Happiness Charge Precure Episode 8

First of all, I am a huge fan of General Oresky. He is such a dorky character who is passionate about being famous and desperately wants to be praised. (He was constantly advertising to have people send their fan letters to the Phantom Empire and join his fanclub!!!). He is such an amusing opponent because for a long time, the enemies usually followed a specific theme (such as The Selfish in Doki Doki Precure). I really look forward to his character because he is one hell of a fun opponent to deal with. I am quite glad to see that he quickly knocked the girls off their high-horse as they have quickly became cocky due to developing fame and popularity in town. Luckily for them, Cure Fortune was nearby so she was able to single-handily take care of the two terribads that had put the girls in a pinch in the first place.

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 8 Img 0028Although we didn’t learn too much about Cure Fortune, we were at least told about the basics of her character. Her name is Hikawa Iona, she actually attends the same school and is in the class next door to the girls’. She is quite a famous student who is good at athletics and academics (aka perfect student). She is very wary of Hime warned Megumi today to not trust Hime, otherwise a great disaster will befall her. Hearing that makes me wonder if there is a lot more to Hime’s character than we think, or is there a misunderstanding between the two girls? I am led to believe more in the former because of Hime’s guilty face. It feels like she knows what she did wrong. In fact, I actually kind of hope there is more to Hime than what meets the eye. It would definitely be a refreshing change of pace where the heroine may actually have a dark secret that she can’t or doesn’t want to tell anyone. That said, I am going to refrain from speculating any further until we are given more concrete evidence that this may be the direction they are heading.

It looks like the sources were accurate, as the fourth Precure (who I suspect is Yuuko- I would be surprised if it isn’t her) is finally going to show up next week! This is good, the plot is started to progress and I am glad things are starting to get better. Lets hope that they stick to the plot trail for a while before straying off to fillers again.

Oh yeah one last thing. It was very interesting to see more about the Precure Warriors around the globe. It just shows you how well known they are now and now there’s even television programs that follow them closely! I must say it was refreshing to see different Precures with more creative titles such as Precure Bomber Girls!!! Not to mention, their character designs were awesome.


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