Soul Eater Not! episodes 5 and 6: Poolside Yuri and the Thompson Sisters

I’ve fallen behind again! so this is the super special awesome double review of Soul Eater Not, episodes 5 and 6. It’s like trident gum, double the pleasure, double the fun. Let’s see what these episodes hold, I seem to remember something about the promise of a pool cleaning episode….


Okay, so we start the episode with a really strange yuri dream. With Kim and girl who’s name I don’t know what it is. That was a thing.


Kim has found Tsugumi, Anya and Meme a pool cleaning job. Sounds like my kind of job, you can splash around in water and get paid? I can think of an anime character from last years Summer anime season that might be into that….

vlcsnap-10591556 vlcsnap-10592578

Well couldn’t expect this episode to go without partaking in a little fan service and goofing off. Seriously, what is this girls name?

meanwhile, plot. Sid is talking to a random guy about the traitor, they’re suspecting it was a witch that caused his odd behavior. He doesn’t sleep, I wonder if that’s a side effect of working with witches.

vlcsnap-10593464 vlcsnap-10593513

awww, Jacqueline wants to pair up with Kim really bad. {Thank you Tsugumi for saying her name.} They go to Kana to read how compatible Jacqueline and Kim are. She picks up the lovers card, apparently they are a perfect match.


The Eternal Feather is even in on it now. She found out from one of Kim’s stalkers that Kim likes Omelets. Kim accidentally eats one of the disgusting ones that Anya made, and let me put it this way just from the little bit of cooking we saw her do she’s about as good as most Persona girls. So Kim runs off. When did i switch to watching a yuri again?

vlcsnap-10597505 vlcsnap-10598170

Wow, everyone in the dorm thinks different things about Kim. Nobody seems to know the real her. Jacqueline wants to face her head on. Oh god, is she really a witch? She said she wasn’t born a witch because she wanted to be one.

Also, more plot.


Oh god! this poor doggie, he almost dies. Kim heals him, thank goodness. The rest of the episode is so cute I’m not even sure I have words for it! I spent the entire last part of this episode with my hands on the side of my face squeeing like a little girl.


So um, right…there was some plot going on in all that fluff. It seems like the long haired witch from the opening might be making a major appearance soon. We’ve seen her face at last anyway.

Oh next episode has Liz and Patty in it, and by extension Death the Kid. This is going to be fun.


Some serious back story on the sisters has been needed for some time, we know from the original series that they were sort of street thugs. So Meme and Anya watched some kind of crime drama and now they’re talking all funny.

Oh god! Liz and Patty working as waitresses. Wow, they were scary before Kid straightened them out. They’re on probation, Tsugumi seems to be feeling pretty sorry for them. Wondering if they were abandoned because they were weapons.

Oh looks like a cat fight is about to ensue. Anya, no bad Anya. She’s dead set on fighting and is going to drag Tsugumi into it. This isn’t a fair fight at all. That much is to be expected though.

vlcsnap-10614155 vlcsnap-10614500

Liz says a girl like Anya wouldn’t even last three days on the street. Oh man, that was a really cheap move the sisters pulled. The girls are too scared to even go to their Masters shop, so Tsugumi goes alone.

Tsugumi keeps going, she even writes down what she wants on her hand so she won’t stutter too badly again. The place is all but empty, seems that the sisters are driving away customers. They get her a giant jug of milk again.


Tsugumi takes a blow for another customer from Liz and starts bleeding, though i think she might of gained their respect.

vlcsnap-10617595 vlcsnap-10619738

She did earn their respect, Kid is visiting the shop as Tsugumi comes and he makes her hair more symmetrical.


The sisters get their lesson and everyone is happy…for the most part.

and Tsugumi never got her Pilaf.

Oh look, Clay and Akane! Oh man, the culprit is dead. He wrote on the wall in his blood

vlcsnap-10619963 vlcsnap-10620249

“While your asleep, we keep moving.” That’s not scary or anything. So I hear the witch that is causing this is even covered in the main series. Let’s see, what am I looking at episode. Oh look, more Maka! Also snow, and bears, and ooo Akane! Always a good thing. Hopefully the plot will take more of a front stage to the fluff.



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  1. Wanderer says:

    “So I hear the witch that is causing this is even covered in the main series.”

    She shouldn’t be. She’s related to two witches who were in the main series, but never appeared herself, so far as I know.

    “Hopefully the plot will take more of a front stage to the fluff.”

    Unless they change things up drastically, a significant plot event should be happening very soon. Although the manga pretty quickly went back to slice of life afterwards… we’ll have to see what happens here. They’ve been moving some of the events from later SoL chapters forward and having them happen earlier in the anime, and I’m hoping that’s so that can concentrate a bit more fully on the plot here without quite so much mood-whiplash by going from slice-of-life… PLOT!… slice-of-life…

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