Akame ga Kill! Episode 10: Kill the Temptation


Akame 10 Img022It almost feels miraculous that Tatsumi’s managed to escape the palace relatively unharmed and undiscovered – especially as he decided to tread on dangerous ground several times, including his attempt to do a runner and his innocent mention of Akame. Which Wave helpfully backed up. I was seriously scared that he’d die, because even with a Teigu there’s no disputing the fact that Esdeath would snap him like a twig if she didn’t happen to be in love with him. Of course, his conversation with Esdeath was where Tatsumi performed his greatest daredevil stunt, right to the face of the strongest enemy general – I have no idea what on earth he was thinking, but if he knew her like we do, he’d never have tried talking her into switching sides. He was lucky to have gotten off with a slap. Much like Seryuu, it seems Wave genuinely thinks the capital is on the side of justice, but Esdeath doesn’t care – all she’s concerned about is the survival of the fittest, regardless of how much corruption there is. I have to say though, Tatsumi had true balls of steel in standing up to Esdeath – even with the supposedly apparent knowledge that he might end up dying -or worse, exposed- for his views. I suppose he did try his best to restrain himself when it mattered, like when he recognized Seryuu as the bitch who killed Sheele. And he managed to avoid being reverse-raped, which must count for something!

Akame 10 Img021With that sudden kiss, it does seem like Esdeath is actually serious about falling in love with Tatsumi, and changing his world view along the way – when the backdrop is a bed it almost feels like they were arguing about who’d be the dominant person in their relationship, oddly enough. I’m also happy to report that, for now, I have in fact killed the temptation that is Esdeath – ironically it was the bountiful fanservice more than anything else, since I admit I was rather taken in by her subtle blushing. It was uncharacteristically cute. Her cleavage made me realize that I should be looking past things like fanservice – I certainly didn’t miss how cold and hard her eyes turned when Tatsumi mentioned betrayal. Whew, I feel like a better person now. Although that being said, I won’t be holding back with expressing my love for Kurome. The thrill is doubled when she’s got her sadistic face on!

Akame 10 Img038Now that I’ve mentioned a couple of Jaeger members, it’d be a good time to talk about how incredibly strong they all are – it seems that the bandit raid served multiple objectives. Firstly, it was so that they’d fulfil the mission the capital gave them. Secondly, it was so Esdeath could impress Tatsumi. And finally, it was so Esdeath could test the strength of her new team – and to say they’ll be tough feels like an understatement. They all have different strengths, and even though they might not mesh well socially it’s the complete opposite when they’re in battle, where they all help complement each other. I didn’t know Seryuu was upgraded like that, but I guess it’d make sense that she wouldn’t be satisfied with just a couple of new arms. It’s also interesting to note that Esdeath is willing to prioritize the lives of her subordinates over that of Tatsumi’s, despite her love of him – that adds a bit of a spin to things, and I’m glad. It’s the sort of thing I was talking about last week when I said that I’d hate it if Esdeath went full dere around Tatsumi. I’m sure she’ll do her best to try and change him if and when she discovers he’s part of Night Raid, but she won’t fall apart completely, which is the sort of angle I hoped they’d go for.

Akame 10 Img049Wave came uncomfortably close to exposing Tatsumi this week, hindered only by his own ignorance and the fact that nobody else knows that Bulat is dead, as Tatsumi managed to kill Nyau when they were on that ship. The resemblance between Tatsumi and Wave was completely lampshaded, all the way down to the fact that their Teigus are extremely similar, with one being a prototype of another – although I must say, Grand Chariot does look a bit cooler than Incursio. Avoiding a fight and running turned out to be the best possible choice, because it’d have been bad if Tatsumi had stood his ground. Grand Chariot doesn’t have invisibility, but that only makes me think it has some other secret ability that we don’t know about.

Dr. Stylish’s decision to mount an attack does have some positives to it – he hasn’t got any other support from the Jaegers, for one, which means Esdeath probably doesn’t know what he’s doing. And of the Jaegers, I don’t really care whether he dies, so a chance for him to do so is quite good. I also happen to find Bols sort of scary, but hey. Apparently he has a wife!


I love cute things.

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7 Responses

  1. vergiltfs says:

    I always liked the way they both present their stances about the capital, and how they try to convince the other without forcing their ideals on them. And I like even more the fact that they decide to keep their stances. I really love Esdeath, even if she’s a fucking genocidal psychopath.

    In short, I loved the fanservice, the first interaction between player 1 (Tatsumi) and player 2 (Wave), but the best part was Esdeath.

    • Vantage says:

      It’s true that Esdeath could have easily “forced” Tatsumi to sympathize with her -although he’d have probably chosen to die- so I guess I do have to give her credit for trying to change him for real. In time, maybe (just maybe) I’ll come to love Esdeath too.

      • Morlphing says:

        Soon, young one, wait to the part when they trap in an inhabitat island, only the two of them, Muhahahahaha, then you will join our dark side.

  2. Morlphing says:

    It this time again, let play our favorite game:Guess who will be the next one to RIP?
    Grand Chariot like the armor of a dark knight character, while Incursion while like an White knight/ paladin, don’t you think so?

    • Vantage says:

      If someone has to die -given the whole “there will be one death if Teigu users fight” mantra- then it’d better be Stylish. Also, the colour schemes for Grand Chariot and Incursio do fit that, but somehow it’s hard for me to imagine Wave as a dark knight, and Tatsumi as a benevolent paladin :D

      Hang on, back up a bit. Wave technically fought Tatsumi, right? And Tatsumi managed to survive without dying despite the Teigu rule – is that because he never really “fought”?

      • I.D. nameless says:

        The whole “someone always dies in a teigu battle” thing is not some sort of rule or curse or anything like that. It doesn’t come with owning a teigu. They prefer to fight to the death because:
        1. A teigu users knows that another teigu user is a dangerous enemy so taking him (her) out is a good idea. It saves the lives of normal soldiers on his side.
        2. A teigu user would want the enemy’s teigu for his side and the enemy will not give up on his strongest weapon willingly.
        So it’s more like a tradition that comes with the teigu being feared & sought-after so much.

        • Vantage says:

          I see, that makes a lot more sense. Najenda made it sound really grim when she said that someone will die should there be a Teigu battle between them :D

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