MekakuCity Actors Episode 2: Kisaragi Attention

-peeks back at the first impression, sees that nobody else has given it a shot and laughs insanely-

IT’S MINE! ALL MINE! -cough, cough, hack- Er um sorry. Anyway now that I’ve gotten my crazy out of the way. How about I actually get to reviewing the episode?

Well before I talk about the episode itself, it seems there was a lot of comments on the last episode talking about the animation. How things may be reused or that it is rather lazy due to budgeting issues. However I find this style really works for this series. It gives it a stylized image that really fits the atmosphere it’s trying to go for.

We get the opening this time, which was the ending this time. Like the rest of the anime the opening is highly stylized. The name of the song is “Daze” and it’s by MARIA From GARNiDELiA

This episode we start with Momo, Momo is an idol. She has that whole freaky red eye thing going on too. I’m sure once again there is a name for this so for now I will call it the Sharingan. -watches people pelt me with rotten tomatoes- ow! ow! Jeeze! Okay I’ll just call it the freaky red eyed technique for now!

vlcsnap-4660978 vlcsnap-4661314

So she attempts to get to school on time and absolutely fails. We also find out she’s a major idiot. Getting only a two on her history test, because she answered every question like the characters were in a manga.  Her Sensei looks oddly like this guy in the opening….I’m sure he has absolutely nothing important to do with the plot of the series. Nothing at all. Did i mention that she ate her textbook to study?

vlcsnap-4851217 vlcsnap-4850103


So after much threatening to have her held back as a first year student he encourages her to study for her next test.

Her manger calls her and tells her that she has the day off. I think she should spend it studying but what do I know? Her manager also praises her and tells her that her talent is a gift.She considers this talent of hers to have everyone notice her a curse. It’s caused her nothing but grief since she was younger. Causing her issues at school and at home. The back-story is massively heart felt, you can really see that she just loved her Mom and wanted her Mother to be proud of her after the loss of her father.

vlcsnap-4858536 vlcsnap-4858901

Back out of flashback land she notices a sale in a store I can only presume is the one that Shintaro Kisa…..wait a second. Kisaragi, but that’s Momo’s last name. Oh boy, I sense a plot thread coming up. I’ll try to avoid spoilers about that as much as I can.

Anyway, she decides to head to this sale, so she dons a hoodie and tries to look as normal as possible and then she rams into this kid on the way. Her hoodie falls off and mission completely failed. Everyone notices her and starts trying to take pictures.

vlcsnap-4860955 vlcsnap-4861205

Music video time! Yes, a musical chase scene with an imbedded musical video! The song is pretty catchy, the lyrics are pretty much about the situation as a whole. Oh man! before i post this review I took a reviewers advice and went to look up the song this episode was based on “Kisaragi Attention” and found that this is it. That’s really neat that they worked the song into the episode.


How she didn’t want to be noticed, how she tried to be plain and how this is all one big pain in the ass. She loses the kid and gets lost. We see the green haired girl from last episode stalking her and the episode ends with the green haired girl talking to someone about bringing Momo in.

vlcsnap-4863374 vlcsnap-4862327

I can’t wait for the next episode just like last time, I want to see how this all comes together. What this strange eye ability really is. How are the two Kisaragi’s related? Once again, what about the brown haired girl? This is going to be a fun ride.



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2 Responses

  1. Pablo says:

    After this episode there has been quite a lot of hate for this show which I don’t really understand because I absolutely love the art style of this show, the characters are enjoyable and likeable, and the story is shrouded with so much mystery that I am extremely eager to see what’s next. Thx for the review and for being optimistic about the show!

  2. Noc says:

    I thought episode 1 was okay, but this one was absolutely fantastic- that’s not really surprising since I love characters like Momo, whereas I feel…indifferent towards the characters from episode 1 =/ In any case, I feel the imagery suites the story well. “Wow, they must save a lot on background animations and whatnot” certainly crossed my mind a few times, but if it fits with the story you’re trying to tell then why the hell not amirite? The episode managed to be utterly hilarious and super depressing over the course of 24 minutes, and it sounds like next episode will have more Momo so I’ll be watching for sure- the cast of characters is large so I’m sure there’ll be more I’ll love as well, and I’m pretty interested to see what their eye powers are all about.

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