Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode 8: Gates of Evil


I love cute things.

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  1. Katreus says:

    Re: Hatsumi – Certainly a *very strong* occult player but when using her power, she has more limitations than Jindai does. Once she started playing into Kinue deliberately to extend her lead, Hatsumi has basically committed herself to going for the yakuman constantly when she can.

    Re: Kinue – There’s a delicate balance between respecting Hatsumi’s power and giving up on the hand altogether. Her calculus that dropping one wind when Hatsumi requires 2 was worth the extra risk for her hand. Worked out pretty well for her albeit with Sae’s help. In the next round’s exhaustive draw, IIRC, she gives up a tenpai to get Hatsumi out of North. Her risk evaluation was ok IMO. Nothing egregious. I do wonder if she knew about Sae’s power and took advantage of her knowingly though. Not nice, but would’ve been a smart move.

    Re: Sae – Poor Sae. With the point spread the way it is, she has to block unless / until the point spread changes enough that a yakuman tsumo wouldn’t increase the gap to 2nd. A dealer penalty on Kinue is helpful for Kiyosumi but not all that helpful to Miyamori unfortunately.

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