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This week’s episode turned out pretty mild in action considering what had happened. Teppei surprises me by doing the unthinkable, using his own Ego-Block to defy Moco’s attack that would have killed Daichi while Amara would have been fine. I appreciated the fact that before setting out into the battle to give Daichi some back up, Teppei hesitated and revealed that was scared of what he could become, his biggest fear of once taking form as a Kiltgang again, he will not be the same. Akari then had literally slapped all of those self-doubts out of his head and he finally got his act together again.

We don’t know how much the Kiltgangs know about their Ego-Blocks other than the fact it is the key to being immortal. So Teppei was pretty much taking a gamble and was willing to die for Daichi by using his Ego-Block to block Moco’s attack. And much to everyone’s surprise, instead of dying, he was rewarded with a Livlaster, which is now the third one in existence.

Captain Earth Ep 7 Img 0032The mystery surrounding the Livlaster is incredibly fascinating and I am looking forward to seeing how it will unravel. It could definitely be the trump card the Humanity needs in order to stand their ground against the Kiltgangs since the Kiltgangs themselves don’t appear to be aware of this. Frankly speaking I am half expecting Akari to get her own in the future given to what had happened today.

I have a theory about the Livlaster… (which could be shattered instantly once we know for sure whether or not Teppei can fire it since he hasn’t done so yet. So for now, this is just a food for the thought until proven or busted.) We were told that Planetary Gears can’t fire the Livilasters so that’s why they created Hana. HOWEVER, I think that in order to wield and fire a Livlaster, it has to come from the wielder’s own soul. Orgone Energy is a part of them, which is part of the Livlaster itself. Given that Teppei had destroyed his Ego-Block and suddenly finds his very own Livlaster in his hand, I believe in the possibility that only he can fire it.

Globe is keeping their discovery classified as it is certainly for the best given that they can’t just trust anyone. They have officially assigned Daichi, Teppei, Hana and Akari as their combat units called the Midsummer Knights. It is a bit weird for me to see both Hana and Akari in their space uniforms since well… uh… last time I checked Akari is someone who works with the computers and Hana… doesn’t do much other than supply Orgone and translate Pitz’ warnings. I am kind of hoping we will see both girls in some sort of mobile mecha suit, but mind you, I am not holding my breath for it.

Captain Earth Ep 7 Img 0004It is always nice to have the main character admit that they are actually really scared despite their heroics efforts. Daichi did that today when Nishikubo was snapping at him for training under his nose. Daichi has very little experience with the Earth Engine, and even with his simulations training, he doesn’t stand a chance fighting against the Kiltgangs alone. And that is another thing that I am loving about Captain Earth so far. They aren’t making Daichi some perfect natural pilot who can kick ass after one or two fights, they are making this a gruesome experience because my goodness, the Earth Engine just keeps on getting smashed up by the Kiltgangs. They really need to strengthen their pieces because even if Daichi becomes a better pilot, if the Earth Engine keeps on being shattered every time it gets a hit by a punch, it really isn’t going to do Daichi any favors. But either way, the Earth Engine is not meant to fight solo against more than one Kiltgang, it simply doesn’t stand a chance. This is why it needs backup and the Midsummer Knights have been formed.

Was it just me, or did anyone else find Hana’s remark how “Pitz doesn’t lie” and very interesting choice of words after the whole, “Puck doesn’t lie” thing last week? To me it was a very interesting contrast, especially since it was shown that Pitz in fact, was 100% true. But the biggest thing that gets to me, is the fact that Pitz was able to foresee and sense that Moco and Amara were going to attack. This may be a bit of a far fetched theory, but as of right now, I think there are two wild possibilities to consider:

A) Puck and Pitz are two sides of a coin, Puck being the deceiver and Pitz being the honest, and their consciousness may be somehow connected.
B) Pitz may be that blue-haired girl that we saw in the first episode.

Or Pitz is none of the above (98% more likely)

I am glad that we are consistently learning a little bit more about the Kiltgangs every week. Today we learned about their mother-ship by Uranus that basically ran out of gas (energy) and are stuck there. So now the Kiltgangs are coming to Earth to fetch fuel for their mother-ship while having a bite while they are at it.

Finally, last but not least: I am sure nobody was surprised to see that Puck was the one who have been selecting the ‘chosen ones’ for the Kiviotos Plan.

Next week we will be meeting another Planetary Gear has awakened. Hurray for more action! I am actually looking forward to the fights taking place on Earth the most to be honest ahahahaha.


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5 Responses

  1. “HOWEVER, I think that in order to wield and fire a Livlaster, it has to come from the wielder’s own soul.” Hmm, I rather like this idea, although it makes you wonder where Hana’s came from (I mean, we know it was created along with her but if this is the case, whose soul it came from). I also keep wondering why they haven’t had Akari try and fire that livlaster yet, I mean we’ve got two unconnected pieces and it seems like there’s not much Akari can do to help in the fights now that Daichi knows how the Earth Engine works.

    Also, I also caught that line about Pitz and I’m also wondering now if they’re the blue-haired girl from the first episode, especially if the livlasters come from the soul and I somehow doubt that blue-haired girl came from Daichi’s soul….

    • Eva says:

      Another theory could be that the blue-haired girl is the ‘avatar’ form of the Orgone Energy itself.

      I have my doubts that the Blue-Haired girl is evil. There is a green mischievous looking kid that is shadowed in the opening, I am willing to bet that is most likely Puck.

      • Actually, going by the promo art green haired kid is probably one of the other kiltgangs, they even mention this week that there were six others besides Teppei (which I guess explains why they have Teppei at GLOBE, he was the only one close by enough to kidnap);

  2. zztop says:

    Captain Earth’s character designs are by erotic manga artist Fumi Minato, which somewhat explains why female characters like Moco and Hana look…ravishing. :)

    A sample of her work:

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