Kuroshitsuji~Book of Circus ep 10: The End [Final Impressions]

Kuroshitsuji episode 10

THIS is it, this is the episode we deserved last episode. Everything about this episode from start to finish was perfect, and having just re-read the manga to make sure Grell wasn’t in it I can assure you that every moment in this episode was from the manga. With the exception to a small cut away to Grell but it was such a minor part of the episode I barely noticed it was there.


The episode opens with some flashbacks of Jokers life, what it was like to live on the streets without a limb. What it was like for all of them, malformed and growing up in the gutters of the streets of London. We see that these are the memories that the Shinigami are viewing through the film strips of his life. William and Ronald go through and start taking all of the souls so they don’t have to work overtime.


As Ciel leaves the burning mansion he runs into Doll who has just arrived, the inform Doll that Joker is dead. They also tell her who Ciel is, that everything back at the circus was a lie. You have to feel sorry for Doll, that friendship she felt with Smile vanishing in an instant. On top of that knowing that everyone who has ever loved or taken care of her in her life was gone. She rushes at Ciel screaming that Ciel will pay.

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They don’t clearly show Doll’s death however it’s instead shown through the breaking of a lollipop. The same lollipop that she gave to Ciel earlier in the arc, it was a really poetic way of doing it.

We cut to the circus to Snake where people are asking him where the others went and are wondering what to do about that night’s performance. Snake walks out of the circus and says something along the lines of “Alone again.” With his memory of the circus troupe saving him from a cage. It’s so sad, I mean anyone who read the manga knows what becomes of Snake but if you haven’t it’s just such a sad ending for him if you only look at it from the anime point of view.

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Ciel heads to see the circus troupes old workhouse/ orphanage so he can set it up with a new patron to take care of it. They head up over the hill to where it should be and find it in ruins, it seems like it had been abandoned for a long time. So everything the circus troupe worked for, everything they were trying to protect was gone. They’d been lied to all this time, it was all pointless. It’s so pathetic, so sad, so upsetting that Ciel breaks down into hysterical laughter.
It was all so pointless, everything, that darkness they built up for something that didn’t even exist anymore. Ciel breaks down into laughter and tells Sebastian that this is what humans are…sad creatures who are more like demons then even demons themselves.


The wind blows and the credits pick up with the ribbon of Ciels’ hat flying away, you see the circus crew smiling flying through the air. The last one to go meet them is Doll and they all reunite as a happy family…This was it. The panicle of what we’ve deserved as fans of this series all along.

With a few small hiccups of pointless fan service here and there we were at last given what we’ve always wanted an anime that stayed truthful to the manga of Kuroshitsuji. Honestly without those few scenes of Grell this would of been the perfect adaptation that the fans have wanted all this time. I might be blowing it out of proportion. Honestly it was modest compared to the senseless fan service they’ve given us up until this point and with the exception of ruining the flow of the last episode it wasn’t that distracting. Now if I could sit here and pound on my table until they announce the Titanic arc or at least wait until the movie about the Sherlock Holmes arc. This is it for book of Circus but I doubt it’s the last we’ll see of Kuroshitsuji in the coming years, with the movie pending and the dub for this and the movie sure to be announced at any time we can be more then assured that we’ll get more of the manga animated…I hope…


Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus gets a solid 9/10 for being almost perfect, The animation was gorgeous. The opening and ending themes were beautiful.  edit out the Grell scenes and we’ll talk about a 10/10.






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