Wake Up Girls! Episode 8

It is quite sad to say that as each week goes by, I am gradually losing more and more interest in Wake up Girls. This week’s episode of Wake up Girls was hardly able to keep my attention from drifting elsewhere.

A storm of drama is certainly brewing as Mayu finds herself pressured by Shiho to bring her A-Game to the Idol Festival, and Nanami choosing to step out from the Idol Festival so that she can devote her time to start for her dream school’s entrance exams – without telling the girls this decision herself. While yes she did admit that she was planning to only be part of Wake Up Girls temporarily, the whole matter was brushed over because that wasn’t their priority right now. It was swept under the rug and in place we saw tensions between Yoppi and Mayu because Yoppi is sick and tired of the fact Mayu won’t tell them what had happened in the I-1 Club. The girl isn’t stupid, she seen the way Mayu and Shiho interact. And seriously, Yoppi by all means is right. Mayu seriously needs to get it out there so that it’s out of the way and they can focus properly for the upcoming competition. Either the secret is something that could threatened tearing the group apart, something that she is very ashamed of, or it’s something else that she isn’t comfortable to talk about (which is most likely to be the case).

After this episode I have a lot of mixed feelings about Hayasaka, especially since Shiraki claims to have sent him to Wake Up Girls! in the first place. Talk about a double-agent, but the real question comes in to whether Hayasaka is taking advantage of the situation and isn’t completely following Shiraki’s orders. I would honestly prefer the later, but I am not going to hold my breath for it just yet. A part of me is worried that I-1 Club and Wake Up Girls! are going to end up performing the exact same song and routine. It would not only provide a golden opportunity for I-1 Club to crush them, but an opportunity to taint their image and have the haters attack them, not to mention scandal news would have a field day. Another thing that bothers me is how Shiraki continues to keep a close eye on Mayu. I don’t get it at all. She was kicked out, yet he still poses interest in her. It gives me the creeps.

Frankly speaking, I am not entirely sure whether I want to continue my coverage on this show, but I suppose I will give it one more week since it may be because I am tired today. On the extra note, the animation quality was especially bad today. I mean the quality isn’t that great to begin with, but it just gotten worse.


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  1. Noc says:

    Ah, I’m glad I was able to watch this episode in a timely manner. I didn’t get to last week’s episode till just the other day >.< The art did look pretty derpy this time around, but I assume that's because they're saving the budget for an awesome dance scene in a few episodes when they perform at the festival or something.

    Anyhoo, this episode sure pulled me in a lot of directions. On one hand I definitely think the girls don't practice enough- I'm always getting frustrated watching them end early or practicing with barely any sweat on them because that's not how I'd want it to be if I was in such a group. On the other hand, I also think they should stop comparing themselves to I-1 so much. Mayu's sudden focus on them really bothered me, and what Shiho said about keeping I-1's reputation in mind made me mad. If Mayu insists on bringing I-1 into things, then she should at least have the sense to tell the other girls the whole story and stop saying crap like "they have nothing to do with this" because they obviously do.

    On the Nanami side of things, that actually didn't bother me. It's always been a possibility looming on the horizon after all, but I think the reason why she hasn't told the other girls yet is because she doesn't want them to be distracted/she hasn't really made up her mind yet. Her conversation with Airi certainly showed some hesitance. I have faith that she'll pull through in the end. It's a little ways off in any case, so I'm guessing the writers have decided to let that plot point simmer a little bit as we resolve this vexing Yoppi-Mayu conflict.

    All in all, I enjoyed this episode a lot more than last time…maybe it's because there was less angst or because I wasn't as tired from work, who knows. I'll probably keep watching 'till the end though, we're more than halfway there after all.

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