La Corda d’Oro – Blue Sky Episode 6


Kanade you had one job! ONE FREAKING JOB. *THROWS COMPUTER OUT OF THE WINDOW* Fair warning in advance, there will be an ugly rant dedicated to both Kyouya and Kanade. So if they are your precious babies, it is probably best if you skip the next two paragraphs.

Ah man, what a frustrating episode to watch, and hell- I already knew from last week that it was going to be this way. I have just about lost all my patience with Kyouya and Kanade. At this point I don’t even give two fucks about his inferior complex or whatever is up his ass. If he is so dead determined to not participate in the competition, he should have forced Ritsu to find another violinist and not take part whatsoever. Instead, for the entire bloody episode- he was throwing tempter tantrum. Sure, I get the part and understand that Kyouya is upset that Ritsu kept his health condition to himself, but that’s it. It looks like his fit of stubbornly refusing to take on the role as the first violin will continue and explode into the next episode- which I pray that Kyouya’s drama will finally meet it’s conclusion and move on.

FFFFF—- now onto Kanade… I seriously can’t with her. I cannot stand her indecisiveness, her almost sabotaging her group’s performance because she is doing a half-ass performance, which then forced Ritsu to whipped the reigns and pull the group together all because Kanade was falling apart and was throwing everyone off their A-Game and look what happened. Sure it was Ritsu’s decision to do that, but had she actually started out strong, maybe he wouldn’t have had to over-exert himself. That said, it was obvious that regardless whether Ritsu decided to pull the group together like he did, I think his wrist would have given away after the performance anyways. Sorry, not sorry, I can’t cut Kanade any slack until she gets her act together. And I hate to say this, but Kanade was the one who pretty much ruined their performance for me. I really love the piece, but GOD- she just seriously ticked me off. Much like Kyouya’s situation, I sincerely hope this bullshit will be wrapped up soon, because as you can see, I am losing my sanity here.

La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky Ep 6 Img 0015It really sucks that Ritsu will probably not be able to compete in the rest of the competition (though I more or less expect him to for the finals). Frankly speaking, I am kind of hoping he won’t because he is without a doubt is in no shape to perform and watching him perform in pain only amplifies my own pain But while I totally understand his stubbornness, I am always aware of the consequences- and they suck, a lot. This is why I feel for Ritsu so much. You have no idea how thankful I was when Daichi was like, “THAT’S IT, YOU ARE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL”- which was LONG overdue (though I do wonder how long Ritsu has been suffering from his condition before Kyouya and Kanade came to Seiso Academy).

Much like last week, the only good thing about this episode, was the preciousness of Shiseikan.  I think we can all agree they are probably the cuteness and most lovable group of the entire competition. Poor Hozumi felt so terrible for letting his friends down and was a sobbing mess but the best part was seeing Yagisawa be all manly telling him it isn’t his fault and he will do everything in his power to protect the club from being abolished. Yagisawa is the heart of their group, and he really pulls them together, even during their lowest and most vulnerable moments. I especially loved that Hozumi is going to be the next President of the club since Yagisawa will be graduating as of this year. There is definitely no one more suited to be president than Hozumi! ; v ; So happy for him!

Overall, it was a painful episode and I sincerely hope this melodrama crap will be wrapped up within the next episode.


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