Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4

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This episode was a complete MIND FUCK.

Okay, okay – The beginning of the episode didn’t jump right in to the crazy but once I reached the end, it felt like it was always there. Y’know? Well anyway, thanks to Toka’s extreme hate for the purple haired, creep who entered Anteiku at the end of the last episode, we learn that his name is Tsukiyama. Tsukiyama appears quite a debonair; He dresses in a well tailored suit and even speaks French here and there. The moment he leaves, Toka warns Kaneki to keep an eye out for him because he’s a pest of the 20th ward.

Immediately, we get to see Toka in school. Pretending to be normal and eating from a friend’s bento box. She seems like the classic tsundere friend and actually maintains relationships a bit better than I assumed from the way she acts at the cafe. Rather than regurgitating the food her friend fed her; she chooses to digest it, drinking water to keep it down, even though you can visibly see how miserable it makes her feel. I wonder why that is? It reminds me of Episode 2 when Kaneki said that being a Ghoul is like a curse.
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Yet again, Tsukiyama is a bit strange and suspicious to me as he randomly shows up to Kaneki’s school. He seems unusually interested in the same things as Kaneki (such as, who his favorite author is), and invites him out for a bite. Where have we seen this before? OH – EXACTLY. Upon inspection, Kaneki realizes that Tsukiyama is a gourmet. So, there are 3 types of ghouls: Gourmet, Binge Eaters and the normal guys. Kaneki thinks nothing of this discovery. He doesn’t feel threatened by him – He feels like he’s made a new friend. Though I continued to feel skeptical, I didn’t see being a gourmet as such a big deal either – BOY WAS I WRONG. We’ll come back to that. *He’s important, shown in the OP. (Members only Gourmet Club) There are 3 types of ghouls: Gourmet, Binge Eaters and the normal ones. No one has talked to him since the death of Rize? Why is that? Tries to befriend kaneki through the love of books

Yay! We get to hear Yomo say more than 2 sentences in an episode!
The ghouls of Anteiku know about the Doves who’ve entered the 20th ward (Mado & Amon). Yomo takes upon himself to test Kaneki’s fighting ability. Without a warning, no countdown or preparation, Yomo drops his coat and starts throwing punches. Kaneki’s reflexes give him the ability to dodge pretty quickly but in the end, he’s still knocked down. Yomo concludes that he’s good at dodging but nothing else and tells him to meet with him on the days that he works for some training. Screenshot (10)Afterward he introduces Kaneki to Itori, owner of the Helter Skelter bar. Itori, Uta, and Yomo are old friends (they call Yomo by his first name, Ren). Itori shares a few stories about how Yomo was originally a hot-headed ghoul who would retaliate impulsively and violently, especially against Uta, when they were younger. Spilling a drink on Kaneki to reveal his eye, she asks him if he knows how a Half Human-Half Ghoul is made. When he answers, she tells him that a Ghoul/Human union would end in death by infirmity but even with the chances of a Ghoul/Human pregnancy being low – it can happen and these kinds of ghouls are the STRONGEST. Immediately shifting gears, she brings up a “rumor” about how Rize’s death wasn’t an accident. YES, FINALLY SOMEBODY SAID IT OMFG. As she’s ranting, Yomo gets wildly upset, telling her to shut up- Why? Hmm…
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On Kaneki’s “date” with Tsukiyama, he asks how Tsukiyama knew Rize and what they talked about. He makes it sound quite casual, just books and about dining, but a flash back reveals that Rize didn’t want shit to do with Tsukiyama. She thought that he was below her. He invited Rize to dine with his gourmet club and she rejected him. She told him that whatever he could possibly make on a plate wouldn’t be enough food for her and the idea of ghouls sitting around, critiquing their meals based on taste was quite human and comical. He felt as though she made a mockery of him and it showed during his date with Kaneki… breaking a glass while thinking of the past.
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This is where the true creepy, psychological, weirdness comes into the show. Kaneki cut himself on a piece of glass from Tsukiyama’s mug. Tsukiyama wraps his hand in a  kerchief, then takes it (covered in blood) to the bathroom… WHERE HE SNIFFS IT. Not just any sniff, but a waft comparable to huffing drugs, saying that it smells better than discovering a new star; Eyes bulging, classical music playing the background. I TELL YA H’WAT, I FELT SO UNCOMFORTABLE DURING THIS SCENE.
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Going back to Tsukiyama’s home, because him freaking out on their “date” was odd at all, Kaneki indulges in a shower, a Black Butler-esk suit &  a sip of coffee from a masked maid. Soon after he is shot upstairs by a elevator like floor into an auditorium where hundreds of ghoul guests in masquerade masks stand in the balcony. An “unusual meal” is announced: Kaneki. Many say that they aren’t quite sure they want to indulge in cannabalism. Tsukiyama, referred to as Mr.MM, assures them that this rare, delicacy has traces of human in his blood. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD.
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Kaneki’s brilliant dodging skills come in handy when he is faced with Taro, the personal butcher of Madam A. Of course that coffee he sipped earlier was drugged and he begins to feel the effects midway through such a life threatening battle. Legs numb, he falls and Taro wastes no time kicking into a wall immediately after… I don’t know what came over Kaneki (I mean, THE EFFECTS OF THE DRUGS ENDED SUPER QUICK?!?) but he tapped into his demon strength and sent that big, bastard FLYING.
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When everyone discovers that he is a one eyed ghoul, they go ape shit. Nobody can control themselves. Some seemed frightened and others intrigued, but Tsukiyama is like, “This is the ULTIMATE delicacy,”  hopped down from his platform and split Taro in 2. Bathing in the shower of blood, he tell everyone to feast on that instead…. reassuring Kaneki that it was all just a big joke. Riiiiiiight~

*Stands and Applauds*
Such a great episode! The beginning lagged a bit but the ending was worth the wait. I noticed that for 90% of the episode, Kaneki’s eye wasn’t in demon mode after Itori ripped his eye patch off – What’s the point of the patch if he ca maintain his hunger so well? Idk. With Kaneki realizing this was a huge set up, I wonder if he’ll be as gullible in the next episode. I hope he doesn’t fall for the tricks of Tsukiyama again. Lastly, I’m super duper interested in seeing more of Toka and learning why she feels the need to struggle through a “normal” life given the home and family-like lifestyle she has with Yoshimura.


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