Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 10: Diets can be hell

The people who are sent to be judged and deemed not criminal line up for a short punishment before being reincarnated or sent to heaven. It’s something like getting a shot. To me, this sounds most unpleasant. OH god! it’s much worse then a shot. They get their tongues ripped out. They’ll grow back, but that’s just…oh god…I’m just gonna go….be sick or something…

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[Ten minutes of trying not to be sick later]

Alright…I’m back. Seriously, the image is silly and kind of the most ridiculous possible but it’s just the thought of it that makes me shiver all over. Off of that disgusting subject. It’s time to bring the offerings[Shrine offerings left by family members] to the 10 Kings for their feast. King Enma as the great king is the largest of them all, just as depicted in human art work. All of the other kings look rather bland by comparison and bland in particular to the rest of the colorful designs of characters in this series. One of them sort of looks like Santa…
That’s the best i’ve got. There’s even a song ran twice to introduce them….I’ve got nothing.

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King Enma seems to be jealous of the other king’s chiefs of staffs as Hoozuki is a total hard-a$$ compared to them. Their staff enjoyed the remainder of the offerings after the meal. This however, make Enma very bloated. He can’t even bend over to pick up a brush.


Guess it’s time to hit up the gym….the episode title is “Diets can be hell.” seems like Momotaro’s animal servants also need to work out. It’s to the gym for everyone. Drill sergeant Hoozuki is in.


Speaking of diets, with Anime Boston coming up in a week I should be slimming down as well. I doubt it will do me any good this late in the game.

Oh god, now he’s portioning out food and his booze. 700 sit ups, it seems like dieting is spreading. O-Koh also wants to slim down. This seems like it’s a good way to catch a cold rather then a way to slim down. The transition from hot to cold to hot. I hope they’re all down with the flu in the next episode. They probably would be if this wasn’t a comedy series with a non-consistent story line.

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Oh lovely, now they’re lost in the cold hell. This turned from a dieting episode into a wilderness survival bit. Wait, does this part of the episode mean that Hell has frozen over? Is this what people mean when they talk about Hell being frozen over? Well anyway, our heroes wait for the patrol minions to come and find them. They get found by some mysterious demons and brought inside and fed. This diet thing, is never going to work out. Just as i doubt i’ll be dropping any weight before the con…

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In the end, I think he might be fatter then when we began….and thus we have come to an end…..This review might seem a little short, but nothing really happened in this episode compared to some of the others. I know the series is coming to an end pretty soon and I’m not really sure how to feel about it. It’s been an interesting view and I don’t regret picking it but it’s not something that is really going to stick out in my memory.

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