Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Episode 1: [First Impression]

And the tone has been set *cracks whip*

And the tone has been set *cracks whip*

Before I even introduce the first character to open this episode, let’s talk about why it’s just three minutes and some seconds though. I mean…that’s below my required Yuri dose..PER WEEK! I guess mild dosages is what’s doing it now. Back to the episode, Inugami is a cat-lover but a dog person and a masochist who’s got the hots for Nekoyama Suzu.

Inu 7 Nekoyama Suzu is a cat-person who has a liking for dogs…and the feeling is not mutual where the hots are concerned. But there is an embedded like for Inugami since opposites attract. And I do find dogs and cats cute together…as buds. Nothing more.

Inu 1Inugami is off to a fine start fantasizing about Neko after hearing some girls talking random stuff about cats being in heat. For some reason she thinks Neko is an actual cat…(<.< I don’t like the play on words here).

Inu 2


And Nekoyama’s thoughts aren’t exactly pure but just as perverted as Inugami’s. They’re perfect for each other. So after the quick meet and greet at school, Inugami invites Nekoyama over to see her three dogs since Neko has a liking for the pets.

That escalated quickly

That escalated quickly…

So what had happened was, one of Inugami’s dogs had licked the side of Nekoyama’s face and Inugami took it upon herself to lick it off and “clean” her up. Neko made a comment to one of Inu’s dogs that she wished she could stay with it forever.

She wastes no time

She wastes no time

Nekoyama shot her down though so Inugami’s gonna have to start from square one and that’s the episode. The humor and dialogue doesn’t end until the three minutes are up and that’s what I liked about this first episode. A good way to start up the series and have me waiting for the next episode. The ED theme gives me the giggles.

I’ll keep up with this but it’s not worth blogging about because it’ll just be about pure silliness and there’s not enough content unless I’d pad up each post with redundancies and so on. But I like it and the Yuri doesn’t come on too strong, it’s playful and mild and that’s the way I like my girls Yuri.



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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Oh, I believe Nekoyama is as interested in Inugami as Inugami is in her, but Nekoyama is a cat. Cat’s don’t just bound up to whatever they like all cheerful like idiots (which is the dog approach). Cats pretend disinterest and lordly disdain. You can’t force a cat to do something it likes, it has to choose it on its own.

  2. charlmeister says:

    “Cheerful like idiots”
    Lol, you’re right and yeah Neko is interested but Inugami’s gonna have to change her approach, I guess she just got too excited in this episode xD

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