Kamigami no Asobi Episode 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression

Kamigami no Asobi Ep 1 Img 0001I CAN’T BREATHE. THIS SHOW, OH MY GOD. WHAT IS AIR?! WHAT IS AIR!?!
I absolutely lost it when Apollon had his magical-boy like transformation scene! This show, hands down is going to be a hilarious ride. It isn’t Utapri, but hell Kamigami no Asobi’s insanity is definitely close to it! I mean, that first two minutes of the episode, the transformation scene with Apollon, I just lost it. I couldn’t breath, I almost fell off my chair because holy shit, it was absolute gold. I think I have been spoiled with AMNESIA with the whole lack of shoujo bubbles and darker atmosphere because I was going into this thinking this was going to be a story of an interesting show- but it quickly turned into a total joke (which isn’t a bad thing in this case, mind you!) and more so in the direction of Utapri’s craziness.

We have our heroine Yui who finds herself suddenly transported to this magical land where she is confronted by Zeus. He tells her that he intend to use her in his plans of trying to reconnect the Gods and Humans again since their ties have been weakening or something along the lines. Anyways, the whole purpose of bringing Yui to this divine place is he wants her to educate the Gods about Humanity. What better person to do that than an ordinary Human Girl? (Well we don’t know how just how ordinary she is anymore now that she is supposedly chosen by the Sword of Heaven’s Gathering Clouds (whatever the hell that is)).

Kamigami no Asobi Ep 1 Img 0028I must say I have quickly became very fond of Yui because of her lively personality (which is great to see for an exchange because a lot people complain about Otome Game’s Heroines have no personality!) and  not to mention, she has a backbone! This girl is takes no shit from anybody (and I hope it stays that way). She stood up to Zeus, the Gods who rules the Heavens and is someone not to be messed with (I’ve read enough Greek Mythology about that guy and god as much as I do love reading mythologies, the Greek’s myths is just fucking insane). Frankly speaking, I am waiting for her to either knee or punch Apollon to prevent him from kissing her, but who knows he might be teasing her (hard to say though because he is quite intrigued meeting a Human Girl). I also must say I love how Yui took the imitative to look for a way out or at least find out where she is when she found herself teleported to this magical land. Her reaction to everything was priceless and I especially loved her use of imagination as well as her logic and common sense. One of the things I am excited for is seeing how how the sword will be used in the future, and I hope she will have a solid and strong role whenever that happens because know that she is a practiced swordsman. I would love to see how she fares in a fight while wielding that special sword.

The characters were pretty amusing for me considering how they literally could care less about Yui and her reactions to all of them were pretty priceless (especially Hades, oh my god that was funny). I don’t have a favourite yet since we actually didn’t learn anything about any of the boys except for the fact they are all famous Gods (Norse Gods, Greek Gods and Japanese Gods). I was quite entertained by Baldr because he is such a klutz, at first look I couldn’t help but joke he is Snow White with the whole birds thing going on.

I swear to god though, the whole flower thing, it needs to stop, I seriously hope it won’t be too common because… oh my god, I just want to headesk every time it happens. It is already crystal clear that this show is definitely going to be very hard to take seriously, but it is going to be a fun ride.

The ED theme, my god… I can’t. I mean they sound great and all together singing, but the whole sequence- just… I can’t. It’s too funny to watch. I am quite certain about that the Fangirls will most definitely be spoiled in this show with the fanservice.
The animation however I liked it for most part, it’s really the question of consistancy. The overall character designs are okay, but I think they will grow on me as the series go on.

I am going to make this very clear right off the bat though: for future reference sakes; I am not entirely familiar with the Japanese Gods and Norse Gods mythologies (except for Loki, most people know the basics about him) as much as the Greek Gods (I mean I had study that subject a billion times in high school and college). But nevertheless, I don’t expect to have to rely on my knowledge on the mythologies too much since I already know that this show will be very hard to take seriously.

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5 Responses

  1. Scrooge says:

    Definitelly understand your feelings about ending. It was quite funny to watch ^^ They finally used Greek Mythology in bishounen style :D I don´t know why but I became interested in Hades -_- I want to see where it will come :3 They made quite a mix of Gods…I don´t know why but that scene reminded me of Sailor moon -_- And when they were riding on pegas 0.0 But I still found mysef interested in this anime as you said we shouldn´t take this too seriously :D (thez propably won´t bring up zeus past and other mythological things) Waiting for new episode to come out :3 I can´t wait for opening :3

    • Eva says:

      You’re not the ony one, I quickly became interested in Hades as well. I think it’s because his character’s first impression was pretty funny. Anyhow we will certainly be in for a laughing fit with this series!

  2. Lima Simons says:

    I love otome games myself (especially Amnesia) but their anime adaptations often leave much to be desired, this one is absolutely hilarious though, so I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

    • Eva says:

      *HIGHFIVES* AMNESIA is such an underrated series! *GROSS SOBBING* Yeah Otome Games’ adaptions are always a hit or miss, which is quite unfortunate.

  3. Eva says:

    Totally agree with you about that Apollon transformation scene! I burst out laughing and I wasn’t even 2 minutes into the episode. And oh gosh, those flowers! I was laughing so hard every time (while telling myself that it’s not nice to laugh so hard at the first episode)–and what kinds of flowers were those around the Legolas-guy’s head? I totally thought they were avocados. xD So far Kamigami no Asobi has already exceeded my [very low] expectations, and even if it doesn’t turn out that great I think it’ll still give me a good time! Can’t wait for next week! :)

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