Persona 4 Golden the Animation: Episode 9 [ Missing ]

The episode begins with a somber moment at the Velvet Room with Igor and Margaret. Margaret ruins it for a moment before implying Yu must enjoy what time he has left with his friends before it’s over. The show once again cuts to a vacation scene but this one seems like it is far more important. . .as Yu remembers Marie as she vanished into the fog.

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Yosuke is of course a moron and brought a display model from Junes. . .you know that means it’s going to get destroyed right?? Everyone is sad because Yu is leaving soon and CAN I JUST INTERJECT THAT THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA? That they made the series this way just kills any ability to actually feel tension. They should’ve re release the whole series WITH THESE ADDED EPISODES. Instead I feel nothing because none of it is contextually relevant. I swear. . .ugh.

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The beginning part of the episode is focused on the hijinks of their ski trip. I’m not terribly interested in it, again, because it’s leaving out the parts crucial to me having a bond to these characters even though I’ve played the game. I JUST WANT TO REMEMBER THE HARD TIMES BEFORE YOU SHOVE THE GOOD TIMES DOWN MY THROAT OKAY??

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The rest of the episode has awkward moments for Yu and the gang. Aren’t there odd things about their photos? Isn’t there someone missing? I have to be honest, this will now be my spring board for my issues with this anime. I should give a fuck. I haven’t gotten to play Golden and there are things I’m missing from the canon this anime should make me interested to learn. Instead I’m not interested. I am bored! I am bored learning everything! I don’t want to watch this show every week. What in the hell made the anime so. . . bland?

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I’ll tell you what…it’s not a fucking addition. It’s a sham. Try watching this anime with no former knowledge of persona. Try feeling anything. As an objective reviewer I cannot recommend an anime that only exists to add on to something. But keep this in mind- even if you add this to the anime, it doesn’t work. This is a new game, a new continuity – it’s like a new game plus. So we NEED to fucking see the new way Yu sees everyone! How he interacts with them, what makes him different! We don’t. We see the conclusion of the new stuff. The end. We see reactions, not the actual stuff.

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All this anime does is piss me off. . . I’m not interested. Yet I want to know more, I want to see the episodes coming up with Marie and the probable true ending. Will I feel anything? I doubt it. Will I suffer through it?

[HorribleSubs] Persona 4 - The Golden Animation - 09 [720p].mkv_20140910_192146

Yeah I freakin guess so. -_- Thanks for bastardizing a wonderful game, P4GA!





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3 Responses

  1. finalvic says:

    you’re thinking about dropping it like the rest of the community are you? Most bloggers just don’t care anymore.

    • Oki says:

      No, we’re going to stick it out. .. . we’ve gotten through worse! We’re going to…ow it hurts…

  2. hee7 says:

    I’m super amused by the hate for this episode (and the anime in general). Re-contextualizing isn’t all that difficult when the story is mapped out by date as P4 is, and reanimating everything would have been a colossal waste of money and labor when P4A came out not too long ago.

    Guess I just enjoy hanging out with these characters and seeing how things get reinterpreted in an animated format. Little vignettes for me! :D

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