Happiness Charge Precure Ep 13: SAVOUR THE PLOT!

Welp, I can’t believed this actually slipped my radar! Sorry for the delay- BUT BOY DO I HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT!


Happiness Charge Precure Ep 13 Img 0009I knew from the get go that as soon as romance was mentioned to be forbidden in the earlier episodes, it was definitely going to play some sort of factor with the plot. It was confirmed today that Blue was and still is in love with Mirage (who is presently the Queen of the Phantom Empire), and the two had fallen in love with each other while she was a shrine maiden. There are already a few speculations brewing in my head, one in which there’s a possibility that Mirage was formerly Cure Tender, and is Cure Fortune’s sister- who is her loved one that she is trying to save. The reason why I think there’s a possibility is based on the way Blue had reacted to Fortune’s revelation. And the fact that he wasn’t the one to give her the Precure powers (it turns out, it was in fact her sister who did (I think Fortune inherited her Cure thing whatever it’s called)- GOD I AM LOVING THIS), but I could be wrong. However, it would definitely create and fuel very powerful storyline, especially with the way it ties these three particular characters together.

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 13 Img 0039But this episode was not just about Blue’s and Mirage’s tragic relationship- it was about Love. Hime going on about how the girls should be living the life, falling in love and white knights and all that stuff, that was a huge hint of what the episode was going to be about. By the end of it, it appears to me that Megumi may very well be on her way of developing a crush on Blue, which we all know will surely lead to an inevitable heartbreak and necessity for selfless acts in order to help save the one woman he loves. I am super excited for this because I am all about romance, especially in Precure since it has been FOREVER, and this one looks like it’s going to be a great, and emotional ride!

I am actually grateful that Hime did not play a main role in this episode because it probably (despite Phantom being there) would have thrown things out of whack with Cure Fortune. We still don’t know why she doesn’t trust Hime, and what kind of secret Hime has (especially when she seems aware of that guilt). Although I have speculated on the fact that Mirage may have very well been Cure Tender aka Fortune’s sister, there is also a possibility which could potentially cause a rift between Hime and Megumi if Hime was indirectly (since I doubt directly) responsible for whatever had happened to Cure Tender. Anyhow, it was good to see that Fortune cast aside her stubbornness of doing things on her own, and teamed up with Cure Lovely since there was no way in hell either of them were going to be able to defeat Phantom on their own (and hell- while they did force him to draw his sword by combining their powers, they still weren’t able to deliver a decent blow on him).

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 13 Img 0033Onto the handsome Precure Hunter, Phantom! I am not going to lie, I am already in love with his character for many reasons. One he is badass, two he doesn’t use (at least not yet) the Kindabad/Terribads like the others we have seen thus far, he is a powerful opponent that even Cure Fortune could not individually hold her ground against- let alone two, hell-  even all four of them together may have struggled until they get their crucial power up. We haven’t seen his true potential yet and that my friends gets me really excited. He isn’t known as the Precure Hunter for nothing, he actually get shit done. He is by far the most productive and formidable villain we have seen in a while (especially this early on). There is also some great potential in his character as he has shown us that he does deeply care for Mirage (though I am not entirely sure whether it’s love or not, it’s too soon to say), and is pissed off at Blue and swears to punish him by spreading misfortune throughout the entire world.

And then we have helpless Blue, who was for most part utterly useless except for the part he assisted freeing Megumi from Phantom’s clutches. Frankly, I was shocked at how powerless Blue is- like he can’t do anything except for give a few pointers (which was the only reason Megumi was even able to last that long against Phantom in the first place). At this point, other than he fancy teleporting mirrors, seeking out Precures by spreading around the world and his title as The Earth God, he is at this point, no different than an average human being.

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 13 Img 0037As I have mentioned in the above, Blue and Mirage were once in love, and then shit happened. From what we have seen from her memory, and Blue’s reactions whenever he thinks about her or she is brought up, it is clear that Blue feels guilty for having failed her. Failed her how? I’m not entirely sure yet. My best guess would be that pretty, but ominous Axia box had something to do with it. I also believe it ties together with Dark Mirror, who I still think may be Blue’s dark counterpart (because of his eerily similar silhouette- and I am more or less believe that he is presently sealed int hat mirror and is waiting to come out). But the interesting thing about the Axia box is that while Blue identified is as the source of misfortune (all more reason why it is probably connected to whatever had happened to Mirage), Megumi had said she sensed the feelings of love from it. This episode made it very clear to us that Blue still very much cares about Mirage, and I am sure, without a doubt still loves her. Also, lets be real here: When he and Megumi stepped through the mirror which had brought them to the Pikari Shrine, I think we can all agree that the mirror reflecting Blue’s heart as well. ¬ v ¬

Next week it looks like we’re going back to the filler-like episode streak, but count me in sticking around for the long run.




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6 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    The theory that Mirage was Tender was tossed around, but someone else pointed out an alternate possibility. Back in the festival episode, Megumi spoke of the myth about the city that the festival celebrates, going back 1000 years, of a god who who came to the earth and fell in love with a human. In that case I would say ssomething went wrong and Mirage ended up being sealed inside the Axia box. Once she got out, after overrunning Hime’s kingdom, one of the first victims on Earth was probably Cure Tender, who was beaten by Phantom.

