Ping Pong The Animation Episode 1: Spying On China (Quick Look)



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4 Responses

  1. Pablo says:

    I don’t mind the animation style that much because it is nice to see series that deviate from the general style and visual aesthetics, but if it weren’t for that Chinese character, I would have completely dropped the show… There is something about that character that makes him really intriguing… I don’t know if its his attitude or the way his Chinese sounds so good that makes him seem like a realistic character that make him so appealing. I also loved the vibrant watercolor style the series has and that music is awesome. I especially loved the ending! That song sounded like it was made by a Japanese Owl City.

    • sidekick says:

      You would’ve dropped it if it weren’t for Wenge? I thought it was ‘alright’ until Wenge came in and made the whole thing a lot more interesting, but I guess that’s my bias towards sports anime speaking :p I don’t mind the art style either since it’s justified by fluid matches and the source material’s art style (which is p hard to adapt!) I’m just worried it’ll get a bit too overwhelming by the end, since that’s what I feel every time I finish an anime by this director (Masaaki Yuasa), as good as he is.

      • Pablo says:

        Yeah I think I would have dropped it because I am not interested in Peco or Smile. But as the season progresses I guess I’ll get to know and like them. And I love sports anime, but after reading the Prince of Tennis and having grown up watching Captain Tsubasa I am completely burned out with the unrealistic aspects that many sports manga/anime adopt. And this series may possibly go that route… I really hope it doesn’t!

        • sidekick says:

          Nah, it won’t :-) . Matsumoto Taiyou isn’t the type to incorporate superpowers into his manga. His works are mainly focused on the little, beautiful things in life – a child’s imagination, melancholy, that kind of stuff.

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