Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7

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Mako is such a disrespectful asshole, I just hate his character so much. He used Dr.Fueguchi’s kagune against Ryoko and I wanted to lose my shit. He didn’t even give her a chance to say any last words. I commend Kaneki for shielding Hinami from the sight, but I really, really wish that he had done anything but stand there and watch. It was unsatisfying and weak. But then again, what else is new?
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Of course on the day of tragedy, Toka decides to come back for work with a rude awakening. During the Anteiku staff meeting regarding Ryoko’s murder, Yoshimura tell Toka that he’s thinking about moving Hinami to the 24th ward. The investigators have seen her face so she needs to go into hiding. Toka makes a valid point here: She is just a child, an emotionally broken one at that, with no history of killing (her family never killed for meals, remember? They stayed indoors often and only fed on suicide victims), how is she going to survive on her own? Yoshimura lets everyone know they’re not to take any physical action in order to maintain the safety of all ghouls.
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Mako is thinking the Yamori’s (the Jason) base is located in the 11th Ward. He suspiciously asks everyone to go back to their normal work and cease ghoul hunting while keeping an eye out for Hinami, since she’s seen Mako and Amon’s faces. I love, love, LOVED how they showed Toka casually stalking the CCG office in hopes of finding Ryoko’s killers as the investigators shared stories of admiration toward Amon’s work ethic with aspirations of doing more than just desk work. Between sharing a meal with Amon and trying to lighten his cold professional attitude and being really sappy, I started to like Kusaba’s character. He was so cute, then BAM – SLICED TO FUCKIN BITS IN MERE SECONDS. I don’t even understand where the hell Amon came from to save Kusaba’s companion, but Hellooooo RABBIT
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Toka just doesn’t know how to follow the rules. She tries to act like this badass who doesn’t care about anything but Ryoko’s death has clearly effected her to the point of acting on emotion, rather than logic. Known as “Rabbit”, the ukaku ghoul: High Speed Type Pokemon, I mean GHOUL, Toka tried to take on FOUR doves alone. Mako, knows his stuff when it comes to ghouls – despite her crazy speed, she has low stamina and he took advantage of it, cutting her arm pretty badly.

Screenshot (437)When Yoshimura discovered that Toka took action against the doves on her own, he refused to help her. Whether she lives or dies isn’t anyone’s business and her own responsibility. I didn’t think I’d see the day, but wow – That was some coldblooded, tough love from Dad kind of scene.

Screenshot (457)Kaneki confessed that he doesn’t agree with Toka’s ways and he can’t kill but he can’t stand back and not doing ANYTHING anymore – the birth of a boss is near. I don’t know what Toka is cooking up, but I know Mako’s *anonymous* tipster to the whereabouts of Hinami is far from a coincidence.

Nakajima is pouring his heart out about how sad he feels over Kusaba’s death and how he’s upset that he won’t have anyone to buy meals for anymore and Amon just swallows his bowl of ramen WHOLE. WTF I AM sCREAMING lmao WHAT WAS THIS SCENEEEE?? “WELL, There goes my paycheck”. [insert snorting laughter] All jokes aside, this scene was the beginning of some interesting character development for Amon. I was under the assumption that the main focus would stay on Mako based on his extremely gross behavior and strange look, but now we’re getting more personality from Amon. He has feelings, he cares about the death of Kusaba, and he genuinely believes that needs to be more friendly to his squad. Let’s not forget how the head of the CCG flat out told him, “If you died – Mako wouldn’t care”.
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After scouting the location for whatever Toka has planned, Kaneki takes a little trip down to Uta. The mask is complete and we all cry because we know SHIT. IS ABOUT. TO GO. DOWN in Episode 8. Much excite. My body is so ready for kick ass Kaneki, you don’t even understand. I tell ya h’wat – This guy is gonna do so much damage. I never doubted you, Kaneki. *Everyone points out how I’ve been calling him a wuss since Ep.1 as I hide under my blanket* But seriously, can we all agree that it would be awesome if this was THE LAST episode where Kaneki cried but didn’t do anything? Yes? Great.
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The ending got a few new clips of art that I thought looked phenomenal if you were wondering, “Wth is this featured pic?”

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  1. vergiltfs says:

    Sorry, but Kaneki will remain coward and naive for a while, but this will be his beginning for kicking ass. He will still have to suffer a little longer to realize that his way of think will not change anything in the long term. But the next fight will be great.

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