Hoozuki No Reitetsu eps 11-13 [The End]

Alright! Time to sit down and review the last two episodes of Hoozuki no Reitetsu episodes 11 and 12 and 13 and…..wait a second…..


-censored, please stand by-

Right, sorry about that. I’m here. I just wasn’t aware this was going to be a 13 episode series. Guess you learn something new every day right? Let’s start on episode 11.

It seems like it’s story-time in Hell, the story? The Inch-High Samurai. Shiro is asked to read it to the puppies of his former boss. However, it seems to me that this little doggy can’t read. It seems that way to Hoozuki as well. The humor in this part is a little beyond me….

vlcsnap-11394037 vlcsnap-11394191 vlcsnap-11394995

However It does remind me of the fact that Colonel Sanders is very popular in Japan. Hoozuki offers to read for Shiro.


The inch-high samurai has grown up, and everyone treats him like a total has been. He grew to please a Princess he was in love with. Shiro and the puppies wanted to meet him. He was in hell for lying to marry the princess. It seems like he wants to return to being an inch-high.

The puppies keep insulting him and it just ends up all kinds of nasty. Momotaro shows up in the middle of the Samurai’s rant. Momotaro and the Inch-High Samurai have a heart to heart.

vlcsnap-11453140 vlcsnap-11456127

And now for the mountain sisters or tree spirits that watches over the dead at the entrance to the afterlife. It seems like the mountain family princesses are heaving some issues. Princess Rock was rejected for being ubly and now knocks down trees whenever a beautiful girl comes by.

It’s Hoozuki to the rescue like always. He goes to observe. Hoozuki has a very messed up perception of love. It seems like Princess Blossom truly wants to be be friends again. I don’t really know if he solved the fight at all…but at least no more trees went down…

vlcsnap-11481695 vlcsnap-11482009

Now onto episode 12.

Wow! Just Wow! I’m all of two minutes into this episode and I don’t know what to say. Adam and Eve or Adam and Lilith. Apparently had a fight over who would be on top at during…..well during the night time.It was apparently the first divorce.
vlcsnap-11526104 vlcsnap-11526301

She’s been shacking up ever since, Satan is giving a history lesson on how he used to be an angel before his downfall. She is Beelzebub’s wife. She asks Hoozuki to go out with her for a day. She is going to be be sadly disappointed…She says she’ll behave if he is her date for the day. He says instead he’ll find her someone suitable.

vlcsnap-11526434 vlcsnap-11529358

I knew this is where this was going! Straight off to Hakutaku! This is Fantastic. They exchange contacts without a word and immediately she heads in with him. I feel almost a little bad for Beelzebub, he really wants her to be exclusive. It’s going to be a sports contrast between Beelzebub and Hoozuki.


It does not last long.

Beelzebub convinces himself he wins because he is married when Hoozuki is single.
Once again, that doesn’t last long.

-The download for the rest of episode 20 refused to work, so I have no screen caps.-

When are the people from European Hell going to learn that messing with Hoozuki is a horrid idea? You’re never going to win. Oh well, onto the next part of the episode.

We come in to what apparently is Hoozuki and Hakutaku insulting each other to find out that they are actually playing word-chain. Then we find out a little about Hakutaku as well, including that he has six eyes and six horns. Apparently after a killer party he was drunk and fell to the human world in his true form.

His beast form that is and he was caught by the Yellow Emperor. He was asked to make pictures of every monster, but as we know. Hakutaku can’t draw worth his life. So the Yellow Emperor calls for the best artist in all the land. Hakutaku couldn’t remember why he was so drunk to begin with we find out that it was in fact Hoozuki that got him that drunk. These two are amazing.

-The pictures return here-

That’s the end of episode 12. Now for the last episode! I wonder how it’s going to be handled. Some gag shows actually bring up the fact it’s a show and that it’s ending. Others totally ignore it. I wonder which one this will be. Well anyway, it’s time for Hell’s bon festival of lights.
vlcsnap-11484009 vlcsnap-11508290 vlcsnap-11508014
The bon festival is like a summer vacation for minions. Hoozuki and the animal companions go to look around the festival. Momotaro and Hakutaku are running a booth at the festival as well. As is the badger hating rabbit who’s name escapes me. vlcsnap-11513825

The dead start to return, the minions are all to meet at midnight. O-koh and Hoozuki are playing the music for the dance. We see the cast we’ve had all series getting together. This is only a few minutes into the episode though! What is the rest of it going to be? This would be a perfect ending scene.

vlcsnap-11511132 vlcsnap-11510669 vlcsnap-11510589 vlcsnap-11510375 vlcsnap-11510284

The minions are asked to reclaim the dead who are reluctant to leave. That is done and we move into the next part of the episode. Which seems like it’s focus will be exclusively on King Enma. He’s had a lot of trials lately and needs some time off.

He’s talking about how ghost stories are popular in almost any time. Hoozuki is also making him all kinds of things to ease the stress on his body. We also get to see King Enma’s adorable grandchild. The first green drink is for his blood. The second pink bubbly one is a joke one that Lilith gave to him. It grows his hair, the third red one is a goldfish plant extract. It does help throat….but it turns him into a part goldfish…
vlcsnap-11516137 vlcsnap-11518728vlcsnap-11519318  vlcsnap-11516974vlcsnap-11517977

He sentences people while looking like this and nobody says anything. At the end of all the sentencing he turns back to normal. The entire last dialogue of the show is a little underwhelming. The ending which is always very active is barren and depressing. I honestly think the two episode parts should of been reversed. Wait a second! When he spoke of the escaping goldfish that he gave to Enma in the drink did he mean the ones from the ending animation!?!?!! Stay tuned for Final thoughts!




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