Wake Up Girls! Episode 9

After last week’s last week’s episode, I knew that this episode would have to be strong in order to revive my motivation to continue my coverage on the show. That said, it was good, the emotions were there (I teared up a few times) and I am glad that they finally shared Mayu’s secret. However much to my dismay, Mayu’s secret was nothing like I thought it was going to be- which is a good thing- (really, it is) but at the same time, it ticked me off. I was annoyed with the fact that Mayu had to keep her past a secret for so long because for crying out loud, sure there was the backlash from people due to her actions, but at the end of the day- she had made the right decision. At just twelve years old, she joined I-1 Club. This place was fucked up from the very beginning. Shiraki’s constantly and still tells the girls that “You are Idols first, Humans last.” Like what the actual fuck? Mayu courageously confronted Shiraki in defense of her friend Serika who was kicked out for being in a relationship. She even straight out told him that, “We are people first.” She was damn terrified, but she still did it, knowing that her job was on the line.

It is so stupid how out of control the gossip and rumors had gone for Mayu’s case (they weren’t even remotely close to the truth)- but unfortunately, as much as it disgust me to say this- that is real life. It happens whether we like it or not because unfortunately there’s always going to be nasty people in this world. But this of course is nothing new. I have heard some nasty stuff that has occurred in the Entrainment Industry everywhere. Fans shaming their idols/actors because they are in relationships, or had done something “wrong”, boycotting, sending death threats, even at times (and it’s so fucking stupid) BECAUSE THEY HATE THE CHARACTER THE ACTORS/ACTRESSES ARE PLAYING (I DON’T EVEN!) etc.. etc… In short, as soon as the fans turn against you, some of them will be like mobs of monsters out there ready to ruin the celebrity’s life or even careers. You litterally need to have a thick armor to get by this shit. it’s quite sickening how often you see this now days because of social media. People actually having the nerve to say and send terrible things, thinking that they are the ones who are entitled. Seriously this way of thinking needs to be fixed...

The major difference between I-1 Club and Wake Up Girls! is the core relationships and environment they work in. I-1 Club is basically a life or death situation, you can be fired anytime. Wake Up Girls revolve more around the girls’ willpower and desire to stick around. Another huge difference is the relationship amongst the members and who is willing to take a stand. Airi’s case of being cut from the group parallels with Serika’s situation. Wake Up Girls all fought together to keep Airi in the group, where as I-1 Club only Mayu took the stand and ended up being booted as well in the process. I wonder how any of the girls stand working in the I-1 Club in the first place, it’s not a healthy environment t at all. It’s degrading, it’s cruel and really? Idol before being Human? That makes me sick. But most of all- the majority of the members in Wake up girls are in it because they want to make themselves happy. Kaya shared that today that is what she needs. She had decided to join Wake Up Girls on the whim and look where she is now, a better place than where she was before.

At this point with this ‘revelation’ of Mayu’s secret being so underwhelming, Wake up Girls is pretty much a done deal for me. While I certainly appreciate the realism they have integrated into the storylines and the characters, it isn’t enough to keep me motivated to finish covering the show. I will finish watching the show for the sake of conclusion, but blogging- it’s the end of the road for Wake Up Girls.


Extra Note: I also dropped Nobunaga the Fool on Sunday


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4 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “I also dropped… Happiness Charge Precure”


    • Eva says:

      I’m still watching it! It’s super cute, but it is so hard for me to blog. Last week’s episode was adorable but there was nothing for me to talk about ; v ; I knew I was probably going to drop the series at some point, but it was certainly earlier than anticipated /SOBS But I’ll tell you what, if this week’s episode makes it possible for me to write anything, I’ll try picking it up again (I was also terribly sick so that sometimes throws me off and believe me, I DO WANT TO COVER IT). I still have the rough draft saved so I wouldn’t be writing from scratch at least… and try to get up to ten episodes (which was my initial goal for precure in the first place since it always starts slow) and see where I can go from that point on. *Goes to rewatch episode and try writing up the post again anyways*

      EDIT: I just rewatched the episode, and managed to write up an entry (it was definitely my health that threw me off). Since it’s short (as expected) I’m going to double post it with Ep 6 on Sunday.

      • Wanderer says:

        Yay! I realize it’s hard to blog, but somehow reading your posts about Happiness Charge, and remembering some of the past posts here about DokiDoki made me want to go on a Precure binge since your last post about it, and I’ve not only watched through the few episodes available of Happiness Charge, but also all of Suite, Smile, and DokiDoki as well, all since your previous post about Happiness Charge. Since I’ve now found myself more invested in the series, I was hoping to see at least a few more episodes worth of your reactions to it.

        Obviously I’m not going to try to ask you to blog all of a 48 (or however many episodes it turns out to be) episode series, because that would get a little repetative. “This time Princess beat the Terribad with her finishing move.” “This time Lovely beat the Terribad with her finishing move.” “We saw Cure Honey’s finishing move today, it was nice.” “They used a combo finisher this time.” …etc. I enjoy the Precure series for their messages on the power of friendship and love and all that, but I realize that they’re designed generally for children, making them rather simple and episodic, and thus hard to blog long term.

        Still, I’d like to see a couple more episode reviews, if you could manage it. Reading what other people thought of episodes that I watched is something I really enjoy.

        • Eva says:

          That makes me really happy that my posts encouraged you to check out the other Precure series. If you haven’t checked out Heartcatch yet you should. (Also the animation and character designs are super quirky, I love it!).

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