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OKAY. SO BEFORE I SHARE MY SHIPPING FANGIRL THOUGHTS, let’s focus on the primary focus of today’s episode.
First of all, I am so relieved that Blue right off the bat revealed to us that three hundred years ago, he and Mirage had used the Make up Dresser in the past, and at the same time: he reveals that SHE WAS A PRECURE! CURE MIRAGES! (And she was super adorable and the two of them would fight together as a love duo- I mean partners). During that said fight, they have sealed a powerful enemy with the Shining Makeup Dresser, which leads to the sneaking suspicion that is how the Axia box/Shining Makeup Dresser became corrupted and while it’s supposed to respond only to innocence and strong feelings from the heart, I more or less suspect that it soon was able to respond to it’s target’s vulnerabilities and exploit them to their advantage, and this is probably how Mirage ended up being sealed in the box, because of being exploited of her heartbreak and used in some way that either had forced Blue to have no choice but to seal her or she was dragged in by force.

You can tell that Blue is itching to see his beloved, but is fighting his own insecurities of whether she is willing to even talk with him face to face. After watching this episode, given how vulnerable Blue becomes when it comes to heartbreaks, I am starting to suspect that the Dark Mirror had done something similar to the power it had given to Phantom (lets be real here: it wasn’t Queen Mirage who gave to him, it was merely the Dark Mirror channeling through her) when he cut Cure Lovely’s shadow and wore it to become Cure Un-Lovely. Because either A) Dark Mirror is simply Blue’s Dark Counterpart, or B) he is the shadow of his dark counterpart that exploits people’s weaknesses. If the latter, it would certainly explain why the Dark Mirror is so powerful.

Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 30 Img 0020Speaking of Un-Lovely, goodness when Phantom genderbended (by wearing the Cure Lovely’s Shadow) he was one sexy looking precure ahahahaha! Well what can you expect? The guy was hot to begin with! It appears by cutting Cure Lovely’s Shadow that rather than creating a dark form of herself to fight against, he wears it and inherits the precure powers she has as well able to dig in and exploit all of her weaknesses. It turns out that deep within her heart, Megumi has worries and insecurities about being useless or a nuisance to others. It broke my heart how much Phantom’s exploits were affecting her, especially when she always has good intentions with her actions. Taking care of her sickly mother was always important to her, and as she continued to take care of more people, being thanked and appreciated for her actions made her very happy. Thankfully the rest of the team showed up and Hime was able to snap her out of it by pinching her skin, telling her that they love her the way she is, and ensure her that she is not a bother, that she is not useless. It was a precious moment, especially given how much Megumi was affected by it.

Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 30 Img 0012The battle sequence between Phantom and Cure Lovely was super awesome, it was so much fun to watch, the music in the background was great, it was a exciting and well animated. In fact, I probably enjoyed it even more because of how Phantom (once he slipped into the shadow) was overpowering her. I tend to enjoy watching our heroes struggle to defeat a powerful opponent while being psychologically torn apart, I find the psychological addition is what really makes it more interesting, especially since it allows us to learn more about the character and what their fears and insecurities are. This was particularly important because Megumi isn’t the type of person to show that very easily, so it was a great insight.

It was disappointing to see that they did not have a new transformation, outfit wise. The make-up however, oh god, my eyes. I am so sorry, but they looked like clowns. Thankfully the¬†Shining Makeup Dresser lessened the make up effect after they did the purification, but goodness, that was… too much.

Okay inner fangirl taking the wheel in 3…2..1…

/SCREAMING (NO REALLY I AM SCREAMING). OH MY GOD, YESSSSSS!!! I WAS HOPING FOR THIS! THEY HAVE TAKEN IN PHANTOM AND I AM SO PSYCHED FOR THIS BECAUSE FUCK YEAH, AN UNEXPECTED SHIP HAVE ARRIVED TO PORT AND I AM ALREADY READY TO HOP ON BOARD!!!!! Oh my god, someone help me- I can’t wait for for Sunday, is it Sunday yet? Well actually it’s half way through Monday already so only five and half more days to endure, I can do that…. *TWITCH* Oh man, I would be SO HAPPY for both of them if they do end up hitting it off, and best of all- WE STILL HAVE TWENTY EPISODES OF POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT FOR THESE TWO, THERE’S LOTS OF TIME! Oh man it would be really great for both of them ugh, the potential, I can’t, so excited. Though I admit I am curious of how Fortune is going to feel about all of this, considering he is the one responsible for her sister’s defeat. There is also definitely a potential to this latest development, of the chance of Phantom helping them enter the Phantom Empire’s territory, but will heavily depend on how well the Dresser’s purification had effect on Phantom since we know that the Dark Mirror has the tendency to show up and lure his generals back to the dark side. As of right now, there have not been any indication of that (perhaps because of how powerful the Shining Makeup Dresser is), but there is also a potential strategy of exploiting the Precure team’s kindness by getting close and then back-stab them when the time comes, be it by orders or his own conscious decision.


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