Wake Up Girls! Episode 5

Wake Up Girls had a rough episode this week. Unfortunately for them, I-1 Club performance is at the same time as theirs, easily swooping the fans away from the girls. But you know what, I saw this as a good thing. The girls were comparing themselves too much to I-1 Club that already has a ton of experience and exposure to the public. As Twinkle had said in response of their request for feedback, their routine was an absolute mess. It didn’t get any better when it came to their live performance at MACANA, which turned out to be incredibly clumsy (girls bumping into each other, mics dropping, freezing up while talking). This is why I am actually happy that I-1 Club swooped the crowd away. Having them perform in front of a small audience benefits them because it allows them to gain experience while keeping their public humiliations to the minimum. While one can argue they may have not messed up as much had they had a larger audience, but I have my doubts. Regardless of the numbers, the performance would have been one and the same.

While giving the girls feedback on their routine, Twinkle pointed out something very important. They told the girls to ask themselves, “What does it mean to be Wake up Girls?”. They also mentioned that communication is essential. Fights should happen on occasion so that everyone’s thoughts can be heard. I think this this is the biggest factor of the invisible divide between the girls. It feels like if they fight or cause disagreements, they will fail. This is probably why Yoppi been keeping her mouth shut and been so hesitant to speak to Mayu. I do hope that we will finally hear what she wanted to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she musters up the courage to bluntly ask Mayu what were her reasons for her departure from I-1 Club. Speaking of which, I think it’s very important (regardless of how dark the secret is) that the group knows and understands why Mayu left I-1. When Mayu keeps things to herself, sure it is to protect herself and it hurts to bring it up because it’s such a sensitive topic, but keeping secrets gets in the way of allowing people to trust. If the girls don’t feel they can trust Mayu or vice versa, they will never be truly unified. I believe trust is the key to making Wake Up Girls stronger as a group.

The tension was incredibly thick when Mayu went to shake hands with Shiho. She was able to tell her what she wasn’t able to earlier this episode, responding to her with that she thinks she likes idols now. I have to say though, it was a vague, but interesting response.

The produce/prez (whoever the guy is) from I-1 Club showed up at Wake Up Girls performance. I was pretty angry about it because I don’t like that guy a single bit. He most likely to check up on Mayu for whatever shady reasons. Grrr… STAY AWAY FROM MAYU AND THE GIRLS!

Last but not least, President Tange is confronted by this blonde man who too was watching the girls performance. We don’t know who he is, nor his reputation. All I hope is that he isn’t some dodgy shit like Sudo…



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