Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei! Episode 2: No Yuri No Life


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…Holy shit, that was kinky.

Illya 2 Img033I think my expression was identical to Ilya’s during that kiss scene. I mean, just wow. It was so gloriously long, and there was so much tongue! Kuro was surprisingly forceful, but I think Miyu got into it about halfway through. That had to be one of, if not the most erotic kiss scenes I’ve ever seen in anime, and Prisma Illya is a loli yuri no less. I don’t know whether things were that steamy in the manga, but the ice-cream stick scene is nothing compared to this – my admiration for both Kuro Ilya and Silver Link has just sky-rocketed in the past hour. Somehow I feel so fulfilled right now. And oddly excited. I even put in a video because it was just so wonderful.

Illya 2 Img045Okay, let’s move on to something vaguely more serious. It’s probably not a surprise to anyone that Kuro Ilya has a personality and will thus be a trickier opponent to face off against – the corrupt Heroic Spirits couldn’t think up complex tactics or counters due to their lack of an actual mind, although I’m sort of interested in knowing how Archer was originally sealed and how much trouble the magicians who dealt with him had. With Archer’s powers, Kuro becomes even more dangerous to a strangely weakened Ilya – putting that little oddity aside, it’s weird that she knows so much about things she really shouldn’t. And apart from her knowledge of Berserker, she was perfectly aware of what Rule Breaker was and of her own status as an entity formed of mana – and in addition to that, she knew stuff about magical girls that I doubt Ilya or Miyu themselves even knew in detail. The icing on the cake is what looks like some sort of command seal on her body, which the OP had no qualms about revealing. I’m now fairly sure she wasn’t just “created” on the spot last episode, but from all this it almost sounds like Kuro was “watching” things play out from somewhere – after all, to trace Berserker’s huge slab of rock Kuro needs to have seen it before. Although on the other hand, Kuro fell into that bottomless bog, and had no idea it existed after a happily smug Rin and Luvia explained it to her. So it can’t have been that. Once again, I’m back at square one.

Illya 2 Img008Finally, although the primary conflict should remain with Kuro Ilya for now, there are several other parties that will no doubt be making moves in the future, both for better and for worse. Bazett made a couple of appearances in the OP, and Kiritsugu and Irisviel appear to be thinking about Ilya wherever they are – I wonder if Iri will be returning to Fuyuki like she did last season? And of course, there was some Caren this episode. She contributed to today’s batch of great lines with her casually twisted comments on puking up organs! Even though Miyu was dubious as to whether she really was a nurse or not, I’m sure Caren can pass off as one by just having the uniform. It’s like asking whether Kirei really was a priest. Oh wait.

To be fair, Miyu probably forgot about Caren’s very existence after she finished sucking face with Kuro. And to think, she was just firing off casual pick-up lines to Ilya right before they were attacked – “You’re more important to me than compulsory education, Ilya.” Funnily enough, had that kiss scene not been included I would have probably gone on about the loli fanservice Kuro gave us or Ilya being tied up and hung from a tree branch, but now those seem so softcore in comparison. I’m expecting great things from Silver Link from now on. Oh, and from Kuro too. Give us Ilya x Ilya for real next time, alright?

Seriously, I can’t believe this show is rated PG-13.

Illya 2 Img061


I love cute things.

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6 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “after all, to trace Berserker’s huge slab of rock Kuro needs to have seen it before.”

    Not in this case. The Archer card contains Emiya-Archer’s knowledge, at least in regards to things like that. She can trace any sword that Archer could trace, and probably some that he was unable to trace due to mana restrictions. Remember last season Illya-Archer pulling out all sorts of swords she’d never seen before: from Kanshou and Bakuya, to their overedge forms, to Caladbolg, and even the original Excalibur. It’s the same principle here: the Archer card grants Kuro all of Archer’s knowledge of weapons.

    “With Archer’s powers, Kuro becomes even more dangerous to a strangely weakened Ilya – putting that little oddity aside,”

    You really shouldn’t put that aside. Illya’s loss of power is both important and relevant.

    “The icing on the cake is what looks like some sort of command seal on her body, which the OP had no qualms about revealing.”

    This, on the other hand, is less so. If you looked at her midriff during the episode itself, you’d note that said mark isn’t there. You should find out about it next episode, and while I wouldn’t call it UNimportant, it has a great deal less significance than that issue you put aside.

    • Vantage says:

      That’s true, Ilya did use many of Archer’s weapons last season. It doesn’t explain how Kuro knew so much about magical girls though.

      I’m assuming that Ilya’s loss of power is due to some sort of direct transfer to Kuro (or maybe, as Ruby said, she ate something bad!) – I’m putting it aside in terms of things I think I understand at this point in time :D Meanwhile, the command seal, which iirc has never appeared in Prisma Illya ever before, rang alarm bells in my head.

      • Wanderer says:

        What, about them changing back if they let go of the wands for too long or get too far away? That’s knowledge Illya has: she just hasn’t analyzed it down to the details of specific distance and specific timing.

        Illya should possess an inhuman level of power. Remember the events in episodes six and seven of season 1. Yet suddenly, with the appearance of Kuro, Illya has practically nothing. You’re not wrong, exactly, but there’s something very significant involved here.

        • Vantage says:

          Ah yes, the fight against Saber and the impressive burst of power that got rid of all the Assassins. I tend to keep heavily associating her power with the Archer card itself, which has now supposedly been absorbed by Kuro – her time as Archer Ilya was when things really got going for her. Of course, that was when the “seal” or “lock” holding her back broke too.

          Actually wait, you’re definitely on to something now that I think about it. She should have near-unlimited prana, right? Enough to project Excalibur of all things. Even if lots of it is diverted to Kuro, I don’t see how that would even dent her reserves. And yet they’re now almost all gone. Hmm.

  2. igeisha says:

    holy shit. what did i just watch!>!??!?!>!?21;111

    • Vantage says:

      Sweet vanilla ice-cream. I don’t know if yaoi shows feature lots of kissing (most light yuri shows actually don’t, and often also have a comedy or SoL genre that dominates) but I can bet they’re never as… intense.

      In retrospect, I’m pretty sure I read something about the production team at Silver Link being shuffled around for 2wei. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I cannot be more pleased.

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