Brynhildr in the Darkness ep 10: forced sympathy

This show REALLY wants to be Black Bullet because it spent the entire first part of the show trying to make me feel something for a character it was setting up to die. Brynhildr, I like Nanami. I get that she is cool. But you know what your issue is? I feel like you WANT me to like her just so I’ll be sad, not because it’s truly a good character who it is unfortunate dies. PS Nanami dies this episode.

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The most interesting thing about the beginning of the show was that they changed the opening. Why for three episodes? Who knows. But it’s actually pretty cool and implies there is STILL another witch coming along. Also badass witch hunters, maybe?

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Nanami’s death is actually interesting though, and while it didn’t do much more than make me go ‘yeah that’s too bad’ it did make me feel more interested in watching the episode. I should’ve realized the show has a tendency to fail at keeping the pace of intrigue and it sidelines from Nanami mentioning something important about the lab in Ryota’s memory to. .  school exams and. . . kissing drama. . .

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Seriously, this is terrible pacing. You know what? If I had more than three episodes after this I’d consider cutting it because this is just fucking ridiculous. You can’t dangle shit RYOTA WOULD ACTUALLY FUCKING WORRY ABOUT AND THEN MAKE IT A BACKSEAT WITHOUT HAVING HIM EVEN MENTION IT ONCE! THAT’S JUST BULLSHIT OKAY? I’m so frustrated by what the writer seems to think is a good way to go about it. THEY HAVE FUCKING POWERFUL WITCHES ON THEIR ASSES THE LAST THING THEY NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IS BEING ‘REAL’ GIRLS.

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And I get it- They all think they’re going to die so they want to live a normal life while they can. But this is just fucking stupid! This isn’t like the Cursed Children who will almost always die before puberty, this is a lifestyle where you have to work on a contingency plan to make sure things are okay. THIS IS NOT DYING FROM A DISEASE IT’S A SUPERNATURAL ELEMENT AND TO SURVIVE IT LIKE THEY INTEND TO THEY NEED TO DO MORE THAN BITCH ABOUT INDIRECT KISSES. I JUST CAN’T!

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Who cares about finals?! Who cares about experiences you don’t remember and shit?! None of these characters feel like anything more than idiot cardboard cutouts with stupid ideas and terrible interests. NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SHOWN DOING FUN THINGS. Why haven’t they all gone out to Karaoke…together?! Why aren’t they focused on being ‘real’ girls ….together?! Why is it always hot tubs and painfully forced school scenes I’M SORRY YOU CAN’T LEARN ADVANCED MATH IN A MONTH ??? i’m FUCKING SORRY BUT YOU CAN’T BE NUMBER ONE IN YOUR FUCKING CLASS BY STUDYING IN SUCH A SHORT TIME OKAY??

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Kuroha is the most boring contrived super mary sue bland PIECE OF SHIT EVER. SHE AND RYOTA CAN GO AND HAVE GENERIC BABIES. THIS ISN’T HOW IT WORKS I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE SMART IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR FUCKING MULTIPLICATION TABLES YOU CAN’T BE TOP IN YOUR SCHOOL A MONTH LATER??? hngh…hngh…then of course they have to be mostly naked at least once this episode so they go to the fucking beach.

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No one in this show is even sexy I don’t even care about this. I DON’T EVEN CARE!

And this episode seems entirely pointless until white haired scientist. . . decides to send out Valkyria. YOU KNOW THE BITCH WE HEARD ABOUT ONCE? And let me tell you…she does not disappoint. IN 4 SECONDS SHE’S KILLED ALL OF HER GUARDS

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COLOR ME INTERESTED BRYNHILDR bonus points if she kills everyone but kazumi and they run off and become lesbians together




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7 Responses

  1. Nikki says:

    The characters in this anime are so tiresome and boring and so generic. Like … the makers didn’t even TRY to think outside the box matter of fact even the scheme for Valkyria is the same as Kuroha and white silver hair dude looks just like Ryoutas scientist friend. I dont care about all the other sideline things either I’ve totally forgotten Kuroha is even his lost dead friend cuz they basically saving that for some long drawn out final episode aha moment that’s only going to be surprising to Ryouta) I find Ryoutas memory skill irritating and really irrational. Theres no character developemrmt so tou feel no real attachment to any of them THEY ARE ALL SO EFFIN BORING. The spa scenes are so dumb and unnecessary. The only slightly intriguing thing is the implication that Kana can move. This anime looked promising but the execution is just dreadful and boring as hell. Like I don’t even care about if any of them die I just want to see what the plot was going for which I’m feeling like its just going to be something stupid.

    • Oki says:

      You hit the nail on the head for me Nikki. Somewhere deep inside of this anime is a good anime crying to get out. I think they suffocated it before then.

    • This. Everything about this. Contrary to the review, I did not like the intro in the slightest. However, that is my opinion as everyone is entitled to their own. These past two episodes have been severely aimed towards fan service. I know, they are trying to boost their fanbase with nudity….Just like the beginning episodes of Soul Eater with Blair. I digress

      Pacing in sloppy at best and the last thing I want is a show blatantly slapping me upside the head and saying “CRY NOW, THIS IS SAD, YOU MUST CRY”. I didn’t. I loved this show when it first started and have been following it ever since. However, it’s gotten bad these past few episodes with their gaping plot holes.

      • Oki says:

        I only like it because it showed badass bounty hunters. The first song looked cooler, no doubt.
        Yeah it’s. . .certainly gone downhill.

      • Oki says:

        Cough, SOUNDED cooler. But I digress, I’m not gonna defend what I like and other people hate, I’d be here all day.

        Feelings in this show are just. . .gone. I’m not invested in anyone except Kazumi and I’m excited to see Valkyria just so she can murder everyone.

  2. Vantage says:

    Watching this for Kazumi.

    Nanami’s death was… unfortunate, but what I was waiting for from that melting scene was for a green alien to pop out of the goo like what happened at the lab. The scientist guy was there, so I thought it’d be a great time to capture one and start having some answers. Is one of those things not supposed to be inside each witch?

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