Captain Earth Episode 9


Captain Earth Ep 9 Img 0026Let me tell you why this was an amazing episode despite the fact it may not look or feel like it. First thing first, AKARI FOR BEST GIRL! Oh my freaking god! Not once have I ever doubted that Akari could figure something out, but I was certainly concerned for her safety. This girl is fierce! While she may not be the combat fighter on the battleground, her abilities as a hacker makes her such a formidable foe- in fact so much, that Amarok and Malkin had captured for in hopes to force her into destroying Globe. But nope! From the second Akari regained consciousness stood her ground, and courageously glared at them. Even when Amarok had shot a bullet at her that had grazed her cheek, and put a gun to her head, Akari didn’t let fear take over her. I am sure she was terrified, but she knew what she had to do. She had a trump card that she can only use once, which was to threaten to simultaneously set off all the possible nuclear missiles from all over the world that will be enough to wipe out humanity in a single stroke. She wouldn’t have been able to come up with that blackmail if it weren’t for Teppei sharing all the secrets and the motives of why the Kiltgangs are targeting Earth in the first place. The best part was that she wasn’t bluffing. I am sure many of us initially thought she had, but Malkin kissed to see if she were lying and, it was absolutely glorious to see their reaction of being beat at their own game. To top things off, before Akari left she turned out and told them, “Don’t think you aliens can defeat a magical girl!” This girl didn’t need anyone to save her! She saved herself and I am absolutely loving it.

Captain Earth Ep 9 Img 0023Speaking of courage, Daichi himself took a huge risk in order to assure Aiatar would not take on her Kiltgang form. He was cutting it close and with the fight taking place atop skyscrapers of the city, there was far too much on the line. So major props for having the guts to do that.

However, I think we can all agree the most frustrating part of the episode was how laid-back the team was about Akari being tardy. I wanted to shake my computer screen because of various reasons. I think my reactions’ notes should sum it up pretty well:

– “FFFF— SO SLOW TEAM. No one can reach Akari and you’re not worried?!?!”
– “omfg team you are too fucking laid-back”
– Teppei blames himself for letting her go alone

BUT SERIOUSLY, AS SOON AS THEY CAN’T REACH HER, DING DING DING- SHOULDN’T THEY BE ALARMED? Like oh my fucking god, they know that it is very likely that their enemies are around them in the city, blending in as per usual while they hunt down their next comrade, so it’s BEYOND me why they don’t even consider that something could have happened to Akari until way later!!! And it’s not just that! Teppei been complaining the entire episode that he feels useless, like he can’t do anything. Well dude, you could have least WENT OUT TO SEARCH FOR HER. Like gee, that could have been a start, ESPECIALLY when you blame yourself for not going with her in the first place. *SIGHS* Well whatever- if, they for some reason considered this whole scenario was “necessary” to let Akari shine and bust herself out on her own, I have to disagree, because fun fact: it wasn’t.

Captain Earth Ep 9 Img 0022I find it somewhat amusing to see that when a designer child awakens, their true nature makes them a bit of psycho. The only one we haven’t seen all twisted and weird like that is Teppei was the only ‘normal’ one who didn’t change too much. Sure he was concerned of what he might change into in the future, but he hasn’t shown any cray crazy signs as of yet (and frankly, I certainly hopes it stays that way, but who knows). Though that said, I am hoping the next one that awakens (and by Malkin most likely since she has been successfully beating them to the punch) won’t be insane like the other two.

Speaking of which, I can’t help but wonder if their awakening is influenced by what they are feeling when their memories are triggered. Last week we saw Zin, who was was suffering from the lack of interest and boredom. The world wasn’t exciting to him and his life kind of sucked. As soon as he awakens into Zimbalt, he goes psycho and says the world is so much fun (in a nutty way). Then we have another example this week, where Ai Summer is feeling down, lacking self-confidence after being torn apart in a magazine that claimed her cheerful nature is fake (and also hints (if true) of a rough past as well) and then when she awakens, she wants to suck the happiness right out of people like a vampire. If this is true, this may be why Teppei didn’t go cray cray (just yet) like the others. He took on his true form when he and Hana wanted to save Daichi, and with that they had positive emotions and drive to protect. Though there is another theory I have regarding the same thing, where as when the Designer Children regain their memories authentically as opposed to forced, they don’t go cray cray- but that is just a speculation.  What I would like to see is the Midsummer Knights awaken a designer child themselves, perhaps through the same method Hana had done to Teppei, I would be very interested to see the outcome of that. After all, like I had said last week: They are doomed if Amarok and Malkin successfully recruit all their comrades.

Last but not least, I was so relieved that they followed up with explaining how the Machine Goodfellow functions. After last week’s puzzling explanation that not everyone understood, they explained it clearly today.

Captain Earth Ep 9 Img 0001Machine Goodfellows: are mind-machines interfaces specifically turned to each designer child, to let them use weapons. Designer children can use these personalized weapons as if they were an extension of their bodies. Thanks for Akari in the previous episode, she was able to snag the main manual of the Machine Goodfellow and thanks to that, they were able to discover the hidden main system which revealed that the orgone energy is loaded into the head, and to the consciousness of the designer child so it can be transferred to the kiltgang. In order to prevent them from taking on the kiltgang form, they need to make sure they blow off the head (with the orgone capsule in it) within 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

Next week Teppei appears to be finally taking the initiative again. He has been pretty passive for the past two episodes, and I was hoping he was going to have some action today, but I can’t say that I am too disappointed with the results since Akari was the best.



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3 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Akari was awesome this week. Admittedly, it was pretty stupid of Amara and Moko to just hand her a computer and tell her to do her thing, except for them. That’s giving an enemy her “weapon:” did they really expect her not to point it back at them? :P

    It bothers me that the designer children keep getting turned evil. We lost Ai this week, and they spoiled in the preview that it will be happening again next week. It seems that, for all intents and purposes, the human that they were is dying when the alien takes over like this. It really bothers me that no one is saving these kids.

    • Eva says:

      …Unless, the kids save themselves or come to a crossroad where it is up to them when it comes to choosing which side to be on, which would be a nice twist. Choosing to be ‘human’ or a planetary gear/kiltgang, much like Teppei had done when he had chosen humanity by destroying his Ego-Block (though he had no idea whether he was going survive by doing so).

  2. kirtro says:

    This and the last episode having me wishing “For the love of God, I don’t care which company does it, but one of them PLEASE release model kits of these mechs!”

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