Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 9


Hokuto VS Yuuya = VICTORY: YUUYA

It is quite funny to say that I had genuinely thought Yuuya was going to end up losing with the way the duel was unfolding. However as per usual, he managed to turn the tables thanks to taking the risk of going into the collasping building where the Action-Card he so desperately needed at that point (though it would have been terrible had it been one of those trap-cards).  This isn’t the first time we have seen Yuuya struggle with his game when he isn’t staying true to his style. For most of the duel, he was so caught up with being determined to protect their dueling school that he even said to Sora, ‘Now isn’t the time to entertain!’, but that was crucial mistake on his part because being a serious duelist isn’t his style. Once he had remembered his father’s words and finally got his hands on an action-cards (without it being destroyed on him), the tables turned and Yuuya changed up his game and was able to take full advantage of Magician of Astronomy’s effect without worrying about raising his opponent’s attack points as well. This is because Hokuto’s monsters were XYZ Summons which as explained by Sora, doesn’t have levels, but ranks. And I must say, there was nothing more satisfying to see a giant cat deliver the final blow.

I am glad that Yuuya won because Hokuto was such a douche. He is an aggressive player who will use whatever means to win, even if it puts his opponent in a dangerous position. At the same time, this episode once more displayed the dangers of the new solid-vision field. It is so realistic that participants can actually get hurt if they aren’t careful. Another factor they have shown is that there is a certain loop of repetition that works on the fields where action-cards typically fall and land at a certain place. If one like Hokuto, played at the same field over and over again, they would be able to memorize exactly where the action-cards will land.

Next week Yuzu will be up against Matsumi, a Fusion Duelist. Oh man, it makes me worried because she is second and they might use this opportunity to make her lose her match to even out the scores… Ugh I hope not. I pray that she wins, I would hate to see her lose! YUZU FIGHTO! You know what, let’s have a perfect three win victory and crush the LDS aces while we’re at it!




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3 Responses

  1. kirtro says:

    Yeah… about that win this episode…

    Yuuya shouldn’t have won, and im not just saying that because this means it’s 90% certain yuzu is going to lose since she is the 2nd round duelist, that irks me big time but I mean literally yuuya couldn’t win the way he did.

    Magician of Chornomancy’s 2nd pendulum effect is that if the other pendulum card isn’t a “Magician” or “Odd-Eyes” monster then it’s scale number changes from 8 to 4 (Astromancy also does this except it goes to 1 to 4) meaning yuuya’s pendulum scale should have been 3-4. meaning he couldn’t really summon anything let alone a lv 5 and a lv 7.

    Still me having to be “that guy”* aside I do love that Yuuya FINALLY changed his pendulum scale to something BESIDES the starter deck scale.

    *aww, I hate it when something compels me to be “that guy”

  2. Elena says:

    This was awesome Episode! Good Job Yuya for winning your duel! But I think Sora should have went first so he could have lost and Yuya and Yuzu could have won their duels but I see now why they chose Yuzu to lose because she still has doubts whether Yuya attack Sawatari or didn’t attack him, very sad I wanted Yuzu to win her duel just like I wanted Yuya to his duel and he did. I love the part when Yuya changed his Pendulum Scale switching magician out to put the frog in its place and letting the magician come out to fight so cool! Seeing Reiji watching the duel in the shadows where no one can see him very suspicious if you ask me.

  3. Elaine says:

    Good Episode! Yuya won just like I wanted him to! I glad Yuya beat Hokuto he was so mean. Hokuto was having fun hurting Yuya making him fall of his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Entermate Tiptoad and hurt him anyway he could. It just shows you how dangerous Action Duel can be. It was good to see Yuya changing his Pendulum Scale switching out the magician to put the frog in its place and letting the magician come out to fight with other monsters. Yuya let defending his school mass with his dueling trying to play serious is not him but when he got encouraging words from his dad Yuya started dueling the way he always does by entertaining people. Reiji was hiding in the shadows watching the duel and was very surprised by how Yuya did his Pendulum Scale as anyone else was. Next Duel is Yuzu vs Masumi and I am worried that Yuzu won’t win her duel and I really wanted her to win just like Yuya did.

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