Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 8


Pic531With the appearance of a genuine Nise Summer, this episode was a perfect demonstration of how an impostor can end up more real than the genuine article itself – as Kaiki from Monogatari would say. We’ve been building up to these events for a while now (albeit very, very subtly) with the sporadic appearance of that stalker, who turned out to be taking pictures of Dekomori instead of Nibutani like I originally suspected. That’s what literally everything was for – Nise Summer’s Mabinogion studies and that elaborate website wasn’t out of devotion to Mori Summer, but was instead meant to appeal to Dekomori’s religious zeal. She displayed a rather unhealthy obsession with Dekomori, which was pretty funny at times but got creepy after she started nibbling her ear. While wonderful yuri is still wonderful, it’s not the yuri shipping I’m after! And Dekomori only returned Nise Summer’s love because she thought she was the real Mori Summer – and even then, it was more respect and adoration rather than a desire for yuri ear sex. Dekomori became uncomfortable rather quickly.

Pic538Of course, this also links into Nibutani’s quest to become a popular riajuu and discard her chuuni past forever, which she’s been trying to do ever since her character was introduced – I think this episode served to wrap up her storyline and bring everything on the Nibutani x Dekomori front to a close. A satisfying one, at that. The appearance of an impostor claiming to be Mori Summer should, by all means, be the best possible scenario for Nibu – she’d be able to easily pass on her chuuni status to someone who’s only all to happy to accept it. She didn’t even have any further proof that she used to be Mori Summer (although I’m sure Satone would have been more than happy to vouch for her). But it became clearer and clearer throughout the episode that Mori Summer was in fact something Nibutani wanted to protect – no matter how embarrassing it is, ultimately it’s something of her own creation. Although it took a rather drastic push for her to realize it, she’s learnt to accept both her past and her current self for what they are.

I think Dekomori will probably stay true to her love-hate relationship with Nibutani, and pretend that she never heard what was pretty much an implicit confession of love from her. Even if they both tried to look like they didn’t care, they did miss each other – and in the end, Dekomori would rather mess about with Nibutani than worship a scary yuri girl (whose name still escapes us all!)


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