La Corda d’Oro – Blue Sky Episode 9


Finally, La Corda d’Oro Blue Sky has a somewhat stronger episode where I am not ripping my hair out for an exchange. In fact, this episode pleased me because it had a lot of what I needed after being so sorely disappointed with the lackluster performances up till now. I am thrilled to say that I experienced my first goosebumps from the performances (not to mention I finally enjoyed listening to them). I felt that hostile and downright cruel strategy of St. Cecil playing Solveigs Sang, the very song that was on during the car accident that had killed Reiji’s parents, and where he and his sister almost froze to death (the back-story though was a bit too exaggerated for my taste). I mean, wow, that was the lowest of the lows. Here I thought the St. Cecil girls were going to mess with the violins or something, nope- they did the worst. The biggest joke however is the motive behind wanting to destroy Reiji and send him to the depths of hell. One of the girls’ brother was basically traumatized after being overwhelmed by Reiji’s ominous performance and even became stage-fright, or something stupid along the lines. Frankly I wished they had a more reasonable reason such as jealousy, ugly rivals or were just plain jerks from the get go. I felt that as soon as they showed the brief motives/back-story of the characters, it was buzzkill because it was so over the top. Nevertheless, I will give them points for FINALLY getting through to me with their music. I absolutely loved how hollow and dark Reiji’s performance was, and how he was basically overwhelming his team-mates because he was playing so intensely. Ironically, Kanade was the one who snapped him out of that horrible traumatic state he was in, reliving the scariest and saddest moments of his life, which allowed him to play that way with such a driven performance.

La Corda d'Oro - Blue Sky Ep 9 Img 0009Reiji showed us today just how deep his grudge runs towards Kanade. It only agitates him even more when she isn’t able to recall that time when she had supposedly humiliated him. A part of me is hoping/suspecting that whatever had happened in the past, is a misunderstanding, especially when you consider how young they were at the time. Thanks to Amane’s Headmaster, we were able to confirm that something had happened during a competition when they were young. It seems it most likely had happened after Kanade had received the golden string from him, but I seriously wonder what could she have possibly done to humiliate him so much to the extent that he still isn’t over it? We will find out soon enough.

Hido hasn’t done anything dirty today to snatch his position that had been taken over by Sosuke, but weirdly enough it appears he might be directing his anger towards Kanade. I don’t really understand why, but I think it would be weird if he ends up targeting her instead of Sosuke… Unless he is blaming her for influencing the team’s behavior and choices, or something of the sort.

While this episode was far from perfect, at least this is one of or is the better one (varies from person to person) of the show. I was surprised to see Amamiya get moderately more screen-time with Kanade, but he needed that in order to finally find that piece of fragment of love. I don’t truly believe that he is in love with Kanade just yet, but I would say with the progress, he is most likely falling without really realizing it because of the way he does things (experimenting what is love with different girls).

Kanade has been appointed as the first violin for their final performance which they will be competing against Amane Academy. I am glad that Ritsu put her in that position because I do want to see Kanade VS Reiji, and I am sure it is something he would appreciate as oppose to competing against her while she is the second violin. Next week, she will be confronted by Amane’s headmaster (probably regarding Reiji’s humiliation, so keep your fingers cross that we will find out next week!).




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