Tokyo Ghoul Episode 5

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Whoa, sorry about this going up pretty late. Let’s jump right in!

I was afraid that after Tsukiyama’s failure to consume Kaneki in Episode 4, we were gonna be left with some really lame follow-up/filler episode. Boy, am I impressed! I was starting to have my doubts about this show, but this episode did a good job of reeling me back in.

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Thanks to Toka being at home, sick from all the food she consumed at school, we get to see her friend Yoriko again.  Though she is a bit tsundere toward her, this girl seems to have a bit of a soft spot in Toka’s heart. I need a good explanation for why. What has this girl (or any human) done for Toka in order for her to feel obligated to assimilate?

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Kaneki is having nightmares revolving around the cannibalism carnival and I don’t blame him. Tsukiyama, on the otherhand, spent a great deal of this episode plotting to lure Kaneki in again. Why this guy is so hellbent on tasting Kaneki’s insides is beyond me. It’s got me thinking, is it really the combination of human and ghoul that drives him nuts or is it, more specifically, the hint of Rize coursing through Kaneki’s veins that makes him desirable? I mean, we all saw how deeply Tsukiyama’s hate for Rize  became after she blew him off. HMMM…

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Despite how he brutality beat and attempted to eat Hide, when Kaneki witnesses Nishiki being beaten up by a group of demons – He steps in. We’re beginning to see what training with Yomo has done for Kaneki when he lands his first punch on a hoodlum. When Kaneki assists Nishiki with getting home, we finally get a formal introduction to Kimi, Nishiki’s girlfriend. Last time she kinda… ran away. She’s a bit on the shy side, but she admits to Kaneki that she knows Nishiki is a ghoul and doesn’t love him less or feel afraid at all. I was pretty stunned by that, I’m not gonna lie, because from the way he manhandled Hide… I couldn’t understand him being friends, let alone, falling in love with a human *shrug* Kimi wanted to help him heal after getting jumped, so Kaneki sent her on a store run… that lead her to get kidnapped by Tsukiyama. When Nishiki realizes, he immediately calls upon Kaneki for help which sends them to an eerie cathedral.

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Tsukiyama exhibits much more maniacal traits and power than I had previously perceived. When Kaneki attempts to fight Tsukiyama, it’s pointless. Tsukiyama overpowers him so much and even mocks him, saying things like, “THIS is how you kick”. I was kind of bothered because, not once did Kaneki tap into his ghoul power; He fought completely human. I don’t want to compare anime’s too much, but maybe Kaneki is like Eren (Attack on Titan) in the sense that he has the power but he has no control over when it comes out. There’s this part where Tsukiyama requests Kaneki to feed on Kimi while he feeds on Kaneki and it made me think, “EWW WTH?!” and sure enough, Kaneki flat-out tells him, “You’re a pervert” lol. Perfection.

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When Kaneki is just about defeated, Toka air slashes Tsukiyama like a ninja – but he doesn’t sustain any open wounds (Wolverine-like healing?). I don’t know how she knew what was going on but it was appreciated. I thought Kaneki was DEAD MEAT. Tsukiyama tore a hole in Kaneki’s stomach and tasted his blood at one point – I was sooo sure, that it was a done deal (or massive plot twist coming). As Toka takes on Tsukiyama, we learn that they have a bit of history. In the past episode, she mentioned how much she hated him but not why. Well guess what? WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHY! Tsukiyama only reveals that he remembers when she was 14 and he was 18 and how much he loved her, where a flashback shows a long-haired Toka with her signature Bitchface. I guess that’s a story worthy of its own episode?

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Even though Tsukiyama/Toka’s story fell flat – the background and character development that was given to Nishiki was beautiful. We only knew Nishiki as a heartless, ruthless and selfish Ghoul from each episode he made a cameo in. From trying to establish hierarchy over Kaneki and telling him that each ghoul has their own turf to viciously beating and threatening to eat Hide; Nishiki made it clear that he was a monster. Nishiki’s hatred of humans and inability to trust others stems back years in the past, way before he started college. A flahback details how close his realtionship with his older sister was. With no parents present, she was the only family he had. The moment his older sister got too close to her manager, her reported her ghoul status which lead to her demise, and Nishio vowed to never trust anyone again. Later on in life, when he met Kimi, everything changed. He opened up and found someone who was just like him: Orphaned and damaged. Kimi never asked for anything and purely cherished his companionship. When she found out he was a ghoul (the day Kaneki tore him to shreds) rather than running away or reporting him, she offered her body to him. This was the first time we get to see Nishiki a bit surprised and unsure of himself, taking a bite but not fully devouring her because he felt his love and ability to trust her grow stronger. With that thought in mind, Nishiki sacrifices himself to Tsukiyama in order to protect Kimi. No matter how weak or how many times he’s punctured – he continues to face Tsukiyama, threatening to kill him if he touches her. As much as I hated his character before… I’m beginning to sympathize.

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Whatever the case, Nishiki was way to damaged and weak to take on Tsukiyama, Kaneki couldn’t fight him based on his lack of skill and inability to tap into his ghoul strength, and Toka was still weak from eating human food. To gain a leg up, Toka takes a bite out of Tsukiyama and calls him out – like a challenge – that reveals the most beautiful ghoul form I’ve seen thus far. I’m waaaay too excited to see Toka at full strength, whooping ass, next episode.

Sidenote: I’m really, super-duper, curious about what happened to Toka’s eye. It’s always covered by her hair.


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2 Responses

  1. GuilhermeB says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with toka’s eye, it’s just her hairstyle.

    • CarmenTheNinja says:

      I just started reading the manga & her eye is covered because her pet bird pecked at it.

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