Happiness Charge Precure Ep 5 & 6

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 5 & 6Last week I actually had decided to drop Happiness Charge Precure mainly because there was literally almost nothing for me to talk about, but I was also sick so a part of me wondered whether it was because of my ‘bias impatient mood’ and just being tired. But the truth is, (unlike Nobunaga the Fool’s case), there’s a part of me that still has the willingness to cover Precure or at least until episode 10 to give it a chance to show me where this can go. I see a great potential in this show, so it would be a shame to stop blogging it so early on. So here I am giving Happiness Charge Precure another chance since I have finally recovered! (Seriously though, it was such a terrible cold! Thank god for Buckley’s medicine!)

Happiness Charge Precure Episode 5

I am not kidding when I tell you there isn’t much to talk about, so this is going to be short!

Hime and Megumi pretty much end up doing Precure Community Service by using their Pre-Cards (Police Ladies to tell the kid not to litter, Medical Nurses to take care of an injured puppy, using their uh fashionable rollerskating whatever outfit to reunite a lost child with their mother, etc.. etc…). Unfortunately for Hime, their duties wounded up as a long detour to Megumi’s house where the two of them were heading to eat pancakes. However despite that, Hime still enjoyed doing charity to help others like Megumi had.

But there was a touch of envy with Hime seeing Megumi interact with her mother. Remember Hime’s parents are imprisoned in the mirror by the Phantom Empire. Who knows how long it has been since she has last seen them. So I really felt for Hime during that scene when she had that longing to be reunited with her family. Megumi ensured her that she will definitely help her get that opportunity to make a wish to save her parents, and shares that her wish is for her own mother to be healthier (since she has poor health).

Hosshiiwa is probably one of my favorite precure villains though. She is probably one of the first of the earlier villains to have seemed to have for split second have doubts about their ways. I am curious to see how quickly the majority of the villains’ hearts be touched. Another thing I wanted to mention was it is really so much better when you have a variety of ‘negative’ emotions as oppose to Doki Doki Precure where “Selfish” was the enemy’s one and only theme.

It is especially good to see that Hime is consistently powering up, she is the one who got both of them out of a pinch. This is great because Cure Fortune once more got to see this unfold from afar. It’s only a matter of time before the girl confronts them again.

I am glad that I re-watched it, it was definitely my health that threw me off.


Happiness Charge Precure Episode 6

As expected, until Happiness Charge Precure makes actual progression with the plot- expect the entries to be extremely short. Hopefully they won’t drag on the what I like to call “Gaining-Experience Arc” for too long… Gimme plot!!!

Today’s episode served as another “Role-Modeling” episode. The message was to always appreciate the meals that are prepared for you, and instead of doing nothing- actually help out. Blarg, there’s probably a better way to phrase it, but it’s not clicking for me right now so that will have to do.

I am quite surprised to see that Yuuko didn’t become a Precure just yet, even more so when her family’s shop was today’s target. Instead her role today (as oppose to offering candy for Hime) was to teach Hime to appreciate the meals that are prepared for her. Hime was acting like a brat and refused to eat the meal Ribbon had prepared for her because she wanted to eat pancakes. She thought that Ribbon didn’t understand/wasn’t thinking about her, but Yuuko quickly cleared that up by explaining (while she had her peel an endless load of potatoes, serves her right) that while one prepares a meal, they are always thinking about the ones they are serving it to (which by the way kids, is true!).

Ribbon had every right to be like, “I had enough of this bullshit! If you’re not gonna eat it, that’s too bad for you because that’s all you’re gonna get.” after the way Hime behaved. I mean-, hell! I don’t see even see Blue helping out! Speaking of the devil, I swear to god there was something weird about him today. I couldn’t really read his expression, but all I know is that the way he looked at Ribbons was like, “Don’t fight~”, but if anything he might be thinking about Hime’s parents- who knows. He’s a mysterious guy.
And I don’t trust him.
At all.
(I’m still waiting for that sob story to come into play, because the OP is sure as hell implying that there was some sort of tragic love story going on.)

Hime and Megumi will be getting their first power-up next week, one to be expected after this week’s struggle with the terribad. Even Ribbon had to help them out defend Yuuko’s family shop, otherwise it would’ve been smashed.



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  1. Wanderer says:

    I am surprised they’re taking so long to have Yuuko join the team, since the OP has plainly spoiled that she’ll be the third Cure (I don’t count Cure Fortune in the numbering while she’s acting as a lone wolf). The attack on her family’s shop/restaurant seemed like a perfect opportunity, but I guess they wanted to focus on the lesson they were teaching with Hime, rather than make this a new Cure intro episode. I would like to have her join soon: it will allow them to round out her character.

    I’d like them to address Cure Fortune soon as well, but I may be being influenced by the scenes in the OP that show all of them being friendly together: thus indicating that Fortune isn’t actually the grumpy girl at heart that she’s been showing us onscreen so far. Of course, genre-saavy viewers already know that, but… I wanna see it!

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