Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode 7: Attention


I love cute things.

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  1. Katreus says:

    Re: Eisui and Miyamori Strategy – Fairly simple. Ideally, Jindai gains a lot of points and her team defends and hurries through the other rounds to prevent other teams’ point gainers from making up the lead. They pull off Shindouji’s trick with sticking a point gainer in the Vice-Captain round. Miyamori is the same but opposite… They want to minimize point loss until their Captain.

    Re: Hiroe – I know she rubs some people the wrong way with her arrogance so I’m glad you sort of (?) ended up liking her. Hiroe’s a fun character and a fun player IMO. Good table reader too. She didn’t even hesitate to keep the 5 pin and bail safely against Hisa. Great performance from her.

    Re: Kinue – Hiroe’s younger sister who idolizes her. Apparently, adoring imoutos are a thing in this series… Hiroe seems like a nice (if oblivious) big sister though.

    Re: Nodoka – I did enjoy the interactions this episode from the teleportation to Air Penguin.

    Re: Hatsumi – As someone basically said, this show has so much fanservice that they’re jaded and can’t even bring themselves to care. I’ll just note that for better (or worse?), this is still better than the manga.

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