Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 9: Lessons in drinking


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2 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    Of course Hakutaku got lucky- or had some form of ‘special’ service at least- didn’t you see the immense amount of tissues on his floor lololol. To be fair though, he isn’t a ‘deity’ per say. He’s a mythical beast renown for its high intellect, but he’s not really holy or anything. I imagine Hakutaku fools around simply because he *is* such a famed creature, though- no one wants to tell him what to do, and he has no need to care about those who would =/

    I really enjoyed this episode- it wasn’t as ‘haha’ funny as some of the others, but it was a nice look into the private lives of our regular cast and I always love those moments.

    I miss Maki’s ed too T.T I’ve read ahead in the manga, but the anime hasn’t shown all the skits in order so…I’m not sure, but I hope we get to see more of her in the future.

    • WandererYS says:

      Maybe they’ll make a half-episode about Hakutaku’s past (in the manga). Who knows.

      About Maki’s ed, at least they made Oko sing it mid episode.

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