Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 1 [First Impressions]


Omoikane’s First Impression

There has never been a question more polarizing and difficult to answer in the totality of human history than the question of “what is the most enticing scene to our animalistic desires?” ; is it a full view which presents a complete feast to the eyes in the form of whether it be laced, shimpan,cute animal prints,etc. OR a partially hidden view, drawing us in with its subdued seductiveness as we get a glimpse and say ah…so those are the kinds of pantsu she wears?  In fact the answer may be neither of the two.  Foolish and ignorant plebians would argue that it’s one or the either fervently to their own graves but the simple truth of the matter is not being able to see the pantsu of a cute girl is the epitome of innocence and purity. Only those who are truly gods amongst men can realize such an enlightened truth! Or so Mangaka san to Assistant san argues. Well…the actual and correct answer is who cares? (tastes are different after all).And indeed, why is one compelled to watch this sort of show?”.

When I went into this episode, I was aware of only 2 things. That this was an adaptation of a manga written by Hiroyuki, who had me in stitches with his other manga “ Aho Girl” and the outright perverted tone that this show was going to have.  So it was no surprise as to what I was going to get but unfortunately, Mangaka really failed to meet my expectations in terms of well executed comedic deliveries.  The experience for me was simply just watching  most of the episode in a disengaged manner. I had been continually let down with every subsequent gag despite hoping it would somehow miraculously pick itself up and send me rolling on the floor. Well that simply wasn’t the case and as much as I would like to say that some of the gags are hit or misses, I would be hard pressed to say even that.

As a yonkoma adaptation, it goes without saying that there isn’t a plot and the meat of Mangaka are its over the top, often scenario driven perverted gags.  Our main protagonist, Aito Yuuki,is an ecchi mangaka who is blatantly perverse, sexually curious and incredibly naïve.  Accompanying him is Ashisu Sahoto,his kind and motivated manga assistant who is willing to put up with Aito despite his antics and spineless nature. One thing that surprised me was the extent Aito would go so that Aito’s manga would come out well. In the first gag, Aito laments at not being able to draw oppai to their fullest glory in his manga. Being the hentai that he is, he suggests groping Ashisu’s  oppai as “reference material” (perhaps to learn about their firmness, their shape, their indices of squishiness., who knows….you would have to ask a pervert….>.>). Admittedly that was for me,the funniest gag because what ends up happening is Ashisu gropes her own oppai while Aito eagerly stares like a high school boy with his hormones all over the place.

Mangaka Ep 1 Img33 It was quite an awkward moment. Most of the time in anime, Aito would long have gotten slapped but Ashisu does want the manga to succeed so if the only way was to do something ecchi  to herself then so be it =w=.  Yet it wasn’t quite enough for Ashisu to just stare. After all to really understand the complexities of oppai, one must feel for himself the wonderful heavenly softness of the oppai and the perfectly constructed shape which lends itself to being cupped by one’s hands. It’s almost as if….breasts were made for groping in addition to its mammary functions! No I’m kidding….really…-_-. Well Aito does grope Ashisu’s oppai and obviously gets slapped(Is he really that dumb like Yoshiko from Aho Girl or is he just that perverted?).  The later gags don’t strike me nearly as funny as the first one but we do get introduced to Otosuna Mihari, Aito’s editor. There isn’t really much to Mihari except being the standard tsundere twintail with a complex about her breast sizes(double AA as Aito proclaims to everyone at a shopping mall after buying panties for his manga).

Quite honestly, I have already spent too many words on Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to but one thing that works for it is its 10 or so minutes length. The type of perverse comedy gags that Mangaka capitalizes on would simply be too drawn out or stale if it followed the standard 20+ minute episode format. It’s hard not to compare Mangaka to Seitokai Yakuindomo, which was also unabashedly perverted. So far I prefer Mangaka to Seitokai because there isn’t really the never ending tsukkomi/boke rapid fire humor that plagues so much of anime like S.Y.  There’s only so much in your face ecchi jokes before you get fed up with it and start watching only for the sake of completion(* coughs Seitokai Yakuidomo-people did enjoy that to my surprise). Also it must be said Mangaka’s main protagonist, Aito, is very obnoxious and ballsy to the point of stupidity. He does get beat up by the girls a lot so I suppose it’s entertaining in a way. Maybe masochists might find a liking to this show as well. I’m somewhat masochistic for watching this lol.

Mangaka Ep 1 Img26

The type of people who would really enjoy this show

So if you are the type who doesn’t enjoy “forced down your throat” over the top humor, you should probably stay away from Mangaka. But if you enjoy vacuous, juvenile ecchi comedy in the same vein as giggling whenever you see a girl’s pantsu in your chinese cartoons, then this is the anime for you based on its first episode. Well that may have been a bit harsh and it was enjoyable at times, but please turn off your brain while watching for the sake of your own sanity! (Actually even that may not be enough…)

Mangaka Ep 1 Img36

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