    All just theories, at this point. Given that we’ve had our mandatory plot revelations at episode 13, I rather doubt we’ll get anything more until episode 21 or so. Still, it does suggest promise that Mirage will be redeemable. I’m just hoping it happens before the end of the series. I have a soft spot for girls who leave the dark side and become part of the heroes’ team.

    At least people are starting to realize that Precures become exponentially more powerful when they work together than when they fight individually. It seems Cures have to learn that every season, sometimes many times before it will stick: Precure are not meant to fight alone. Their true strength comes from the bonds they form with each other. Without those connections, without those friendships, they are crippled.

    • Eva says:

      That crossed my mind as well, but I couldn’t’ remember the exact details of the festival’s legend so I didn’t bring it up, but that definitely makes sense and is most likely the case. I really do like the fact they have good depth (so far) for Mirage which will pay off whenever she is saved (surely she will be saved, yes?)

      I find the development of the villains adapting and figuring out (particularly in this case with Phantom) that the Precures are formidable opponents when they are working together a really good aspect added to the Precure series (as its universe continues to develop). And you’re right, the Precures are meant to work as a team, not as a lone wolf- that’s how it always has been. Someone always had a partner to fight alongside with to watch their backs.

      Speaking of development, I am trying to keep my expectations at bay, but I do have a good feeling about this series in the way they are pacing the present storyline as well as the impact for the audience. The one thing I always struggled with when it comes down to trying to cover/watch a Precure series is that there was never enough plot until WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY later on in the 20ies/40ies episodes. Addressing strong elements of the plot this early on opens up to a lot of potential and time to work with, as well as motivates the audience to keep watching. And I am crossing my fingers that this time round, they will be focusing more on the story than the message to the kids- because who doesn’t love a good story?

  2. ramblinkat says:

    Well now i think you pointed out practically everything I would’ve done so I’ll just say WOW WHAT A GOOD EP. It goes to show that when precure pushes itself its shines so much haha, like I dunno even before the showdown when it was just Megumi crashing in on Blue it felt like it had a different tone then usual? It wasn’t trying SUPER ENERGETIC HAPPY like before (which isn’t bad either way but it was a welcome change)

    It was peaceful and innocent the way Megumi was picking out the mirrors and having Blue remember those old feelings and such ;v; this ep just really surprised me and I hope it does keep it up when the plot comes back, because this would certainly be a great way to celebrate 10 years with yes, the usual but also a truly emotive story, Doki Doki came close if it didn’t flub so much near the later half siiiigh. I’m gonna put my faith in you happiness charge so don’t let me down!! And also the animation while not brilliant was thankfully back to looking decent in its style laughs.

    Ohhh and one last thing, after this ep look at the op now! Its now glaringly obvious the foreshadowing that romance was going to be a factor somewhere, what with Megumi blushing at Blue, with a… OH WHATS THIS a rather annoyed look on Seiji’s face *u* now we never know, it could just be him being protective, since he’s thankfully someone with brains on this show who seems to clock on to things really quickly. So if the show sticks with the sibling friendship we have an overprotective bbf bro which is sweet or hey, it could most definitely spark something to lead to a love triangle (though for Megumi if these feelings develop any further for Blue we’re in for emotional heartbreak, but I can’t say I’m not looking to seeing her develop from that possibility, boy I’m horrible ;v;)

    Thank you for such an excited review!! \o/

    • Eva says:

      It is my pleasure! I saw sneaky changes in the OP as well (except for Seiji’s jelly face, I’ll have to go back and rewatch the OP to see for myself kekekekeke)! I really do hope they will go all out with the plot because this would definitely make it a memorable 10th anniversary.

      Yeah totally agree with you about the change of the tone. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was definitely FAR from the usual SUPER HYPERACTIVE HAPPINESS CHARGEEEE stuff. There was definitely had some more cool underlining that basically said: “Pay close attention kids: This is some important stuff they are talking about!”

      As much as I dread love triangles, I wouldn’t be surprised if one were to happen.

      Speaking of romance, I know I shouldn’t let me shipper side take the wheel right now, BUT MY GOD, I HAVE THE BURNING DESIRE TO SHIP PHANTOM WITH SOMEONE!!!!11
      TT v TT I don’t expect anything for him anytime soon, but I surely would love something to happen. After Ira x Rikka went nowhere *GROSS SOBBING*

      • Wanderer says:

        You should really control your inner shipper. The last time I’ve seen explicit romance with a precure in a Precure series was in Yes! Pretty Cure Five, which was quite some time ago.

        (Also, Ira x Rikka was never meant to go anywhere. Rikka loves Mana too much to be paired up with anyone else. :p )

        • Eva says:

          Oh trust me, I knew Ira x Rikka wasn’t going anywhere- it was SO GLARING OBVIOUS that Rikka was in love with Mana but still, nevertheless it is still a disappointment, but it never bother me like certain ships that I am/was OBSESSED over since it was one of my more “casual” (aka: Oh this is cute! I SHIP IT!) ship. Either way, it is still fun to ship regardless whether it’s fanon or canon (sure Canon makes it a million times more better, but that isn’t why you ship a ship right?)

          Yup, Pretty Cure Five, man… that was SO long ago.

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