La Corda D’Oro Blue♪Sky Episode 12 [FINAL]

Final Impression

Man am I glad this is over! But I will say at the very least that I am glad that the ending was somewhat solid which made it more bearable in some ways. For starters, I did enjoy the pieces Amane’s and Seiso’s Ensemble played because I have been itching to hear them actually perform throughout the entire show. Thankfully the pieces were chosen well which reassures me in ways that it was only really the background music for scenes that have annoyed me the most. However I am not going to lie, as pretty as the two pieces were, I didn’t get that feeling of connection, which I have gone on about over and over again, so I am going to save that for the overall review.

La Corda d'Oro - Blue Sky Ep 12 Img 0027I am relieved that they were sure to throw in little last minute tidbits of information (though some could be considered random given the circumstances) such as explaining why the stupid ring would make this huge spectacle for us. A fata (fairy) had given it to  Ritsu while he was at Seiso Academy when he was younger to pass onto Kanade after he told the fata about her. They were also to show us Nia holding her cat that had me thinking she was a ghost or could turn into a cat (Utapri took the reigns there) so that was clarified for once and for all (not that it absolutely needed to be).

I did however have my moment when I wanted to flip tables when the stupid Amane Headmaster showed up and once more extended his invitation to Kanade to abandon the competition and come fly away with him to his orchestra. Luckily no last minute drama brewed up because of it and Kanade was able to follow her mission smoothly. In fact, I was amused how she had her eyes closed and smiling while he was sprouting all this bullshit and all I could think of was the “Hold My Flower” meme.

La Corda d'Oro - Blue Sky Ep 12 Img 0018In the end Kanade (obviously) succeeded and Reiji’s grudge against her was finally put to rest and we were able to learn exactly what happened as well. After the douche pretty much frightened poor little Kanade, she couldn’t pull herself together because she was scared. What made her scared and uncomfortable was the idea of hurting others because of her victory. Not once had she competed competitively, she always did it for fun, so when she heard and saw it that was for the very first time, she was so shaken that she couldn’t even perform and walked off stage. Now that we saw exactly what had happened, it is no surprise why Reiji has been so furious and held the grudge about what she had done for so long. In fact he was even more upset when he saw her clumsy performance at a recital (??) and so he wrote her that letter, “Have you reached your limit?” because he just couldn’t believe how much worse she has gotten when in reality, Kanade is a very strong violinist.

Now that the show is done and over-with, when I look back La Corda D’Oro Blue♪Sky was truely a pain to deal with. It had its moments, but for most part I was sorely disappointed with pretty much everything you can possibly imagine. The plot, the characters, the music, those are the key things and they messed up, big time. I don’t even care about the inconsistency of the animation quality because I more or less expected. It is a shame really because this adaption without a doubt, could have been so much better and so it was a potential that was put to waste. At least the OP & ED Songs were good.

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