remember but he got into reading because of the massive book collection his dad left behind. Kaneki’s mother died from being overworked; She pushed herself to the edge trying to provide for her sister, who struggled financially, and Kaneki resented her for it. He had no one until Hide came along and he remained his only support.
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As he’s describing his relationship with his mother to Rize, he tells her that his mother always told him, “It’s better to be hurt than to hurt others“. He’s always lived his life around this quote, believing that he should always cater to the needs and wants of others – even if it’s going to hurt him – to avoid conflict.

Rize asks him if being nice is what got him in this situation.

Before he can answer, the couple who promised a way out for Kaneki are presented to him by Yamori – He tells him to chose which one he wants to save or Yamori will kill them both. He can’t decide and offers his own life; Yamori mercilessly kills them in front of him, the woman first, driving the man to insanity before his own demise.
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Rize returns, constantly in his ear telling him that being nice has gotten him nowhere but hurt and not reacting his been detrimental to, not just himself but, the people around him. She told him that he’s weak and asked if he was ready to accept her into his reality – To which he answers that he’s not, he’s gonna suppress her but the world is wrong & he’s going to do something about it.
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The doves are closing in on their location, so Yamori asks Kaneki if he is ready to die or be eaten – White Haired Kaneki emerges from his chair & gives Yamori the being of his life. Not only does Kaneki pummel him… but he eats him as well.
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Final Thoughts

As much as I enjoyed watching Kaneki slaughter and consume Yamori, I was disappointed with this ending. The One-Eyed Owl facing the CCG  and a showdown between Toka and Ayato would have made this immensely better. This show, overall, was really good but it was definitely rushed. Since starting the manga, I’ve noticed a lot of gaps and areas of the anime where very important things or situations (like The Aogiri Tree) were not explained enough. As a viewer, it’s important to make everything easily understandable regardless of if we read the manga or not. There were many scenes where flashbacks didn’t seem appropriate or didn’t add anything to the episode, fights seems spontaneous and/or pointless without knowing their origin, and characters (like Ayato, Hide, and even Nishio) were pretty much background characters that they could’ve easily drawn out to elaborate and pull the plot together better. Can we talk about how any part of this show that was remotely exciting or interesting was grossly censored to the point of not even knowing what the fuck you were looking at? WHY? WHYYYY?! There was a part of this episode where Kaneki’s leg go twisted and I was like, “WHY IS THAT CENSORED?” because I imagine, if it’s like any other anime on Earth, the twist didn’t include bones sticking out. The censoring took away from each episode. The opening and ending music were frickin’ great; especially the OP visuals.

The show wasn’t complete and utter TRASH so, if I had to rate it… I’d give it a 7/10

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4 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    Rushed is a huge understatement, I’d think – they decided to completely ignore the rest of the CCG raid against Aogiri (which is far from over) and focus purely on Kaneki and Rize. It didn’t feel like an ending at all, with nothing explained and unfulfilled plot lines, which is ironically how the manga ended too. The Yamori scenes weren’t as great as I expected – they messed up a certain thing about Kaneki’s kagune as well as the scene with the pair of lovers, who were supposed to be a mother and child that Kaneki knew personally. On the bright side, they properly animated Kaneki’s hallucination to its fullest! Yay Rize. I was worried they’d just ignore that and move on. Glad to hear you’re reading the manga now though!

    Grotesquely enough, the bucket wasn’t filled with his blood… it was meant to collect the severed fingers and toes Yamori had cut off, and he’d managed to fill the bucket by the end of the torture. Bleh.

    • vergiltfs says:

      Yeah, the raid part was awesome in the manga, and the scene with mother and child was far more traumatic for Kaneki.The problem now is that the manga ended and the ending wasn’t really good. It feels rushed too.

      • Vantage says:

        ***Manga spoiler of all spoilers, be warned!***

        [spoiler] With that sort of ending, it almost feels like the manga was cancelled on short notice. Nothing, absolutely nothing was properly resolved with characters like Amon, Rize or Takatsuki – I’m actually wondering what the hell happened for things to end so abruptly. I feel unfulfilled, and I don’t even see myself as part of the fandom! People are reading into things like the writing on Touka’s shirt, the statement that “no ghoul can go past V14” or the fact that Ishida’s title for Chapter 72 was “Halfway” – for the sake of the story itself, I’m hoping that their theories are right. And that’s not even taking into account the entire debate over Quineki/Briefcase Ken. Pierrot got the last laugh both in the manga and anime, it seems. [/spoiler]

  2. tcpcat says:

    A little rushed, i agree but i loved it. read the manga on chap 10

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