Black Bullet ep 5: ladies ladies more ladies

This episode is like the guilt after really good sex.

Last episode was so good I was just expecting this one to be half as good. This might be the first episode someone didn’t die or explode or angst didn’t really occur. For once I was genuinely disinterested wheeeee!

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_173303

We did get a new character anyway – Miori? Something. She’s the foil to Kisara and the one who provides the Varanium bullets for free to him. She wants to do him but rather than have Enju freak out Kisara did. I guess Enju is only intimidated by other small girls as a threat for Kentaro’s love?

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_181929

Also she showed him her panties earlier so she’s pretty comfy I guess.

Anyway so the episode basically starts with Rentaro being told he has a new job- to be the Tokyo Representatives bodyguard. At first he doesn’t want to do it but he goes in for the briefing and meets this guy:

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_184027

Yes, he is a douche. A giant fucking douche.

He’s such a douche Rentaro accepts the job to spite him.

Ok it doesn’t help he tried to break his knee caps a second later.

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_184209

Like wow. . . never been more right about a douche in such a short time. Seriously, this guy comes up to Rentaro who obviously doesn’t want to be there and goes DON’T COME but if he had left him alone then. . .it’d have been fine. . . . so really he’s just an idiot who fought a civil officer.

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_184150

So he is going to go with the president. . but first he comes out to see a young girl in a dilemma. She seems sleepy for some reason and he tries to help her sort her situation out. She is adorable. And you know what that means – evil!!!

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_184542

And I mean it the bitch then turns around and says she is an assassin on da phone DAMN YOU KAWAII ASSASSIN DAMN YOU

who apparently needed fanservice

who apparently needed fanservice


I mean a lot happened but it was all pretty dull so I mean I guess it was okay? Just turned out that one of the big wigs in Japan wants to USE A GIANT RAY GUN TO ENSLAVE THE EARTH IN THIS DISASTER it’s whatever. Nothing too interesting.

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_185455


So. . .this episode . . . let’s just be for real here. We learned an assassin wants to kill the leader of the tokyo area and that she’s being pressured by a dictator dude to give in to his crazy threaten the world BS I DUNNO GUYS WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME THESE POLITICS AREN’T EXACTLY THRILLING GIVEN THAT THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW ARE THE LITTLE GIRLS WITHOUT A SAY??

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_182724

Let me tell you how much at the end it surprised me the assassin was the sleepy girl. It didn’t. You spoiled it. Stop trying to make her look cool.

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_202349


Ok it’s kinda cool.

Next episode. . .more pointless politics about ruling the sullen leftovers of the world? Rentaro’s harem?

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 05 [720p].mkv_20140506_185251

At least his love interests are skilled warrior chicks. Le sigh.




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6 Responses

  1. I don’t have guilt after really good sex though…

  2. Pablo says:

    I understand where you are coming from but its nice to relax a little bit and this episode gave the viewers some breathing room after some really action heavy episodes. Anyways I am kinda of confused by your initial statement: This episode is like the guilt after really good sex. What do you mean? (Maybe I don’t understand because I have no experience XD)

    • Oki says:

      It’s the unfortunate necessity of something too good to be true- the boring after an important climax etc.

      • Pablo says:

        K! Thanks for explaining and sorry for being so clueless! XD

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