Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 11


Chuuni 11 Img029I’m actually surprised that Yuuta managed to figure out Satone’s true emotions so easily back there, especially as he was completely oblivious to her awkward façade of normality the very next day. Not that anything seems to have changed on his part, of course – much like with his relationship with Rikka, Yuuta’s sort of sitting around with these indecisive sentiments, unsure of exactly how to respond to Sophia. As usual, Nibutani’s frustration was perfectly understandable – and even Kumin-senpai had a clear opinion on what Yuuta should do. Actually, I thought Kumin-senpai said some wise stuff – that dreams, like love, should be allowed to end gently at their own pace, with none of the pain that comes with forcibly terminating it instead. The latter option is what Sophia has been doing to herself all along, through exposing herself completely to Yuuta’s relationship with Rikka – but then again, the former option isn’t really one available to Sophia. If she lets her love wane slowly, its continued presence becomes a hindrance to her eternal chuuni self, and thus she’s got to get rid of it quickly. Also, I have no idea what she was doing on a raft in the middle of a river!

Chuuni 11 Img028Even after ostensibly defeating the Dark Flame Dragon and becoming a new, improved Satone, I have a slight feeling it’s not all over yet (helped in part by the fact that there’s still an episode left to go). During the search for Yuuta’s three coins, it must have really been painful for Satone to literally run after him as he in turn runs after Rikka – and she’s left watching their romantic exchange from the sidelines after their reunion. Feelings don’t disappear overnight, and this applies to Satone’s convoluted feelings just as much as anything else. She’s hidden her feelings before, so there’s no reason why she wouldn’t try it again, if only to put Yuuta’s mind at ease. And if she genuinely believes that she’s over her unrequited love, then it won’t be pretty when she finds out otherwise.

Finally, I probably owe you guys an apology for my really irregular timing with these Chuunibyou posts. As the season dragged on, I became more weary and less willing to pick up these episodes and watch them, meaning that I was unable to blog them too (at the time of writing, I still haven’t seen Episode 12, although I’ve heard… things about it). Dropping this show wasn’t really something I wanted to resort to, so I decided to tough it out and get to watching these episodes one day – and here we are! If all goes well, hopefully I’ll have the final episode’s post up on Friday or so. Better late than never, right? (if that’s a valid excuse)


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