Soul Eater Not! [First Impression]

Episode 1: Enrolling at the DWMA

Well here we are, the first episode of Soul Eater Not! I read a little bit of the manga for this a while back as well as watching the original Soul Eater. I know a lot of people are agitated they animated “Not!” instead of doing a Brotherhood or an Ultimate on the original series but I think it’s kind of neat.

So let’s take a look at what “Not!” has to offer us. Well I see a hot guy with glasses in the opening…So it opens me up to a character I’m probably going to have a raging girl boner for.

This is going to bother the hell out of me. What is with that white thing about her neck? Is it a neck brace? a Headphone? Part of her uniform? Oh GOD it’s totally bothering me!

Seriously! What is it!?!?!?!?!?! Sometimes it’s animated as part of her uniform, sometimes it’s not!!!!!

Aw Maka is awesome. Helping out a new student in need and giving her a drink! Though that is some scary looking moon cola. Black Star is ever the spastic idiot. It’s really good to see familiar faces hanging around, I wonder if that’s only going to be for episode one.

vlcsnap-12060509 vlcsnap-12061933 vlcsnap-12062802


Tsugumi is apparently our main character, She’s a weapon.

There is Meme, she’s a Meister. She also has a small memory problem….er a large memory problem….


There is also this rich girl who is important in the opening.


Sid tells them to partner up. You can sort of assume this takes place somewhere between episodes 3 and 5 of the original series. Sid is not yet a zombie and Death is part of the academy. Maka and Soul come in to give a demonstration to the incoming class.
vlcsnap-12065472 vlcsnap-12065694
Gah! So totally cool!

There are these two guys who are creeping on Meme, Tsugumi wondering what Maka would do in that situation ties her hair up like Maka’s and steps in. Though she can’t do much on her own. I wonder if this anime is going to give me the chance to coin the phrase “What would Maka-Sempai do?”

Maka-sempai would F*** a B*tch up, and so will I!

The rich girl steps in and asks Tsugumi to transform but she insists that she can’t properly yet.

Even without a weapon she intends to fight, Sid gives Tsugumi advice on transforming. I also get to hear the glasses guy talk….I might be in love! Why do i have a thing for black haired guys with glasses? Why are they so sexy!? Why is he in the opening at around the same time as a villain, is he gonna turn evil…That’s really hot.


Tsugumi transforms and partners up with the rich girl! They begin fighting with the creepers and kick their collective asses!!!!! Oh man, now i’m confused even more about the timing. Medusa is working at the school but Sid is still human. I thought this ran parallel to the show but I guess it’s in another universe.

vlcsnap-12071090 vlcsnap-12071455 vlcsnap-12071141

We learn the rich girl’s name is Anya. Meme asks Tsugumi to be her partner, Anya tries to be tsundere about it but it’s totally obvious she wants to be Tsugumi’s partner.
“It’s not like I wanted you to be my weapon or anything..B…Baka!”

….Oh boy, This is going to be interesting. I wonder if there has ever been a weapon with two Meisters before.


Alright! First impressions time! It was certainly cute. I’m sure it will pick up later, I’m very curious about the glasses guy in the freshman class. The animation is cute and there are nice familiar things in it for people who are fans of the original Soul Eater. I’m hoping the small throw backs will continue throughout.

overall: 4/5
plan on covering: For sure!



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  1. Wanderer says:

    TVTropes tells me that NOT is a prequel to the regular Soul Eater series. Apparently there are events in NOT that tie into events in Soul Eater and so forth. NOT also gives a lot more basic information about the school and student life and such.

    I can definitely say I’m looking forward to it. The original Soul Eater simply wasn’t my type of show, but this seems much more suited to my tastes. I wonder how Tsugumi’s going to handle having two girls competing to wield her?

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