Captain Earth Episode 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression

HOLY SHIT. I got goosebumps all over!!!!! What a fantastic premiere! Where do even I start?!

For the longest time, Daichi had no idea his father was a Captain who rather than having died in accident, had chosen to sacrifice himself in order to defend Earth from the AEO. We don’t know what it stands for yet, but I but the look of it, their official name of that particular species is known as Planetary Gears. It appears they come from the dark side of the moon where this massive crystal and sticking out and wants to destroy Earth. In the mean time, back in the past- Daichi had met Teppei who is also Planetary Gear who he quickly befriends with. Teppei one day leads him inside this large facility and shows him a sleeping girl in a large bubble, and when Daichi touched it, he awakened and freed her. However on that very night just as they were leaving the facility they were caught and he never seen Teppei or the girl since.

The interesting part is that Daichi had suddenly found this gun (I think it’s a key though, might be both) his hands when the blue-haired girl playing the recorder led him down and showed him that Kill-T-Gang (an AEO) was on her way to attack Earth. It is interesting because as the sub title of the series says: “When I opened the door called Truth, my childhood ended. It was a summer I could never forget.” The question is, what is the Truth? I eagerly await to find out what it is, but I sincerely hope it won’t lead him to hate his father or anything of the sort. I hate it when that kind of plot happens. But by the look of it, the truth is much deeper. There is definitely some shady buisness (such as the Ark Fraction (whoever they are)) going on behind the scenes be it on Earth or at the Moon (so it appears). They see the Earth Engine as a threat because they don’t want to give the Intercept Fraction any cause to hope, especially those at Tanegashima. So there’s a lot of mysteries about already, but I digress. Knowing that Earth was in immediate danger from that AEO, Daichi takes upon the role as the Captain and pilots the Earth Engine. Earlier in the episode Daichi mentioned he liked to study stuff he was interested in as oppose to doing school work that bore him. I am sure that whatever Daichi had studied is all about these AEOs, or something similar of the subject.

There is one solid piece of information that we heard from those two AEO aka Planetary Gears that it’s harvest season. Now I am pretty sure a lot of us are thinking, “Shit, they are going to eat Humans?!” or something along the lines. Or heck, maybe they even consume planets- though that’s a bit of a stretch hahahaha. Anyhow, I am almost certain that the Abion Rainbow that was reported on the news is probably connected to the harvest season.

I must say what a tendentious process it is to put the Earth Engine (is that what it’s officially called?) together. I mean, time and is an essence! I am sure this problem is bound to be addressed in the future be it the enemies beating them to the punch or they come up with a better idea. The Earth Engine itself is freaking enormous (but totally badass).

The premise certainly give off a tad of Star Driver vibes. From the melodies of the songs being sung (not to mention a lady singing) and the atmosphere of the show. There was also that element of darkness that reminds me a bit of Eureka Seven, given how there are different species, military involvement and there alien species about.

BONES really went all out with the quality of animation with this premiere. It was absolutely spectacular to watch and I adore the character designs, the mecha designs the AEO designs, everything. It is just freaking fantastic! I look forward to seeing what the OP and actual ED Sequence (if there’s going to be one) looks like!

Overall wow. This episode definitely made me very excited for what to come. I look forward to Daichi reuniting with Teppei and the girl from the bubble. As I am already blogging three shows for Saturdays, I will leave this in the hands of my co-writers who I know will most definitely enjoy this show!

Possibility of Blogging: Moderate (will only take up if nobody else does, but I am sure someone will!)
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed

Sidekick’s First Impressions

Hmm, mixed feelings about this one. On one hand it’s extremely well animated and has some fantastic music, but on the story side of things I’m not too sure. I’m getting some serious Star Driver vibes here (not just because we’re essentially looking at the same team that created that anime!) – Libido Drive? Team Rocket style catchphrases from villains? Pink and blue hair? I don’t know… This story does seem to be a bit more put together and should have more going for it than in Star Driver but I’m just not that confident about it from the premiere alone, I’m worried that it’ll just get bland and repetitive all over again. I’m not sure if the story itself is a metaphor for say…adolescence (?) or anything, but I’m not understanding any of the layers in the story as of yet, if there are any.

That said, I do generally like mecha anime, so I should be watching at least 3 episodes of this. (I did find the whole childhood thing plain weird and a little boring though, but eh.) Also, I enjoyed the ED. That song that started playing as Teppei and Daichi were talking sounded waaaay too much like Monochrome though. I do not like to be constantly reminded of a series I didn’t really enjoy.

Possibility of Blogging: Mmm, low.
Possibility of Watching: Moderate, 3 episode rule applies. 


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7 Responses

  1. KF says:

    Evangelion + Star Driver + Eureka Seven = Captain Earth! The music is awesome!

    • Anon says:

      I also got Gurren Lagaan/Transformer vibes from the Earth Engine’s construction + Gundam’s method of just introducing a relatively large cast in an episode. Truly a mecha anime pilot episode this is :D

  2. Pablo says:

    Could not agree more! So far this appears to be the strongest series this season. I am not really into mecha but I enjoyed star driver quite a lot and this series resembles it in so many ways that I am so excited to see whats next. The music, the animation and the character design are all perfect…. cannot wait to see what’s next!

    • Eva says:

      It’s funny because I never liked Star Driver which is why I was on the fence about this show when I learned it was being produced by the Star Driver team. That said I am definitely more optimistic about it because of the set tone in this episode.

      • Pablo says:

        I completely understand why you not like star driver but the approach this team has when they are doing a mecha series makes the genre more approachable in my opinion because most mecha shows are made for hardcore mecha fans, meanwhile shows like stardriver incorporate a little bit more material out of the genre, in terms of plot and character development.

  3. “AEO” They actually mention it without the acronyms later in the show, Approaching Earth Object.

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