Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei! Episode 9: Power Struggle


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7 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    The end of the Bazett fight ropes us into the larger plot of 2wei. We find ourselves abruptly left with questions, and feeling rather unsatisfied about some things. It’s a terrible place to STOP stop, but it might work as a “hey, I bet you guys would like to see more of this, wouldn’t you?” kind of pausing place to get people to throw money at them while screaming that they resolve things.

    In other news, they dragged stuff out with some rather pointless scenes in the first five minutes of the episode, and managed to prevent us from actually seeing the result of the Miyu/Bazett faceoff. I suppose they wanted to be dramatic, but it’s surprising and annoying. Rider/Miyu was all in a single chapter in the manga.

    • Vantage says:

      I hope those pointless scenes aren’t a sign that they’re trying to wrap things up and move the series to a close for now. There was that little recap too, which I would have been a little more vocal about if it hadn’t showed us the best parts from Bazett vs Luvia.

  2. I.D. nameless says:

    It was interesting to see Vanillya fight tactically after the shooting & more shooting she always relied upon failed in the beginning of the fight. Without Chocoillya inside her she is not the powerhouse she used to be, so it’s good to know she can adapt. The last arc was just painful with Kuro owning them at every turn unless they decided to be smart about it (that bog).

    • Vantage says:

      Hahahaha, I’ve never seen them called Vanillya and Chocoillya before! What a great idea!

      Even if she did still have Kuro inside her, I don’t think brute force would have worked against Bazett, because she’s got more of it barehanded than the girls do with Mystic Codes. And since Bazett’s had experience fighting the real Archer, it’s unlikely that Archer-style combat would have worked either. But yes, Vanillya is learning! With her, it’s always been one of shooting or massive outbursts of power, like in the fights against Saber and Assassin.

  3. Chaos Network says:

    I’m hoping they explain why Bazett is so strong. I felt annoyed at how she showed up extra powerful and started owning the main characters. Even Kuro was no match at all and that surprised me since when she first appeared, they made her seem so strong the way she outclassed everyone else. Illya 2Wei is my #4 favorite Anime. I’m really hoping they continue the story because there is so much they can incorporate from the Fate series as a whole. I always wondered who Bazett was since I never played any of the Visual Novels or read any of the manga. I’m hoping all of it gets an Anime adaptation. I really enjoy the center focus of the Magical Girl genre. It’s a bit different from the usual, which makes this story interesting in its own right compared to the fate series.

    • Wanderer says:

      Bazett is a sealing designation enforcer. She is one of the people the Mage’s Association sends to hunt down and capture mages who are too powerful and dangerous to be allowed to exist in society (actually the Association just wants to own their unique abilities, but you know, PR puts a spin on it). As such, Bazett must be MORE powerful than the people she is going to be hunting, capable of not only attacking them, but of taking what they can dish out.

      She is using magical runes to augment her strength and her toughness here. In Fate/Hollow Ataraxia she didn’t have those, yet she was still capable of fighting hand-to-hand on par with heroic spirits. While there are certainly individuals in the Nasuverse as a whole who are capable of kicking her butt, against our leads here in Prisma Illya she’s a juggernaut.

    • Vantage says:

      Even though Prisma Illya is a spin-off, they do try to keep power levels relatively similar to that of the main Fate series – as Wanderer said, Bazett needs to be that strong in order to do her job (no-one ever receiving a sealing designation is ever going to come quietly, because to a practising magus it’s pretty much the worst thing that can happen disguised as a gold star sticker). I didn’t know about the magical runes bit though!

      Just out of interest, if 2wei is your #4 (presumably from this season) what are your top three?

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