Akame ga Kill! Episode 7: Kill the Three (I)


Akame 7 Img011So, uh… apparently Esdeath is looking for love. Given her uninhibitedly twisted personality, I’m actually a bit worried to find out exactly what sort of sadistic venture her “love” turns out to be – and I agree with the Prime Minister’s thoughts on that matter, even though I normally think he’s a fat slob who deserves to die a gorier death than anything he’s capable of inflicting out himself. It would be cute coming from anyone else, but not from you Esdeath. Sorry. I also have an odd suspicion that’s it’s going to end up related to Tatsumi somehow, because I just can’t see him surviving an encounter with her for very long otherwise – he would have been a goner if Bulat hadn’t turned up to save him from Daidara for example. When he first joined, I did think Tatsumi was adequately strong enough to properly help Night Raid, but week on week it’s feeling like he’s nowhere near their level, especially since he’s up against Teigu users and doesn’t have a Teigu himself – he needs to hurry up and find his power-up soon.

Akame 7 Img033I wouldn’t have expected anything less from people working under Esdeath, but the Three Beasts do some horrible stuff. I imagine that title is more literal than it might seem at first – the shota-looking guy with the devil’s tail apparently grows huge just like Seryuu’s dog in the preview, while Daidara is already fairly beast-like himself. And, well… I assume Bulat’s former general was forcibly altered somehow, especially if he was vehemently opposed to the government before he was captured. If body modification happens, then anything goes. Beyond trying to provoke a reaction and smoking Night Raid out, which may not even have succeeded at worst, I’m not actually sure what they intended to achieve by posing as Night Raid themselves and making the populace hate them. It’s not like they had a say in things to begin with, although it might have restricted their movements. Maybe they just loved mindless killing and violence that much! I’m quickly learning that gore follows anything to do with Esdeath like a puppy on a leash – they even introduced a girl soldier that had what seemed to be an actual character design, not unlike the last random girl who… oh, right. Yeah, it really would have been nicer if she’d just died properly with the first attack. Then maybe she wouldn’t have been skinned alive instead. Yay…

Akame 7 Img049Even though those guys call themselves the Three Beasts, the real beast is Bulat – I was talking about how Tatsumi might have trouble with surviving, but if he’s around other incredibly strong Night Raid members then I guess it’s not too bad! Daidara was supposed to be a Teigu user, and Bulat just bisected him like it was nothing while fending off the other two! Deaths will definitely happen in line with the certainty that someone has to die when two Teigu users do battle, but please let it not be Bulat who falls. Sheele’s death is still pretty raw (not least to Akame) and it won’t be looking good for Night Raid if they keep losing members so easily.


I love cute things.

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10 Responses

  1. Morlphing says:

    let play a game: Guess who will dead in the next episode ?

    • Vantage says:

      I don’t like this game ;_;

      Uh… not Bulat Seryuu? *glances away hopefully*

      • Morlphing says:

        No, that bitch death came later, maybe at the end of this season
        Anyway, looking at Esdeath condition for her ‘man’, guess who have meet all the condition

        • Vantage says:

          We don’t know the conditions yet, but as I mentioned in the post I’m gonna go with Tatsumi for now. This show doesn’t have too many high-profile male characters, and certainly no-one on the “good” side other than Tatsumi, Bulat and Lubbock.

  2. I.D. nameless says:

    Regarding Esdeath, this is the beginning of the development I was talking about last week.
    Akame’s struggle with her feelings was touching and Tatsumi’s promise was badass. The rest was your usual Akame Ga Kill slaughter & fighting – I mean that as a good thing, even if I feel bad for that noble’s daughter/bodyguard.

    • Vantage says:

      It’s a rather odd development – I don’t think I can take her seriously when she’s mentioning love :D At least, it’s a refreshing way of developing a villain’s character. And without Tatsumi’s plot armour (which should be the heaviest of all characters save for perhaps Akame) I would have seen that promise as a death flag!

  3. Shiki says:

    I guess we should say for the next episode: Prepare for the feels, because they will surely come
    It is really nice to see Bulat in action, beeing the “Knight in shining armor” literally and not just an awkward site as some weird lover
    And as the show is, i am sure that every introduced character has a giant twist in their personality and so i think that we will somehow get to like Esdeath since her personality is already eeeeeevil.. like the bad evil

    About the framing.. i think that the strategie is to make other groups think badly of Nightraid and wont help/assist them in anyway anymore, which is a problem for an independent group

    • Vantage says:

      Not againnnnnnn ;____; Still recovering from Sheele. Bulat was a bit strange to begin with, but now I think he’s a really cool guy! It’s amazing how much stronger he is compared to Tatsumi.

      I agree I won’t be as surprised if Esdeath just gets… more evil (if that’s even possible), but I’ll reserve judgement on liking her until a bit later. I suppose they’ll try, and admittedly she does have a fanbase, but…

  4. Braht’s fighting scene was one of the few scenes I actually liked better in the anime! I never appreciated this scene in the manga, probably because there’s only so much Takahiro can draw in. But Braht is actually quite an amazing fighter. I was so impressed!

    The only thing I was disappointed about, was there was a censored image towards the middle of the episode. Nyau has this habit of skinning people’s faces and collecting them (as “masks” for his “collection”), and I was really looking forward to that part! (No spoilers –> http://www.mangahere.co/manga/akame_ga_kiru/c011/23.html) I guess it might be a little gruesome for the anime though.. xD

    Oh well, next episode will definitely be epic! I tried rereading the manga scene with Braht’s voice in my head, and that made it at least 10x more intense xDD

    • Vantage says:

      It must be a great feeling to see static scenes from the manga animated! In the anime, if you look closely at the poor girl’s corpse you can sort of see at the edge of the screen that she no longer has a face. The panning ended at that point though, perhaps rightly because it was too gruesome as you said. Even so, it’s better than a huge light shaft censoring it all.

      I’m expecting the manliest feels next week ;_;

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